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message 1: by Julia (new)

Julia (juliace) Hi All - I don't know if I'm behind the times regarding this, but I just found the Goodread app that I downloaded to my iPhone. I did find one very dangerous feature on this app. There is a scanner, which scans the isbn number of a book. I was in B&N today and was able to scan about 20 books (YIKES) to my TR shelf. I can see my shelf growing by leaps and bounds if I keep on using this.

message 2: by HelenLee (new)

HelenLee | 7 comments Yes it's awesome! I've really increased my usage since I got it! & yes the scanning is great!

message 3: by Rusalka, Moderator (new)

Rusalka (rusalkii) | 17565 comments I find it really useful in bookshops to work out how many people like it. If it's under 3.5 stars I usually put it back on the shelf. So that might help your wallet a bit too ;)

message 4: by Mari (new)

Mari | 60 comments I find that I do the same, Rusalka. It's narrowed my books down to some really great reads!

message 5: by Janice, Moderator (new)

Janice (jamasc) | 50039 comments I use it to make sure I don't already own it. It's reducing the number of duplicates I've acquired.

message 6: by Paakhi (new)

Paakhi Srivastava (pankh) | 199 comments This does not work for me..I have a samsung galaxy tab 3 but when I open this application it does initiate scanning and never completes it. could that be a problem of my tab or the network or app?

message 7: by Janice, Moderator (new)

Janice (jamasc) | 50039 comments That may be a question for goodreads support. You could either email them, or post a question in Feedback. There may already be a thread there, so maybe search the discussions first.

message 8: by Rusalka, Moderator (new)

Rusalka (rusalkii) | 17565 comments I don't have a tablet Paakhi but I do have a samsung galaxy 3.

Main problems I have with the app (besides the functionality problems within the app itself) is due to Australia's abysmal internet coverage. So I agree with Janice, check out the goodreads feedback group.

message 9: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (the_librocubicultarist) Yes! It's in the android version too. I loooooooove the *beep* when it finish scanning and shows me the book. I went crazy the first time I used it.

message 10: by Cherie (new)

Cherie (crobins0) | 20275 comments Paakhi wrote: "This does not work for me..I have a samsung galaxy tab 3 but when I open this application it does initiate scanning and never completes it. could that be a problem of my tab or the network or app?"

Paakhi, it might be the app on the tablet. I have a Samsung tablet too, and the GR app on this platform is terrible! I use my iPod for the GR mobile app. It is so much better, and if I need to, I log-in to on my tablet. I have never used the scanning feature on my iPod. I usually have my Nook when I am in the bookstore and the wifi is free, but I might try it with my tablet next time.

message 11: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (sanlema) | 9571 comments I have a tablet (nexus 7) and use the GR app in it. It horribly annoys me that not more of 50 comments are shown at a time in the treads. You need to click "show more" for ever until reach the end of the thread. It's impossible to do that in threads with more of 1000 comments. You should click "show more" 20 times or more! It just takes for ever. It has to be a way of go directly to the end of the tread where the new comments are, but so far I couldn't figure out how to do it. Have any of you a hint?

message 12: by Janice, Moderator (last edited Dec 14, 2014 12:03PM) (new)

Janice (jamasc) | 50039 comments You can reverse the order of the threads so that the newest thread shows first. There's an arrow somewhere at the top of the screen.

message 13: by Cherie (new)

Cherie (crobins0) | 20275 comments There is only an arrow on my iPod app, but on the app on my tablet there is not and it is as Sandra said, you have to scroll through all the previous comments to get to the new ones.

That is why I said that I don't like it.

message 14: by Janice, Moderator (new)

Janice (jamasc) | 50039 comments I just checked my iPad and the arrow is in the upper right hand corner. Do you have an android tablet, Cherie?

The only time I use the app is if I'm on my cell phone. If I'm on my iPad and there is Wi-Fi near by, I always use the full site through the Safari browser.

message 15: by Dawn (new)

Dawn (caveatlector) | 1733 comments I'm not sure about the Nexus but my Samsung tablet has a menu button which opens a small screen where I find the key to reversing my threads on the app.

message 16: by Paakhi (new)

Paakhi Srivastava (pankh) | 199 comments Hey Janice, Rusalka and Cherie..thanks for sharing ur experiences with GR app. I think Rusalka is right about the internet servers and I will put in a query at GR app feedback.

Sandra you should check the menu bat whereever it is on ur device, there is an option of refresh n another one for newest comments first. That will save you from scrolling through old comments :)

message 17: by Cherie (new)

Cherie (crobins0) | 20275 comments Yes, my tablet is android. I well look for the menu like Dawn said. I don't care so much at this point because I know I can use the Internet option, like on my PC. Then, I can see spoilers and use the links.

On my iPod, yes, the arrow is in the upper right at the top. I use my iPod for checking new posts and quick updates.

I was shocked that the apps were not the same, but my friend at work said the android apps are always behind the iPod apps with features. :)
On the whole, I am still learning my way around my tablet. Keeps me on my toes, when I am not being frustrated to death!

message 18: by Peggy, Moderator (new)

Peggy (pebbles84) | 15393 comments Cherie, I have an Android phone, and I have to touch the left 'options' touch button on my phone (it's not in the app) and choose 'newest first'.

I wish I could read spoilers in the app, link books, and like posts. The app is okay for reading new posts or typing short messages, but other than that I prefer the normal website.

message 19: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (sanlema) | 9571 comments Found it! Thank you Paakhi.

Cherie, it seems that in our type of app you find the menu taping in those 3 points in the corner below and to the right. There you could select "newest first". The only problem is that you have to do it every time you open a thread.

