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Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
my and addy are reading this soon if anyone else wants to join us. it is a novella.

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
Population Zero

.When Todd was just a child, he learned that sometimes it was necessary to sterilize or euthanize animals in order to keep their population from growing too rapidly. It was the humane thing to do, the best thing for the environment. Yet, every day at his job at the Welfare Department, Todd sees the dregs of humanity multiplying unchecked, overburdening the earth with a tidal wave of humanity. But if he can convince them not to reproduce, if he can convince everyone to voluntarily sterilize themselves, then he might just prevent the coming population explosion. And those who can't be convinced…

Population Zero is the story of an environmental activist named Todd Hammerstein who is on a mission to save the planet. In just 50 years the population of the planet is expected to double. But not if Todd can help it.

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
let me know when you are starting this addy, does a 50% discussion and another at the end sound good?

message 4: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 1944 comments We can start tomorrow. I'll be finishing up a couple tonight. 50/50 sounds good.

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
ok sounds good I should be able to go through it pretty fast and then read the next section of the terror after.

message 6: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 1944 comments I'm soo behind on terror, lol, but its really starting to grab my interest.

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
ok,I hit 50% on this tonight let me know when you get there.

message 8: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 1944 comments Should be there tonight

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
is this your first wrath james white?

message 10: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 1944 comments Yes. And I have to say this book is definitely taking me where I've never been.

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
wrath james white is hardcore. my first truly extreme horror novel was The Resurrectionist and I wanted to hate it so bad but I didnt, its actually one of my favorite novels.

message 12: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 1944 comments I'm at the vasectomy part and it kind if reminds me of the movie, Hard Candy. I get the feeling that Wrath writes alot like a Human Centipede, I'm bracing myself. I heard that Resurrectionist is a good one to start off with, but it scares me to death. Idk. I figured I'd give him a shot. We'll see if I'm still brave. So why did u want to hate it so bad?

message 13: by Justin (last edited Mar 12, 2013 02:29PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
that's great, I thought of hard candy while reading that part yesterday also. the resurectionist was so horrible I just felt like I should hate it or else there was probable something wrong with my head. it probably isnt that bad compared to some of the others I have read, it was just my first novel that would fit the category extreme horror. I don't think there was anything quit as bad as the way todd's mother died in this one so if you still want to read another of his books after population zero I would recommend it.

message 14: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 1944 comments Oh gosh, I don't know. Just finished reading about Todd killing off Terrence. That was rough. I'll read to 50%, but I don't know if I can finish. The mother's suicide was pretty bad. Its a good story, but the details are hard to swallow.

message 15: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 1944 comments Oh wow. I'm at 60% and I can't believe what this guy has done. Todd is certifiably crazy. I can't even believe I read it, but I had to know what he did to the sad. Todd's childhood was horrendous. Yes, but could it cause him to kill, I'm not so sure. He's very sick and has nothing to believe in so he believes in nething. I hope he doesn't do this to anyone else. I may try to brave on.

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
ok, I am still at 50% I will finish up tomorrow.

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
have you finished this or are you still at 60%. if its not to late do yourself a huge favour and dont. I made it to 82% and I am done with it.

message 18: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 1944 comments I got to 74%. What happens? I know he wants to kill Steph, Christy, and the baby, so I was kinda holding off.

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
let me change the spoiler warning to 100% and I will tell you.

message 20: by Justin (last edited Mar 13, 2013 04:23PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
ok, I sucked it up and finished it. did you vet to the part where his boss tells him about the house for unwed mothers? after taking a hammer to Stephanie's belly he pays them a visit and its 10 times worse than his mother's death. then he finds out that his boss is part off the same environmental group as him and she tells him escape the country and tells him she had been putting that drug in milk at all the major distributed the same way Heimlich did in the water and wants him to help but Stephanie's girl friend ( the bounty hunter) tracks him down and shoots him.

message 21: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 1944 comments Gee. So how many pregnant women does he end up killing? I kind of figured that his boss was in on it. She wasn't concerned about nething when the cops came to see Todd.

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
like 15, I dont know how many survive but I guess it dont really matter after what he does to them.

message 23: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 1944 comments Wow. That's alot of killings to describe. Thanks for the warning. I'm done. Im glad I know what Mr Wrath is about. Don't think I will be visiting him anytime

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
this one was way worse than his usual. but yea most of his stories are pretty extreme.

message 25: by Addy (new) - added it

Addy | 1944 comments How about Hero? That one looked kinda tame, then again, I have no idea.

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
hero was one of his tamer ones, so was orgy of souls.

message 27: by Justin (last edited Mar 13, 2013 06:47PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
sacrifice wasn't that bad either and that is my all time favorite of his but I always recommend every one reads the resurectionist first and that one was pretty brutal although nowhere near as depraved as population zero.

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