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Isn't Dork Diares the best book ever?

I revoke my previous statement. There are better books out there!! This is more for younger readers, or those who don't know how to read. I feel like now that I've matured I don't like them as much. Nikki just isn't that great of a character: 1) although she seems super kind to everyone, she thinks about strangling her friends multiple times!! 2) basically every book she does something and everyone gets mad at her. That's the basic plot of every book!!

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That'a not even a question. Of course it the best book ever.

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Have you even heard of Matched or The Jane Austen Diaries? This is junk. JUNK. I would rather pluck all the hairs in my eyebrows and eyelashes one by one with a rattlesnake than read this again!!!!!

Definitely NOT the best book ever! I could name a lot of different books that are way better than this.

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No, it isn't really the best book ever.

I don't like it I think the Pillagy series by Obert Skye is #1 series EVER.

I've read them all 3 times and at my school I'm known as the dork diaries expert. It's the best! you are right



I agree with Frances. Its genus! I just started reading the series not to long ago and Im about in the middle of the series. There just so addicting!

yes I have to say that dork diaries is the best book ever

umm idk i love alot of books

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I don't think that it is the best book.

It is a very good book who doesnt like it

I've read every book at least 5 times. I love it so much!

no the best book I ever is the miraculous journey of Edward tulane

ummmm.... i do not agree

many series are much better

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Its a Diary of a Wimpy kid for girls! I love it!!!!!!!!!

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