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Good Book!

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Larryponder I had a good time reading Malcolm X. I thought it had a lot to say. He sure did keep it movin' up till his end.

Jaime This was an excellent read and an honest look into this extraordinary man's life.

message 3: by Sue (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sue When l was 10 we had to do a presentation for Black History Month. I went to the biography shelf & grabbed this. I had heard of Malcolm X, but really didn't know what he was all about. So picture me, 10, white, glasses, in a small town MN elementary school talking about The Nation of lslam and the black power movement. When l look back on it, l'm glad l read it, but l think l would've gotten more out of it if l read it when l was oldern

Gerry @Sue
It's never too late to read it again. I read it in my early 30's - white, glasses, downtown Ottawa, Canada. It was a real eye-opener for me.

Here is a fascinating individual who was able to rise above his personal experiences and the personal biases that arose from his earlier life. Here is somebody who could have made an even more significant contribution to the dialogue on race if he had lived a few years longer.

I guess that's why he wasn't allowed to - people close to him didn't like the fact that he was starting to outgrow the movement and embrace a more global outlook.

Written with Alex Hailey of Roots fame. What a life, what a story, what a writer!

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