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♫♡вℓυє cσηνєяѕє♡♫™ (BlueConverse) | 20 comments Make your high school student here!

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War* (warr) description:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ { Tap on my window, Knock on my door } ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ { I want to make you feel beautiful } ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

{{Full name:
Markus Xavier Thorne.
Mark, Xavier.
June Seventh - 6/7.
Nineteen - 19.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♟ ~ ♥ ~ ♟ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♟ ~ ♥ ~ ♟ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(view spoiler)

Andrew Bradly Thorne {Father-Alive}.
Evelyn Hope Thorne {Mother-Dead}.
Adien Thomas Thorne {Little Brother-Dead}.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♟ ~ ♥ ~ ♟ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
None - Open.
None - Open.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♟ ~ ♥ ~ ♟ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(view spoiler)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ { I am tempted to keep the car in drive } ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ { And leave it all behind } ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 514 comments description

Name: Julia An McCreery
Nickname(s): Jewel; Horse Whisper; Baby Girl
Gender: Female
Age: Seventeen & A Half [17 1/2]
Birth Date: July 4th [4th of July]
Birth Place: Nashville, Tennessee
[image error]
(view spoiler)
Hair Color: Light Blonde
Eye Color: Neon Blue
Height: 5'5
Weight: 89 lbs


Personality: Julia is suprisingly a real cowgirl. Living in the Country her entire life, shes all about horses and getting dirty. The only thing shes use to is the Country, shes no city girl. Julia doesn't like to go out to the city and school, only because most of the kids bully her for being a country girl. Though shes very proud of being a cowgirl, she doesn't like being made fun for it. So the only time shes happy and comfortable is when shes home at her Ranch, and with her horse Rascoe. Julia can be pretty serious and competitive, mostly when it comes to rodeo competitions. Usually, Julia is pretty patient and nice. But, Julia does have a smart mouth and sharp tongue meaning she can come up with the best comebacks against someone else. Even though shes a inncoent young girl, she can easily fight back strongly if needed. Julia is really protective, mostly of loved ones.

Background History: Julia McCreery was simply born in Nashville, Tennesse. Born a country girl. Unlike most familes, Julia's parents were living on a horse ranch, well-knowned and famous across the state. The only reason their more well known then most ranches, is because their ranch was welcomed for boarding, horse lessons, curing horses, you name it. So, for Julia's entire life she grew up in the country and around horses, making her have a strong connection with them. The first time Julia got in the saddle on a horse was when she was four! With her fathers and mothers help of course. Like most children, Julia had a strong connection with one of her parents, her father. He taught Julia everything there was to know about horses. He taught her how to care, how to ride, and how to bulit a bond with them. Over her years, Julia spent most of her time at the ranch, whether it was making new friends or just riding. As she grew older, the more she got better with horses. Soon enough, when she was about 15, she had been working with the horses that needed to be cured of fears. Her family, and even other riders, were suprised to see how easily and fast she worked with them and cured them. And suddenly, the word spreaded to the ranch and across the country, that Julia was a Horse Whisper. Julia always refused that she wasn't, but people kept pressuring that she was. So she gave up and gave in finally. On Julia's 16th birthday, her parents had gaven her, her first horse which is Rascoe. Rascoe and Julia went to a world famous rodeo in Texas, being her parents couldn't go, Scotty, her brother, went instead. As they were in their hotel room one morning, Julia suddenly got a call from her mother. Heres The Exact Scene: Phone rang early one morning. Her momma's voice strained over the speaker, she'd been crying. "It's your daddy, you need to come home. This is it, I think he's dying.." her mother's voice said. Julia's eyes widened as tear began to form in her eyes, Scotty noticed and rushed to her side. Her mother laid the phone down by her father's head. The last words that he said was,
"Cowgirl don't cry
Ride, baby, ride
Lessons in life show us all in time
Too soon God lets you know why
If you fall get right back on
Good Lord calls everybody home
Cowgirl don't cry.."
Tears began to fall down her cheeks after he finished, it was the song they shared. With that, Scotty took her phone and hung up, throwing her phone on the bed. "Julia.." he whispered as she wrapped his arms around her. Julia sobbed against Scotty, she couldn't believe it.


Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Crush: Small One On Carter Krane
Theme Song(s):
*Mama's Song by Carrie Underwood
*Beautiful by Eminem
*Cowgirls Don't Cry by Brooks and Dunn
*Boondocks by Little Big Town
*Song of the South by Alabama
*Beer for my Horses by Toby Keith
*Play Somethin' Country by Brooks and Dunn
*She's Country by Jason Aldean
*Where I Come From by Montgromery Gentry
*Take A Back Road by Rodney Atkins
*Kick It In The Sticks by Brantley Gibert
*5-1-5-0 by Dierks Bentley

*A Chestnut American Quarter Horse Mare named Rascoe; (view spoiler)
*Black and White Border Collie Female named Scooter; (view spoiler)
*Johnny McCreery- Father- Deceased; (view spoiler)
*Jenny McCreery- Mother- 40- Alive; (view spoiler)
*Janelle McCreery- Older Sister- 21- Alive; (view spoiler)
*Scotty McCreery- Older Brother- 20- Alive; (view spoiler)

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██☾██ 「Beginnings」Simple yet necessary.

Full Name: Aspen Nikita Cole
Nickname: Information not given
Age: Eighteen ❨18❩
Gender: Feminine
Date of Birth: August 18th at 6:29 AM
Place of Birth: Brazil


Distinct Markings: (view spoiler)
Casual Style: (view spoiler)

Hair Color: Whilst appearing black upon a first glance when observed closely a second time if given the chance one will find her natural pigmentation a dark chocolate brown.
Eye Color: Whilst not portraying thus typical green she bears the color of the sea after a big storm. Clear and deep many have become lost in her eyes. (view spoiler)
Height: 5' 6.82" in height.
Weight: 117.49 pounds.

██☾██ 「Personal」Where do I start?

Personality: Aspen is a very determined person, she gets what she wants and doesn't let anyone get in the way. Albeit she's kind to her friends, people she doesn't know make her a tad more wary and she treats them with a slightly stand off attitude. She's independent and stubborn finding ways to achieve her goals even in the hardest situations. When she is with people she likes and knows, she kind and fun to be around messing with people and finding ways to get into trouble. If she deems you unworthy of her time or respect then she won't bother with you. You'll be a simple fly on her shoulder. Aspen will brush you off and ignore you completely but if you have something she wants then she will go about getting it.

Many times, while she won't start fights, she isn't completely above engaging in them but often tries to rein in her fighting side. When getting something she wants, she can be sneaky and tactful often slipping around you until she suddenly has what she wants without almost any thought. Her friendly demeanor may be questioned in situations like this for people she doesn't tolerate though she really is a nice girl at heart. She's a very cool and collected person. Creative to a tea in making decisions on her feet and often winning, she is focused and curious exploring all options. She knows how to read people better than most and doesn't mind playing a little dirty if it gets what she wants. Aspen is a spunky and free living girl. She doesn't listen to the rules and often gets in trouble. Aspen is a tomboy at heart and loves all things fast, loud, or crazy.

She's the true rebel in the family and loves doing anything on a whim. Spontaneous and fun, she prefers to stay outside to inside and loves to travel. In fact, she's spent almost as much time on a plane or car as she has in some of her own houses. Always on the move, she likes competition and doesn't back down from a challenge. Aspen is a care free girl and absolutely loves trouble. Stubborn and determined, she doesn't let problems get in the way and often won't listen to others even if it might help fix the problem. She goes to her own beat and while sometimes hot headed, knows when she's passed a line. Aspen is smart and sometimes too curious for her own good. She likes to dig into others business but she's true to her promises and will keep secrets if asked. Aspen is one of those girls who, once she tries something, she's almost instantly good at it.

She has an open mind and isn't afraid to try new things even if she hasn't even heard of it. With a wide variety of talents and enough energy to spare, she has met and made a lot of friends. Aspen is kind and if you can get her to stop long enough, she is a great listener. She's protective of those she loves and is really good at reading people. One of her favorite pass times though, are cars. True to her tomboy nature, family and friends can often find her working on a car in the garage or racing one at a near by track. She loves the speed and excitement of putting herself out there and doesn't mind making a fool of herself. This also leads to some extremely interesting albeit not frightening stories.

