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Kristin Vincent I found the novel Dawn of the Knight to be remarkably similar but with a more modern, easier to read feel.

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Feliks You can also try 'the Chronicles of Prydain'; 'Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever'; or several others if you're now obsessed with fantasy-world literature

Sparrowlicious No offense, but it's harder to find fantasy novels that are not like Lord of the rings. o_o

Kristin Vincent Okay. I have a hard time finding appropriate books that are similar. I don't care for 'gorey' style much.

Dave I would like to second the reference to Donaldson's Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. Just as epic, just as incredible, if not better (I reread Covenant much more than I reread Tolkien), not gory, and definitely not similar (except as fantasy fiction) to TLOTR.
McKiernan's first trilogy (The Dark Tower) was originally MEANT to be an homage of sorts to TLOTR (I seem to recall reading in an introduction or something); he wrote it intentionally to recreate the feel and atmosphere of Tolkien. Or something. Either way, very similar. But his later novels branch out from that central root pretty well. The Eye of The Hunter is a favorite of mine.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Robert Evert Well, this is completely self-serving, but I'd like to recommend my book, Riddle in Stone.

It's NOWHERE near the brilliance of Tolkien. Not even in the same league! So don't even put the two next to each other on your electronic bookshelf!!

However, some of you might enjoy it.

It's about a fat, middle aged man who stutters. Tired of feeling like a loser, he attempts to become a famous adventurer so that he can win the heart of his love, Molly. Unfortunately, his first quest goes horribly wrong.

If you read my book, PLEASE let me know. I'd love to hear your thoughts! By the way, it's an e-book available through Amazon and other outlets.

Casey Thanks for posting these! I've been looking for something similar to Tolkien to read :). My to read list keeps growing.

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