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Gracie spinoff series... Should there be one?

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Brienne As most people are disappointed with the ending of requiem and the way things were left with julian/lena/alex/coral/hana/gracie, people have been wondering if there will be a spinoff series in gracies perspective. So should there be one?

Katie I think that's an awesome idea. We could possibly find out what happened to Lena and learn more about the Delirium world

Ilana i think that it could be nice if there was enough there. i think that it would be great to have the back story on why grace didn't speak and why once lena left she was able to speak. i think that it was a defense mechanism - you hear about that all the time. i just feel like years down the road in her story she'll turn out to be really strong and a leader because of her experiences and that would a be a nice twist.

i agree though -there was a LOT that wasn't answered at the end of requiem and i guess that was intentional. i kind of wish that we knew what the plans were for future reads because i'd be interested in another installment. there's so many different places that this story could go with Hana, Lena/Alex, Julian, Grace, Bee - everyone.....

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Jennifer It is a great idea! Sad that Lena & Alex wouldn't be the focus but I want to see so much more from this world and what life is like after Requiem. If Lena & Alex raise Grace? Or do they find the rest of the family? Do all the cured and uncured live in Portland together? Do they take down the walls throughout all of the US?

Shahd I believe that will be a great idea. It will be very intresting and we"ll maybe get some answers and resolving to the questions we had

Sofía I'd LOVE it! Not because I'm disappointed with the ending of Requiem, but just to see more about that world and if all the uncured of the US got the chance to take all the walls down and how life goes after that.

Brienne I would want it more just to continue living in the world thats been making my life for almost 3 years

Little Soph Jackson That would be awesome! That way we would get to see what went through her mind, and what happened to Alex and Lena!

Little Soph Jackson Yeah TV series... i guess I would prefer a film but this is for a different discussion board!

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