History: Originally born in England Aspen had an upper class family with her father being a diplomat and her mother a writer for the Birmingham Post. They had a generously sized house with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Without a lot of financial worry, Aspen and Caiden often invested into extracurricular activities like Motocross, Car racing, skateboarding, and horseback riding. At the age of 5, Aspen was reading the newspaper and only continued to get stronger academically. She had a lot of really good friends and loved to hang out at the local diners, shops, and events that often went on. While she sometimes got annoyed at the fact that her parents had to work so much, she knew that she couldn't complain because they had it better than a lot of people at the time.

When Caiden turned 13 and Aspen 12, they moved to America for her fathers' job and a good job for her mother as well. Aspen was nervous about moving but embraced it and was excited. She had heard about all the different sports and activities she could do there and they were moving in the summer meaning she had time to get adjusted before having to go to a new school. Aspen was ahead of the game, actually in the same grade as her brother who was a year ahead. She didn't mind though and her personality attracted a lot of people.

On Aspens' 15th birthday, her and her family moved again this time to Florida and her parents promised to settle down for good this time. At least until they were out of school and had a place to live. Since then, she had settled down again and is proud to say she has friends all over the country as well as world. On breaks, she goes back to England with her family to meet up with her aunts, uncles, cousins, and old friends as well as check up on the sights and sounds of the town.

██☾██ 「Anything else」Just for fun.

✔ Surfing
✔ Golf
✔ Swimming
✔ Smoothies
✔ Icee's
✔ The outdoors
✔ The Sun
✔ Dogs
✔ Cats
✔ Horses
✔ 4 wheelers
✔ Running
✗ Loosing
✗ The color grey
✗ Blueberries
✗ Sleeping
✗ Liars
✗ Standing
✗ Overestimation
✗ Underestimation
✗ Sunscreen

( Maria Amy Zayler: Mother ) (view spoiler)
( James David Cole: Father ) (view spoiler)
( Caiden Marcus Cole: Brother ) (view spoiler)
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Information not given

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Isis | 6033 comments Full Name: Skarlette Lee Reynolds
Nickname: Skar
Birthday: October 16th
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: [image error]
-Art: drawing, painting, sculpting
-Tattoos, she hopes to be a tattoo artist
-Electric bass
-Baseball, not softball
-Dogs, cats, chameleons
-The few people who can get her out of her shell
-Music, all music
-Boys, though there have been girls too
-Sitting still
-Large crowds
-Being forced to do something
-Anyone she finds obnoxious
History: Skarlette was born to a prostitute and a drug addict father. In other words, she was unwanted. She was born in a hospital like the majority of children are, but as soon as her mother was released from the hospital her life as a normal child stopped. Her mother drove about 10 miles from the hospital then left the two day old Skarlette in the dumpster behind a restaurant. She was there for hours, crying and slowly dying. Fortunately, a man came outside to throw something into that dumpster and she was found in time. She was immediately taken back to the hospital, dehydrated and hardly more than catatonic. She was left in the hospital and shipped off to an orphanage until she was well.
She spent the rest of her life in that orphanage, meeting all the wrong people and getting into all the right trouble. Her wit and her mouth kept her constantly smacked around by the orphanage workers until she just stopped speaking to them. That only left the other kids who constantly made fun of her and picked on her. It always hurt but she never let it show.
Before long she was staying out with strange men. Men who treated her like well, a dirty orphanage girl. She didn't know that she could have better so she didn't look for better. She really didn't car about anything and so she let everyone treat her like dirt.
Eventually she stopped interacting with anyone. Not the strange men, not the children at the orphanage. She was well past 16 and she only wanted to be done with everyone. She developed a shell around herself, covered up the scars both physical and mental, and shut everyone out. Now she has a hard time making friends and relationships are practically non existent, she just tries not to be noticed and when she is her mouth usually gets her into trouble anyway. She's not afraid of anyone or anything, but she doesn't want anymore trouble.
Family: She doesn't have any that she knows. She lives alone and doesn't try to find any relatives.
Sexuality: Bisexual, but leans much more towards men.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None. No one wants to take them time to be with her really and she trusts no one.
Crush: None at the moment.
Other: Her pets-
Akita, female: Molly (view spoiler)
Sphynx, male: Ryker (view spoiler)
Chameleon, male: Pico (view spoiler)
Her Car-
'69 Camaro: (view spoiler)