I prefer and use mostly the website, but when I'm using my tablet to read (kindle app) I use the GR app. Specially if I'm already in my bed, warm and comfy. :)

message 20: by Vi ~ Inkvotary (new)

Vi ~ Inkvotary (inkvotary) | 4 comments so happy that I found this here- no need to answer, I'm only testing the gApp on my cell best wishes Vi

message 21: by Peggy, Moderator (new)

Peggy (pebbles84) | 15393 comments OMG the app!!!

I can like things and add books and probably many more things I haven't seen yet!!

message 22: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (sanlema) | 9571 comments Yes! Slowly by is getting better!

message 23: by Tasha (new)

Tasha You are all making me curious now, I have to go check. I stopped using it completely bc it was so annoying. I hope it's better. :)

message 24: by Gail (new)

Gail (appleshoelace) | 779 comments Goodreads keeps advertising great new changes to the app, but specificying they're only available in certain countries (never the UK!).

message 25: by Peggy, Moderator (new)

Peggy (pebbles84) | 15393 comments I never knew apps are country specific. I know they can differ between iphone and android for example, but not countries. The only thing I remember that the kindle in the us now also has a GR app or something.

message 26: by Gail (new)

Gail (appleshoelace) | 779 comments Ah yes, it's the Kindle app, and the Kindle Fire app. I have the GR app on my Kindle Fire, but there was an announcement recently that the Fire app has lots of new features, but only in the US, Canada and Australia! And similarly 'Goodreads on Kindle E-readers Just Got Even Better! (U.S., Canada, & Australia)'

Hehe - I always think they shouldn't bother to show their terribly exciting headlines for those of us who don't happen to live in those countries! It's like 'Yay - look at all these exciting new features! (But not for you!!)'

message 27: by Peggy, Moderator (new)

Peggy (pebbles84) | 15393 comments Totally agree with you Gail! I feel the same when I get these emails with kindle deals, see a good deal on a book I've been wanting to read for ages, only to find out it doesn't apply to my country when I click on the link to get the book...

message 28: by Peggy, Moderator (new)

Peggy (pebbles84) | 15393 comments Anyone else noticing weird things in the app? All of a sudden I only see updates of people I don't know...

message 29: by Gail (new)

Gail (appleshoelace) | 779 comments I don't know about the app, as I don't use it, but the updates here on the actual website have changed - they are now showing recommendations from Goodreads, as well as my friends' book reviews (I had it set just to see book reviews). But if you click on the little round flower shaped thing, you can alter it - there are new options which were selected automatically, such as seeing Goodreads recommendations. Another new option is to see everyone's updates, rather than just your friends - that wasn't selected for me, but maybe it is for you? I imagine if you unselect it on the website it will fix it on the app too.

message 30: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (sanlema) | 9571 comments I'm not seeing updates at all in the app.
And the website has been showing me recommendations for the last month or more.

message 31: by Peggy, Moderator (new)

Peggy (pebbles84) | 15393 comments Thanks Gail! I noticed changes on the regular website too, although not like the app. I'll look into my settings later.

Maybe something like that happened to the app too. I'll go explore :)

message 32: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (sanlema) | 9571 comments Today the app is showing me updates from people I don't know and none from my friends. :(

message 33: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 297 comments That's weird, Sandra! I'm getting the same notices as usual.

message 34: by Sarah, Moderator (new)

Sarah | 18196 comments Are you logged in properly? this has happened to me in the past if I've signed myself out - it just shows random peoples updates.

message 35: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (sanlema) | 9571 comments It's working now. I have no idea what happened. I was logged in, I could see notifications, shelves, etc, but the updates were weird. Who knows...

message 36: by Peggy, Moderator (last edited Feb 24, 2015 01:51AM) (new)

Peggy (pebbles84) | 15393 comments I had that for a while too Sandra, right after the new updates were introduced. One time I saw friends updates, the next strangers. It hasn't happened for some time now though.

message 37: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (sanlema) | 9571 comments The app had an update today. It looks different, let's see if it's working better too.

message 38: by Tasha (new)

Tasha I'm going to check it out too. Seems better so far...

message 39: by Rusalka, Moderator (new)

Rusalka (rusalkii) | 17565 comments Android app has improved about 1000%. Pity it took several years, but yay for them getting closer.

message 40: by Peggy, Moderator (new)

Peggy (pebbles84) | 15393 comments I also use the Android app, but to be honest, I'm not noticing many differences in functionality, only in looks. Or am I missing something?

message 41: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (sanlema) | 9571 comments same thing here, Peggy. It looks new, but it works the same way.

message 42: by Rusalka, Moderator (new)

Rusalka (rusalkii) | 17565 comments I have an older phone on an older operating system. Maybe that is why it's a bit nicer. I will have a play tomorrow and see. I've been stupidly busy so haven't had much time to play I will admit.

message 43: by Rusalka, Moderator (new)

Rusalka (rusalkii) | 17565 comments Changed my mind. Still shithouse functionality.

message 44: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (sanlema) | 9571 comments I agree. I didn't see any improvement. Just it looks "newer".

message 45: by Valerie (new)

Valerie | 95 comments The GoodReads app is the most used app on my phone - I use it all the time, and most especially when I'm in a bookstore, I can pull up what's on my wish list, or the last titles I added to my to-read list. I'd have to say my biggest, or only, complaint about the app is that when you're looking for items that are part of a series, you can't click/tap on the title to find that info like you can on your computer. You can click on the author's name, but if they've written many books, you still have to scroll through to find what you're looking for.

message 46: by Sarah, Moderator (new)

Sarah | 18196 comments annoyingly, the app has updated on android but not on Kindle. I use both and keep pressing the wrong button or looking in the wrong place for things.

message 47: by Lynda (new)

Lynda | 836 comments So disappointed in the app update. Other than updating what I'm reading at night, and maybe the barcode scanner, it's the one app I prefer the Web interface over.

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