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The Snowman (Harry Hole, #7)
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First Meeting

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Macy | 11 comments So when and where do we want to meet up? Dylan, are you finished? Shira and I are still working on it...

Shira (she_ra) | 21 comments Mod
Um. I mean, if I try really hard I will finish it today? Maybe? I could definitely finish for later in the week.

Also I can meet any day but Wednesday! Dupont or Chitown? Vapiano?

Macy | 11 comments I can't do Tuesday or Thursday. I am free Friday. I could probably finish it for tomorrow, since we have some more hours of light today. If we're doing Vapiano, I would prefer Dupont, if that works for you all.

Shira (she_ra) | 21 comments Mod
So that means tomrorow or Friday, basically. I am happy with Vapiano. I think my preference would be Friday? What do you guys want?

Shira (she_ra) | 21 comments Mod
Also think about what you want to read and we'll pick that too!

Dylan Richmond (dylanprichmond) | 5 comments I am finished! Vapiano on Friday works for me.

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