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Spadez (or Kadyn)

Full name:
Miranda kiana lynn
May 29th

*danceing (mostly in the rain)
*the color red
*shows (with horses like raceing, cross jumping, etc.)
*too much heat
*being told what to do
*the colors pink and purple
*her father

Mira has always been a sweet, loving girl. When she was 7 she found a very sick guy in a cave, wearing nothing except the bandages that covered his whole body except his mouth and right eye. When she found him she automaticly began taking care of him. He went by the name of kizmar. Kizmar had a very bad weakness that prevented him to move on his own. Mira kept it a secret about her careing for him so no one would bother him. Every day she left, she covered the enterance with a bush. Every day she kept coming in, he started growing a romantic enterance in her, this is about when she was 9, but he was too weak to move on his own so one day when mira left, kizmar set the cave on fire in hope to make him be reborn stronger, but when they put the fire out, there was no body found. That night mira looked out her window and saw a shadow that looked like him but when she blinked, it was gone. She went and told her parents but they didnt believe her and sent her to the asylem when she was 12. When she came back she was always really quiet and skitish, until one day her parents bought her her first horse, harmony. Her and that horse had a bond no one has ever seen before. The horse would wait for her to get home from school every day, mira often slept in harmony's stall, and harmony even learned to carry mira's bag around while following mira. Mira may not often make friends from her quietness, but she can always count on harmony to be there

Younger sister-ali-12
Older brother-james-20




*favorite items*
she has a necklace that her friend gave her who died. She calls this necklace a good luck charm. the chain is made out of real gold and connected to the chain is a very rare light blue orb found only at the bottom of the ocean in a dark cave.

She finds it hard to make friends or get guys to like her due to her quietness

Mira is a calm, quiet girl. She is extreamly nice. She cares for anyone if they let her, and once people get to know her she's really funny, outgoing, understanding and patient. She has a stubborn side to her too and never gives up. When she sets her mind to something, she will acomplish it. And even though she's quiet she will stand up for herself and others

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Zoey (zzoey) | 2 comments Oh...erm...

So this is embarrassing. Well, you see, I'm too lazy to read everything you guys have written, and I'm too lazy to write a ton of crap about my characters. I like to just incorporate it into the roleplay, that way there are more surprises waiting.

But fantastic characters guys! :D Four girls, One dude....

Name: Wesley Alcara
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Grade: Junior, 11th
Appearance: Wesley was born in America, but his older family had previously come from Mexico, so he is of latin descent. His father married a beautiful irish woman. His skin is golden and smooth, his jet black hair slick and shiny in the sun. He has bright, laughing green eyes that he received from his mother's irish descent. He has a strong jaw, chiseled features, and an upturned nose. Most would describe him as pretty good-looking.
Personality: I'll do more with this in the actual roleplay. K?
Favorite subject: Biology
Background: He just recently moved with his family to a new state, which means he has to start at a new high school. No one knows much about his family, or why they moved and from where. His dad is pretty scary looking and no one is inclined to meet them so easily.
Other: He's got a secret, but he's not about to tell anyone anything yet.

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Panda (may-the-gods-be-jealous) Name: Valeryia Tatlock
NickName: Val
Age: 18
Birthday:July 14th
Gender: Female

Personality: Energetic, Creative, Althetic, Kind



Crush: None-Open
Relationship: None-Open

Favorite Subject: Biology
Secret: Extremely good at archery and investigating




Getting In Trouble

Background: Moves a lot but is now staying in once place for awhile. Family gives weapons to police and help investigations. Grandparents are artists.

