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Dhfan4life Have you read Ice Study? That is more Valek and Yelena.

Maria Wina i have read everything.... all the study series from poison study, up to ice study... is night study available yet?? i really love reading this story.... so lovely, inspiring and addictive in the best way... :)))

Dhfan4life Um have any of you guys signed up for her Newsletter? I think the one for last month or maybe even this month said that she will be putting out 2 more study books. Particularly ones that come right after the Spy Glass series. Which in a way was a sort of spin-off series to the Study one from what I saw.

And one of the stories was said to have more Valek stuff, particularly about his assassin history.

KritikaB It is too bad that this is only a short story (but better than nothing). I love to see more of Valek side of the story. Sooo looking forward to the next Study book.

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