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Gwendolyn's/Gwyneth's name

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Stella I read Ruby Red in German and there the main character's name is Gwendolyn. And I just read that her name is Gwyneth in the English translation. Does someone know why they changed the name?
Sorry if someone already asked that.

Tessa I read that they changed the Name from Gwendolyn to Gwyneth, because Gwendolyn is off-fashion in the UK. In Germany, no one knows that, so no one cares, if Gwendolyn is a fashionably name or not. But to not to put up the english audience, they changed the name.

Did they change other names, too?

Stella But I thought the name was supposed to be a bit old-fashioned. :/
Anyways,thanks for the answer!
I don't know if they changed any other names, I think not. I know that Gideon is still Gideon.

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