Sexuality: Straight




Pet Personality: Takes Orders, Energetic, 'guard dog', kind

Pet Relation Ship: Always With Valeryia, Extremely high

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"You look at me like I'll listen and when I actually do listen you want me to leave you alone...."

Name:Henry Johnson
"Don't judge me for being young and stupid when back in the 1920's that's all you could do."
Personality: People when they see Henry they think that he's loyal and just all outgoing. Technically he is a smart alec who gets into trouble.
Powers: Telekinesis
Likes:[image error] "I'll quit smoking when you stop teaching the wrong subject." Food, friends, and acting
He doesn't like paying attention in class he thinks school is a waste of time even though he's the one wanting to be a teacher.
Strengths: Talking and speaking to others
Weaknesses: Girls
Usual Outfit:
"If you think I have a smoking problem look in the mirror there's a lot more flaws to point out."

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Jordan (jordyleigh) | 1146 comments Name: Hannah Sulivan
Age: 16
gender: female
Clique: popular
-football players
-none popular people
Personality: She is mean. She doesn't talk to any people that are not popular. She thinks that everything in the world arounds her and that everyone should bow down to her. She acts like a princess, and loves the attention that people give her. She always poses for pictures that are taken of her.
history: Her mom was the head chearleader of the school when she was in school. She coatches the team.

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Elizabeth Name: Lacy Beauregard

Age: Lacy is a sophomore. Fifteen.

Appearance: Lacy has honey blonde colored hair that reaches to her mid-back in curls. She has big brown eyes that resemble a honey color as well. She is an average weight and stands at about 5'7. Her cheek bones are high with a few freckles scattered across them and she is quite tanned.

Personality: Lacy is a very charming and witty girl but she can also be taken advantage of easily. You see, Lacy is the kind of girl that wants to believe there is good in everyone. It's one of her flaws. She is easily persuaded. Lacy is very friendly and doesn't have very many enemies...yet.

History: She is a foreign exchange student from France.

Birthday: November 13th

Birthplace: Paris, France

Born at what time: 3:13 A.M.

Other: Lacy has anxiety issues and can get quite ADD at times.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3981 comments Name: Raylin Matthews
Age: 16 junior
Appearance: long wavy brown hair,big hazel eyes, 5'3, skinny but not too skinny, tan sun kissed skin,

Personality: shy, once you talk with her she is kind funny and can be sarcastic if you make her mad. Raylin does not judge harshly but is cautious when first meeting people. She is an approachable girl and wants to make new friends

History: recently moved to a new school after having to get moved with her mother because her dad could not afford to take care of her anymore. She has a younger sister who she loves and tries to be a good role model. Her mother is strict and expects a lot from raylin, and raylin seems to never be able to please her

Birthday: may 1

Birthplace: california

Born time: 11:11 pm

Other: Raylin is single. She is often found writing and reading. When you are looking for her check the dance studio because dance is a huge stress reliever and she does it a lot because of her mother. She would do anything for anyone who needed help.

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Kaylin Behrens | 42 comments Name: Carissa Long
Age: 15

Hair Color: Redish Brown
Eye color: Ocean Blue
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Skin tone: Fair

Carissa is very strong-willed. She will do and speak her mind. When she wants something she will do WHATEVER it takes to achieve it. She does everything to excellence and can and will win every verbal battle. Physical battles she will dominate people 3 times her size, so you don't want to mess with her. If you leave her alone, she won't bother you, but if you dare double-cross her, you have one foot in your grave. When you first meet her, she seems like a perfect little angel. But make her angry or don't give her what she wants and she will take everything that is precious from you.

Carissa has had a tough life. She grew up bouncing around in the foster care system, family to family. She is still in the system, but is currently at a home for girls. Carissa is planning on applying for emancipation when she turns 16. She hates her life and the foster care system altogether.

Birthday: January 27th

Birthplace: LA

Born time: 5:17 PM

Other: Carissa is very edgy. She hates it when people are rude and she isn't afraid to stir up trouble, push people to the brink of their sanity, and most of all fight.

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