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Jay Nichols (jaynichols) | 9 comments Canis Major by Jay Nichols

If you like novels that take a chance and free stuff, enter to win a paperback copy of my novel, Canis Major.

It’s an epic psychological thriller about dogs and people, death and life, art and destiny.


After seventeen-year-old Russell Whitford confronts and kills a rabid dog, he seeks to prevent the news from reaching the dog’s owner, whose hair-trigger temper is well-known in the small town of Riley, Alabama. Russell can count on silence from two of the three witnesses who watched him hack Hector Graham’s Bloodhound to death, but the third, Michael O’Brien, isn’t like the other two. His allegiance isn’t as fixed as Russell would like it to be.

When the Centers for Disease Control arrive in town, and dogs begin running away, and gun shots start ringing out in the dead of night, Russell’s summer goes from bad to worse. All he wants to do is play his piano and guitar, maybe walk his dog every now and then, not have the weight of the universe hoisted upon his shoulders.

message 2: by Laura (new)

Laura Thomas (laurathomas) | 258 comments Thanks so much. I just entered!

Your book sounds great.

Thank you for a chance to win your paperback!


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