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Robert (eurotransient) | 2 comments I'm reading a fairly recent printing of the MMP of Dune, ISBN 9780441172719. The copy I'm reading (and that is most commonly available in stores nowadays) is in the new "tall" mass market paperback format. The ISBN seems to be the same as the previous traditional size, though the page numbering is now off.

According to the Goodreads listing, the book is supposed to be 535 pages, but the presently available edition clocks in at 896 according to Penguin's site. That does include appendices and an afterword, though; the novel proper runs to page 794.

Anyways, not sure how this is accounted for, when one ISBN number has different formats that change page numbering, but I'm loathe to update my reading status since my page progress won't match! Would love to see this accounted for on the site.

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Emy (emypt) | 5029 comments Hi Robert - it's a reused ISBN if I recall correctly. Hmm, yes see here:

Looking for the ACE now.

Here is the edition you are reading: (the older of the two gets to keep the ISBN(s).

Robert (eurotransient) | 2 comments Thank you very much! I somehow missed it on the second page of the other editions. I appreciate the link!

Célia It helped me too, thanks!

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Yumi (yumit18) | 1 comments Is there any way to get the page numbers for the chapters in the regular 9780441172719 book? I'm reading it for a class, and my teacher wants us to read chapter by chapter. She hasn't provided any page numbers which is getting confusing for referring back. Any help?

Sandra | 23751 comments Yumi, I've never seen any book with chapter page numbers, I'm pretty sure it can't be done.

You'd be better off asking your teacher for the page numbers, as she is obviously working to a specific edition.

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