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August Wainwright (augustwainwright) | 31 comments Hello to everyone,

In honor of the annual NCAA College Basketball Tournament, better known as March Madness, I've put together a tournament to crown the greatest mystery hero/heroine of all-time. The competition is running now through March 29th.

I just added the first match-up, #1 Sherlock Holmes vs. #16 Kurt Wallander. Voting will go through 11:59pm on Monday night. You can vote at the link, here in this discussion, or on Twitter by tweeting your vote to #MysteryMadness.

Let me know what you think. Can't wait to see who takes the crown.

message 2: by August (new)

August Wainwright (augustwainwright) | 31 comments Thanks for all those who have cast a vote so far. Keep it up.

Sherlock is running away with it right now.

message 3: by August (new)

August Wainwright (augustwainwright) | 31 comments Since Sherlock pretty much can't lose, I'll let everyone know that the next match-up will be:

Agatha Christie's Miss Marple vs. Dan Brown's Robert Langdon.

This one should be much more tightly contested.

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August Wainwright (augustwainwright) | 31 comments Sherlock won the first match-up with lots of room to spare.

Next up for Tuesday is:

#8 Agatha Christie's Miss Marple
#9 Dan Brown's Robert Langdon

Who's your favorite? Vote Now.

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August Wainwright (augustwainwright) | 31 comments I've opened up all of the round 1 match-ups for voting. You can vote from now until midnight on March 18th. Vote at Mystery March Madness. Here are all of the match-ups in round 1:

#1 Sherlock Holmes vs. #16 Kurt Wallander
#8 Miss Marple vs. #9 Robert Langdon
#7 Harry Hole vs. #10 Nancy Drew
#2 Lisbeth Salander vs. #15 Stephanie Plum
#4 Hercule Poirot vs. #13 Alex Cross
#5 Jack Reacher vs. #12 Rizzoli & Isles
#3 Philip Marlowe vs. #14 Jacqueline ‘Jack’ Daniels
#6 Clarice Starling vs. #11 Harry Bosch

Let me know what you think.

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August Wainwright (augustwainwright) | 31 comments At the end of the first full day of Round 1 voting, all the match-ups are tight, except for two:

Sherlock Holmes has an insurmountable lead over Kurt Wallander, and surprisingly, Harry Bosch is way out ahead of Clarice Starling right now.

Keep voting and I'll update the progress again tomorrow. Thanks to all those who have already voted.

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August Wainwright (augustwainwright) | 31 comments Here's an update on all match-ups as of Thursday morning voting:

#1 Sherlock Holmes 89% vs #16 Kurt Wallander 11%
#2 Lisbeth Salander 65% vs #15 Stephanie Plum 35%
#3 Philip Marlowe 39% vs #14 Jack Daniels 61%
#4 Hercule Poirot 71% vs #13 Alex Cross 29%
#5 Jack Reacher 63% vs #12 Rizzoli & Isles 37%
#6 Clarice Starling 23% vs #11 Harry Bosch 77%
#7 Harry Hole 48% vs #10 Nancy Drew 52%
#8 Miss Marple 61% vs #9 Robert Langdon 39%

Voting will stay open throughout the weekend, so if you haven't voted you, go vote now.

Any thoughts on the numbers so far?

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August Wainwright (augustwainwright) | 31 comments The one that surprises me the most is Nancy Drew. I thought Harry Hole would run through Drew, but I love Jo Nesbo.

I've read two of Konrath's books: Whiskey Sour and Shot of Tequila: A Jack Daniels Thriller. They're pretty funny. My wife says they are summer chick lit for "dudes". I'm not shocked Jack Daniels is beating Marlowe because how many people have honestly read any Raymond Chandler. I really liked The Big Sleep but you definitely wouldn't call it new or fresh.

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August Wainwright (augustwainwright) | 31 comments Round 1 will run through Sunday 3/17 and all match-ups are open
Quarterfinals will be Monday 3/18 - Wednesday 3/20
Semifinals will be Thursday 3/21 - Saturday 3/23
Finals will be Sunday 3/24 - Monday 3/25

And Harry Hole is now 1 vote ahead. It's essentially 50/50. Everything else seems to be locked in at this point. I'm trying to spread the word so Harry Hole doesn't lose. #bias

message 10: by Georgia (new)

Georgia | 536 comments August, don't you know we all grew up on Nancy Drew;
therefore, she has a special place in our hearts and
made us love Mysteries. Love Harry Hole and am reading
Phantom (Harry Hole, #9) by Jo Nesbø right now.

message 11: by August (new)

August Wainwright (augustwainwright) | 31 comments Which one are you reading, Georgia? And, hey, Nancy Drew made the top 16 list, so there's that, right?

message 12: by Georgia (new)

Georgia | 536 comments I am reading Phantom right now and I have read The Snowman (Harry Hole, #7) by Jo Nesbø which made me want to read more of Jo Nesbo; I will put The Leopard (Harry Hole, #8) by Jo Nesbø & The Redbreast (Harry Hole, #3) by Jo Nesbø on my TBR List. Yes, to Nancy Drew lest we not forget!

