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Lori Lyn (lori_lyn) | 1 comments New here. Looking for a Beta Reader for my mystery/thriller with strong romantic elements. Even with a large body count, this serial killer story isn't necessarily dark, although it does have autopsy details and swearing.

Lori Lyn

Having two left feet may be the only thing keeping you alive in this town.

A serial killer is targeting residents of Port Angeles, the Mayberry equivalent of the Pacific Northwest, and leaving the corpses missing their right feet. Baffled local police seek the help of newly-retired FBI Forensic Profiler Abbey Rhoads. Despite hoping to distance herself from her prior career based in death, East Coast transplant Abbey welcomes the distraction from the hell of creating lesson plans for her new job - teaching snarky twenty-somethings’ at the local college - and from arguing with her sexy yet extremely opinionated home-renovation contractor, Max Edison. But her skills are put to the ultimate test when the bodies continue to pile up and one of them is the proven killer of the first six victims.

Now Abbey must figure out who has taken over for the dead murderer, while also figuring out how to fit into a small town, what the difference is between dating and just having sex, the bizarre thing called fashion, which precludes her from wearing any polyester for some strange reason, and finding where on earth she can get a serving of decent chili-cheese fries.

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JE | 11 comments Would love to be a beta reader for your new mystery. Have been reading mysteries for years, my favorite genre!
If you'd like me to read it, please contact me at

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