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message 2: by Renee (new)

Renee ((I am so jealous of whoever got Adrian. XD ))

message 3: by Kat (new)

Kat (kitty_kat_kit) (that would be me ;)

message 4: by Renee (last edited Mar 12, 2013 04:55AM) (new)

Renee ((too bad I'm not a girl charrie, I would totally go off storyline and sneak into his room!))

message 5: by Kat (new)

Kat (kitty_kat_kit) ((lol so true))

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

((haha lol))

message 7: by Renee (new)

Renee Adrian's future room was spotless. Ready for the perfect someone to come and inhabit it.

message 8: by Kat (new)

Kat (kitty_kat_kit) ((perfect someone being Adrian! :) ))

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