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August Wainwright (augustwainwright) | 31 comments Haven't read Phantom yet but I promised myself to read more of his stuff. Not a mystery, but I'm having trouble putting down Wool Omnibus right now.

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August Wainwright (augustwainwright) | 31 comments Last day to vote for Round 1 Match-Ups. Here are the totals as they stand right now:

#1 Sherlock Holmes 85% vs #16 Kurt Wallander 15%
#2 Lisbeth Salander 69% vs #15 Stephanie Plum 31%
#3 Philip Marlowe 46% vs #14 Jack Daniels 54%
#4 Hercule Poirot 70% vs #13 Alex Cross 30%
#5 Jack Reacher 69% vs #12 Rizzoli & Isles 31%
#6 Clarice Starling 25% vs #11 Harry Bosch 75%
#7 Harry Hole 56% vs #10 Nancy Drew 44%
#8 Miss Marple 68% vs #9 Robert Langdon 32%

Looks like most of the match-ups are pretty set at this point. The only ones still moving around are Harry Hole vs Nancy Drew & Philip Marlowe vs Jack Daniels.

If you haven't voted yet, go vote now because Round 1 closes at midnight tonight.

message 15: by August (new)

August Wainwright (augustwainwright) | 31 comments Round 1 of the Mystery March Madness bracket is in the books. Here are the final results:

#1 Sherlock Holmes 84% vs #16 Kurt Wallander 16%
#2 Lisbeth Salander 65% vs #15 Stephanie Plum 35%
#3 Philip Marlowe 43% vs #14 Jack Daniels 57%
#4 Hercule Poirot 69% vs #13 Alex Cross 31%
#5 Jack Reacher 68% vs #12 Rizzoli & Isles 32%
#6 Clarice Starling 24% vs #11 Harry Bosch 76%
#7 Harry Hole 54% vs #10 Nancy Drew 46%
#8 Miss Marple 69% vs #9 Robert Langdon 31%

The quarterfinals will be open shortly and will run through Wednesday night at midnight. We had over 300 votes for Round 1. Really looking forward to see who jumps out to the lead in the quarterfinals.

message 16: by August (new)

August Wainwright (augustwainwright) | 31 comments The quarterfinals are set and we've got some interesting match-ups.

Sherlock Holmes vs. Miss Marple in what I'm calling the "Classics Match-Up" and then on the other side, we've got Sweden vs. Norway in the Nordic showdown when Lisbeth Salander takes on Harry Hole.

Should be a really fun 3 days. You can vote HERE from now until midnight on Wednesday.

Let me know what you think of the quarterfinal match-ups and what upsets you see happening.

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August Wainwright (augustwainwright) | 31 comments UPDATE:

Today is the last day to vote in the Mystery March Madness Quarterfinals. Here are the current results if voting ended:

#1 Sherlock Holmes 78% vs #8 Miss Marple 22%
#4 Hercule Poirot 48% vs #5 Jack Reacher 52%
#11 Harry Bosch 68% vs #14 Jack Daniels 32%
#2 Lisbeth Salander 74% vs #7 Harry Hole 26%

It's looking like Lisbeth Salander vs Harry Bosch is all but guaranteed for one semifinal. And the other is going to be Sherlock vs 'yet to be named' competitor.

Go Vote.

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August Wainwright (augustwainwright) | 31 comments UPDATE:

Alright, we've got the Final Four set and I'm pretty excited about it. Here are the semifinal matchups:

#1 Sherlock Holmes vs #5 Jack Reacher
#2 Lisbeth Salander vs #11 Harry Bosch

And here were the final results from the quarterfinals:

#1 Sherlock Holmes 79% vs #8 Miss Marple 21%
#2 Lisbeth Salander 71% vs #7 Harry Hole 29%
#4 Hercule Poirot 46% vs #5 Jack Reacher 54%
#11 Harry Bosch 65% vs #14 Jack Daniels 35%

Overall, I'm a little surprised Jack Reacher is still hanging around. I didn't see him getting this far in a tournament called "Mystery" March Madness. I'd consider him more in the Thriller genre, but obviously, the name recognition helps with the votes.

And good ole Harry Bosch - I wanted to see some upsets and have a lower seed advance. Worked out perfectly. Although, now I'm wondering if I significantly under-seeded Bosch. I've had a few retweets about the tournament from Mr. Michael Connelly himself, so that's been great.

Well let's get the voting started. It will run until midnight on Saturday the 23rd. So get your votes in now.

Vote for the Mystery March Madness - Final Four

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August Wainwright (augustwainwright) | 31 comments UPDATE:

After taking Sunday off from the tournament, we’re down to the last two of the 2013 Mystery March Madness Bracket. We started with 16 and it all comes down to two:

Sherlock Holmes vs. Harry Bosch

Here are the results from the Final Four match-ups from the weekend.:

#1 Sherlock Holmes 62% vs #5 Jack Reacher 38%
#2 Lisbeth Salander 7% vs #11 Harry Bosch 93%

It's worth noting that Michael Connelly tweeted about the bracket a few times, and after each one, votes for Harry Bosch went through the roof. Weird, right?

Voting will stay open until midnight on Wednesday.

Vote here for the Best Mystery Character of All-Time

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