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Isis What would you like to do?

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Isis Liiike?

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Isis Alrighty

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Isis Sounds great to me

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Isis It's up to you.

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Isis Sounds great, you wanna make your character?

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Isis That's alright

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Isis Name:Toby Weston
Looks:Will post in a bit.

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Isis I'll let you

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Isis Toby grinned as he saw the little church boy coming out of the church. This ought to be fun. He came up and wrapped an arm around him "Sup kid?"

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Isis "Why aren't you in listening to your daddy screaming?" he asked. The preacher was notorious for his loud voice.

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Isis He raised an eyebrow "Well then, you're coming to a party with me."

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Isis "Really?" he asked a little confused that this preacher's son had agreed.

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Isis He shrugged "My name isn't important." He started pulling him along.

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Isis "I know who you are," he laughed and ducked through an alley.

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Isis "Everyone knows who you are," he rolled his eyes "You're the preacher's kid."

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Isis He laughed a little "What? You don't like all the attention?"

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Isis He stared at him "You're weird..."

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Isis He laughed and clapped him on the back.

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Isis He then opened a door leading into a big dark room filled with people, the smell of alcohol strong.

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Isis He laughed "Does it matter?"

((g2g be back later))

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Isis He laughed again "Good," he lead him into the room of mostly men.

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Isis He shrugged "Why not? Dance with me." He pulled him onto the dance floor.

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Isis He shook his head "I told you it doesn't matter Cam." He didn't trust this kid yet.

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Isis He smiled "I don't believe you."

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Isis He eyed him "Maybe I'll tell you later. So why is it you really don't want to be around Mr. Preacher all the time?"

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Isis He laughed and rolled his eyes "No I don't think so. So what is it really? Closet gay? Sex addict? Drinking problem? Something else you can't tell daddy about?"

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Isis A new spark came into his eyes "Well, I'm not much into nicotine breath, but I could stand for a drink. You?"

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Isis He pulled him over to the bar and got them both something.

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Isis He laughed and gave his butt a soft smack "My pleasure."

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Isis He grinned "No no not yet."

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Isis "When I feel like it," he pulled him back to the dance floor and started to grin against him.

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Isis He smiled and kissed the back of his neck "Don't tell your dad."

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Isis He pulled him closer and grinded against his ass.

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Isis He smiled "Good."

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Isis He spun him around and kissed him on the lips "Because I like you kid."

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Isis He laughed and kissed him again, hard.

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Isis He smiled on his lips.

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