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Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments Thoughts and discussion!!

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments Am on second book. And Meghan is just about to reach SciCom with Puck and Iron horse.

message 3: by Kat (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kat (kaitlins16) This is a great series. I'm not that big on "fairy" (or in this case "fey" books), but I really enjoyed this one. I haven't read The Iron Knight, so I might join in reading it with you when you get there. It all depends if its at my school library or not.

Elizabeth | 2466 comments I love the cat he made me laugh so much so who do you think Megan should be with

message 5: by Kat (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kat (kaitlins16) I always saw Puck as her best friend and Ash as her love interest.

Elizabeth | 2466 comments Me too but I love the way puck defends her the noses were awsome

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments As I mentioned in random talks thread. I hate it when a guy makes a move and when the girl confesses her love he just backs up saying it isn't possible. That's not good and that's what Ash did.
Puck really cares for her a lot but Ash also risked being a traitor for her.

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments Grimalkin's explaination to everything "I AM A CAT"
That Cat is really funny now I wish to have one like him. And he just know everything god knows how.

Elizabeth | 2466 comments Yes but it goes against everything he knows but it would be nice for the guys to give in first for a change instead of the girl putting everything out there I think the reverent series was deferent in that way Vincent is the one who put it all out there

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments Yeah Revenant series were good. But I just hope Vincent's body to be recovered (fingers crossed)!!
Well for a change it was really good. Vincent still loved Helen but wasn't like Ash who's always talking and thinking about Arielle even though he knows that he and Meghan love each other. I felt somewhere it's not fair with Meghan for Ash to just thinking about his ex wife all the time.

Elizabeth | 2466 comments Sometimes I wish I I could meet some of these characters so I could ask what are you thinking just be true to yourself and just deal with what happens

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments Lol. Yeah it happens a lot with me. And specially in this book as there's no Ash's POV . I really want to know what he's thinking at times.

Elizabeth | 2466 comments Later there is a whole book from his point of view

message 14: by Kat (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kat (kaitlins16) And that's the one I haven't read yet.

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments Iron Knight??

Elizabeth | 2466 comments Wait there is one book that is from Ashes point of view and then kind of a spin off that is about Megan's brother

Elizabeth | 2466 comments Ok the iron knight is ash and the lost prince is the brother I'm straight now lol

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments Ohk. Can't wait to read iron knight . I haven't read a book that is from a male's POV . There were alternate chapters in some books but not the whole book. Lol. Hope to reach there fast.

Elizabeth | 2466 comments Lol the wait will be worth it trust me

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments :))

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments Ah!! So Ash is jealous of Puck. Great!

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments Ok so please tell me one thing. Will ironhorse survive??

Elizabeth | 2466 comments Puck thinks its not fair but I would think after all the time he has spent with her he had plenty of chances to make his move and didn't so it's his fault I think at lest

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments Yeah he should have been expressive.
Am on 10th chapter of Iron Queen. And in this book I have found Ash for the first time so openly confessing his love to Meghan and expressive. He got really touched when she asked him to be her knight . I am wondering what's in it for him to risk his life that he's so happy !!

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments Does Ash becomes mortal permanently in the end??

Elizabeth | 2466 comments how far are you ( and you should know me well enough by now to know I won't give the end lol)

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments I know you won't but I still wanted to know. You know it's killing me. Am on third book and I don't know why I feel like putting it down. There's nothing fruitful happening.

Nikki Hoehne (nikkirajaramlol) | 315 comments :(

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments Hey Nikki u tell me, Elizabeth won't . Will Ash become mortal permanently?? XD

Elizabeth | 2466 comments lol sorry

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments :( lol. You know you're killing me!!!! You always do that.

Elizabeth | 2466 comments I don't want to ruin the rest of the book and that would kill it

Elizabeth | 2466 comments I know the feeling trust me sometime when I'm reading a long series I just want to skip ahead to get to what I want to know

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments I always wish to finish up a book fast asap and when it does I regret finishing it .

Elizabeth | 2466 comments me too I'm always left with what if

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments That's why I like the first book more. All the introduction part is always good.

Elizabeth | 2466 comments yep and there is usually more when you get to the end so where are you at or did you give up for a bit

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments Nope continuing just to reach Iron Knight. Am on 21 chapter.

Elizabeth | 2466 comments you will enjoy it and Iron knight is really good

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments Just finished Iron Queen. Oh god why does authors wants their readers to cry . When she was dying it was the most emotional moment. And can't explain how much bad I felt for Ash. He's awesome he deserve good. And he should have stepped out of the shadows and meet her in the end. (sigh) can't help hope so he'll do something in Iron Knight. :(

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments I liked two things specially in these books. First when Grimalkin calls Meghan human everytime and Puck calls Ash "Ice- boy". Lol XD
Although there're many things but for now these are the most hilarious that's in all the three books.

Nikki Hoehne (nikkirajaramlol) | 315 comments lol:) iron knight is really good

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments I'm not able to recall when did Meghan and Ash met wolf earlier when he'd almost killed Ash!

Nikki Hoehne (nikkirajaramlol) | 315 comments That happened in the novella Winter's Passage:)

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments Oh Ohk . Got it :) thanks

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments As far as I've read iron knight. I don't feel like Ash truly wants to be with Meghan it's just the oath. He's so attracted and wants to be with Arielle but its just the oath which is not letting him do that. I think it won't be justice to Meghan because he's doing it half heartedly .

Sophie (warpedline) | 214 comments I've only read the first book (Iron King) and I wasn't that crazy about it. Is it worth it to keep reading?

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments Yeah it is. But you have to be a lot patient while reading the third book. But in the end it again catches interest. Last one is the best till now.

Simmaron (mybookedlife) | 1119 comments Um.... Can anyone please explain me what happened to Grimalkin in the end? I didn't understand that part at all.

Elizabeth | 2466 comments Let me get back to you I can't remember right now

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