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message 1: by Scott (new)

Scott Fuchs | 3 comments In NYC popular fiction, nothing - but nothing - can equal Jack Finney''s "Time and Again". I defy anyone who has a love for the history of NYC to not be swept away by this read.
I'd like to hear about other people's favorites
As for other terrific NYC fiction, I've got a lonnnngggg list. I'll post it one of these days.

Elizabeth La Lettrice (elizabethlalettrice) | 3 comments I keep hearing that about that book! I bought it a couple of months ago but haven't gotten to it yet.

message 3: by Scott (new)

Scott Fuchs | 3 comments Hi Elizabeth-
Try to read it while the snow is flying. You'll see why :)
Have fun


message 4: by M.R. (new)

M.R. Jenks (mjenks6) | 3 comments Agreed, Scot. Time and Again is a love affair with NYC. Truly there aren't many novels about New York, now that I think about it. The Lawrence Block mysteries are awesome (with Bernie Rhodenbarr), but I can't think of that many others. There was a great book when I was younger about a kid who runs away and lives in Central Park, and of course Winter's Tale by Mark Halperin about a sort of alternate reality New York, but otherwise . . .

message 5: by Scott (new)

Scott Fuchs | 3 comments "...but otherwise", Matthew, howzabout these five .... for starters?:
-Sister Carrie
-Bright Lights, Big City
-The House of Mirth
-My Brother's Keeper.

My only familiarity with Lawrence Block is "Psycho". I guess that I'd better check out his other mysteries. Thanx for the tip.

message 6: by M.R. (new)

M.R. Jenks (mjenks6) | 3 comments Ah, I forgot about Bright Lights, Big City. Afraid to say I haven't read the others. I'm putting Sister Carrie and Ragtime on my reading list!

message 7: by M.R. (new)

M.R. Jenks (mjenks6) | 3 comments Just curious, I know this isn't a promo thread for writers, but if we have written a book set in New York, can we post something about it? I don't want to Spam; I'm a long-time poster on Goodreads. But because NYC runs through my current novel so deeply, I've been trying to find websites, promo areas etc. for current writers of New York to feature their work for consideration. Even Facebook doesn't have anything except the New York Writer's Workshop, and as an exclusive club they are not open to posts from non-members. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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