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message 1: by Holli (new)

Holli Here you go Karen! :)

message 2: by Karen B. (new)

Karen B. (raggedy11) I asked Holli to start this thread in case anyone wanted to rant or rave about the commercials we fast forward through. Do any make you stop fast forwarding to watch? Do any get on your nerves?

On my nerves for repetition ... the "I just got new carpeting for this room and this room..."

Ones I love and stop to watch: The ones with the cow as part of the family. I like it too because they keep changing it. The current one where she is singing in the shower not so much. The one where they have family game night I love but especially the one where the cow fills the mom in on the "gossip" of who looked at whom and who was unfriended on Facebook, etc. I also like the one where the mom goes into the room because the kids are making too much noise and the cow is wearing blonde braids.

I'm a little tired of Flo's Progressive commercials although they do vary.

I like the commercials for another insurance where the same actor is the different catastrophes that can happen.

Some of the TP commercials I don't like. Too personal. I usually like the ones with the bears but not the ones where the bear says "here's one way to clean your underwear, and here's another." as if using wipes means you don't have to was the underwear.

Basically I like any of the ones with pets. My favorite was the one where the cat posted a notice and got a bloodhound to try to help her to find her litter box.
But because I do like pets so much the ones that show animals that have been abused hurts and I have to change the channel quickly until that commercial is over. Or I mute the sound and walk out of the room.

So does anyone else like some or dislike some commercials in particular? Or am I the only one who notices some?

message 3: by Kuki (new)

Kuki (goodreadscomkuki) | 163 comments Karen, I have not seen the one with the cows maybe it does not play here. I am tired of the Flo commercial and also the Geico ones

message 4: by Kuki (new)

Kuki (goodreadscomkuki) | 163 comments I do like the volkswagen commercial where the father is teaching his son how to catch and throw a baseball, The dad can't throw good at all but he is out there showing his son what he knows and spending time with him.

I love the Budweiser commercial with the clydesdales. So cute but they do make me cry. I love the one where the man has cared for the pony and has now let him go with Budweiser and when the clydesdales come back to his home town, he goes to see him. The man does not think the horse remembers him but at the end the horse does. I also like the one they did for when 911 happen and all the clydesdales bow down where the twin towers where.

message 5: by Kuki (new)

Kuki (goodreadscomkuki) | 163 comments

Here are the three commercial I was talking about. I hope you can see them

message 6: by Karen B. (new)

Karen B. (raggedy11) Kuki wrote: "

Here are the three commercial I was talking about. I hope you can see them"

Yes and thanks for posting them. I don't watch the Superbowl so I never saw these Budweiser commercials. The both made me cry. Those horses are beautiful aren't they?

message 7: by Kuki (last edited Mar 12, 2013 08:40PM) (new)

Kuki (goodreadscomkuki) | 163 comments I did love this Geico commercial
Does anyone want a Ronald tonight?

message 8: by Heather L (new)

Heather L  (wordtrix) I actually don't like that cow-in-the-family commercial. I am a little tired of Flo, but find some of the Farmers Ins. commercials amusing (my favorite was the "Fiddler on the Roof" one).

Some of the new ones that crack me up are for AT&T, the ones with the kids. The werewolf one especially cracks me up.

One of the best is a commercial about fatherhood involvement. Starts with an older woman hearing a guy singing a cheer. She looks out her window to see a father helping his little girl practice for cheerleading. You can see it HERE.

message 9: by Karen B. (last edited Mar 11, 2013 09:13AM) (new)

Karen B. (raggedy11) Heather I had never seen the father with the cheerleading commercial. thanks for the link. I haven't been able to do the links and I forgot those AT&T ones they are good.

I'll have to find the Farmers Inc commercials to find the one you referred to.

And lest we forget ... I think they had voting somewhere and the babies in the E-Trade commercials are good..

Clarification: I can follow the links but haven't been able to put them up because my computer no longer puts the URL at the top of the screen

message 10: by Kuki (new)

Kuki (goodreadscomkuki) | 163 comments Heather, I also like the AT & T commercials. I love the other one you put up with the father and daughter cheerleading so cute.

message 11: by Heather L (last edited Mar 11, 2013 07:44PM) (new)

Heather L  (wordtrix) Karen and Kuki: Glad you both liked the father/cheerleading commercial.

Karen: I'm actually a bit tired of the eTrade babies. Here's the link for the Farmers Ins one I mentioned: Fiddler on the Roof.

message 12: by Kuki (new)

Kuki (goodreadscomkuki) | 163 comments My daughter and I laugh at that guy who falls on the fiddler on the roof commercial

message 13: by Kuki (new)

Kuki (goodreadscomkuki) | 163 comments I thought this was a good one

message 14: by Kuki (new)

Kuki (goodreadscomkuki) | 163 comments This is a good commercial

message 15: by Stacy (new)

Stacy (sjhensley) | 928 comments

I like this one - Turkish Airlines with Kobe Bryant.

message 16: by Stacy (new)

Stacy (sjhensley) | 928 comments

Aflac Physical Therapy commercial: love this one. I get so tickled seeing the duck jump rope.

message 17: by Holli (new)

Holli The new VW convertible Beetle commercial is my fave right now. When he wears the ski mask into the store to get food.

message 18: by Heather L (new)

Heather L  (wordtrix) Holli, that is a good one!

Kuki: Had not seen that Dove commercial before. Thanks!

Stacy: The Turkish Airlines commercial was cute. Had not seen that one before, either.

message 19: by Kuki (new)

Kuki (goodreadscomkuki) | 163 comments I had not seen the turkish commercial or the aflac one either both cute.

I like the VW commercial to it is funny

message 20: by Kuki (new)

Kuki (goodreadscomkuki) | 163 comments I just notice that when the boy goes whizzing by on the bike the little print says Do not attempt. Always wear a helmet. Listen to your mom.

message 21: by Heather L (last edited Jun 27, 2013 01:51PM) (new)

Heather L  (wordtrix) Huh, I had not noticed that before, Kuki, LOL.

I saw a new AT&T one last weekend: Slow Turtle

Puppy Brother was cute, too.

I can't stand cranberries, but thought this one was funny:
Ocean Spray CranLemonade

And for the ladies: Zesty Italian guy

And one of my latest favorites -- this had me laughing out loud first time I saw it:
Travel Wisconsin: The Lake

message 22: by Kuki (last edited Jun 28, 2013 09:35PM) (new)

Kuki (goodreadscomkuki) | 163 comments I love how the other little girl in the Puppy Brother commercial is so amazed about the idea of a machine like that.

Here is another cute commercial

message 23: by Holli (new)

Holli Love the Zesty Italian guy commercials!

message 24: by Kuki (new)

Kuki (goodreadscomkuki) | 163 comments Do you guys remember this commercial. I thought it was cute and funny.

message 25: by Heather L (new)

Heather L  (wordtrix) That was a good one, though I've never known staplers and post-it notes to be on school supply lists.

The Office Max "Rubberband Man" Commercials were good too:

1. Rubberband Man

2. Back to School

3. Lost and Found -- I don't remember these two "story" ones, but they're cute.

message 26: by Kuki (new)

Kuki (goodreadscomkuki) | 163 comments Heather I remember those first two but not the last one. They were all cute

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