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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ This balcony is connected to the Senior Hall room, which is directly above the cafeteria. It's long and goes along the entire side of this part of the building. It's a very large balcony, extending over to give a view of the outside eating area. It's meant only for seniors though a few popular juniors sneak in at times too.

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Astig0921 | 127 comments Apalla walked out onto the balcony like she usually did to get away from all the drama. It was her quite place. She found it, while walking down the hall way hearing about it in a conversation. As she was walking on to it she saw a boy. "Hey what are you doing up here!" She said know that he wasn't a popular. Populars were usually in groups and wore better clothes. She walked towards the boy who was leaning off the edge of the balcony. She said sarcastically, "don't fall we wouldn't want anything bad happening to you." She smirked. Apalla was wearing a pair of skinny jeans with a superman tee shirt with a utility belt. She also had on black high heel boots that were skin tight. She comes her fingers through ther bangs and was still waiting for the boy to respond.

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Astig0921 | 127 comments She laughed, "I was just stating you should be are you never know! And smoking is bad for you by the way! You shouldn't do it!" She was now to the balcony she gabbed the balcony. It was a little cold at her touch. A gust of wind went straight threw her making her hair look like one of those perfect pictures. She turned to look at him smiling. The suns rays made her eyes light up a bright light brown, and her smile was so fake. But even though everyone thought it was real. She didn't even know a real smile anymore. "I'm Apalla by the way...."

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Astig0921 | 127 comments "True second hand smoke is a horrible!" She smiled, "Cason, that's a different name never herd that one before....well it's nice to meet you Cason." She saw him smile back at her he had dimples and his face was much better looking upfront! The only thing that bothered her about this guy was his smoking. Smoking was sooooo unatractive. She really was hoping he wasn't a popular, but he didn't look like one so she was guessing no and hopefully she was right. She moved her bangs from her face and back around her ear. Now you could see all of her freckles they just made her face look much white and pure. Apalla didn't wear make up she was strongly against the stuff. She thought true beauty came from the inside. She went back to watching him smoke, it was so discusting but it also fascinated her at the same time. She had to ask she was nosey and she had to know! "What makes you want to smoke those cancer sticks?" She asked still smiling but her teeth weren't showing this time.

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Astig0921 | 127 comments "Your a smart ass you know that?" She said more as a fact then a question. She was smirking which turned into a smile. She smiled all the time and everyone always complained that she was way to smiley and very mean or sassy. She didn't care she like being herself and nobody would change that. She watched as he took the cig and disposed of it. "And yes that is better." A peice of her hair fell down in her face. Her being the blonde she was, not literally but more sometimes she acted, she didn't even notice it. She just kept on talking. "So what grade you in?"

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Astig0921 | 127 comments "I'm a freshman thank you very much" she made an xtremely happy face that was a hundred percent fact as could be and mocking of cheerleaders and with that face she make a little cheer pose. She laughed, "I'm a freshman, and yes it sucks! I get picked on for everything cause of it and it doesn't help that I have huge tits, if you haven't noticed that." She smiled proud of her boobs that's the number one thing people remembered her for, was her humungo boobs. She stuck out her chest and put her hands on her hips making the superman sign on her shirt stick out as well as her boobs.

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Astig0921 | 127 comments She laughed, "sorry if I come on to strong it's just..... I don't know this is my new hangout to get away and well your in it so..... I just feel obligated to tell you how it is.... I just feel that you won't judge me for my full on weirdness." She winked back at him. He was facing her now and she could see his body which was defiantly a good sight, she bet he did sports or something, but she didn't want to be more nosey than she already was. She was trying to make friends not scare off more people. She wished she could read minds she hated not truly knowing how people saw her or thought of her. Everyone that knew Apalla, which is like nobody, knew that she will tell you like it is and she will tell you how she feels about you straight forward.

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Astig0921 | 127 comments Apallas smiled turned into a frown. "I hate this school...." She said with no thoughts of even thinking it over. She disliked this school very much , she got made fun of a lot and she was never talked to yet and he was the first person to actually talk other without kinda shrugging her off. Everyone here was so judgmental! Everyone had to fit inand of you didn't you were pegged as a nobody or loser or outcast. She hated it she wished she could goback home and live back on the farm. She missed home anyhow it was, other than the bad times. She closed her eyes for a second trying to forget about the past bad memories. She opened her eyes back to smiling again, "but doesn't every kid hate school?"

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Issac stepped out onto the balcony, the cool breeze hitting his face. He stood at the edge, elbows rested on the railing, and closed his eyes for a moment. Was Issac really the brooding-while-wearing-the-long-coat type? Yes. Yes, he was. Any passers by might assume he'd been watching too much Torchwood. He opened his eyes, staring down at the eating area below. Eighteen. It was her eighteenth birthday. Of course it was. It was days like these -- the lonely days -- that he missed her the most.

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sydney Halcyon pulled out her map for about the thousandth time today as she slipped through the doors that lead her to a balcony. She bit her lip and scrunched her nose up ever so slightly, things she did when she wasn't particularly sure of her surroundings. This stupid school wasn't even that big, but the map was confusing to say the very least. Halcyon saw someone standing a few feet away from her. She wasn't one to ask for help, but this whole getting lost thing was starting to piss her off. She was going to need some serious gym time after this.
Halcyon took a few steps closer, she ran a hand through her golden curls and smirked approvingly. He was definitely attractive, there was no denying that, but then there was a small bit of sadness to him. Halcyon didn't let her thoughts rest there too long as she approached him.
"Excuse me? I keep getting lost." Halcyon replied smoothly, her charm was instantly turned on by getting a better view of him. "I was wondering if you could possibly help me."

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Issac turned when he heard her voice, the hemline of his greatcoat brushing lightly against his jean-clad calves. Ah, the new girl. He looked her up and down, slowly, carefully. Attractive, for sure. Not the prettiest girl he'd ever seen, but hey, that was reserved for one person and one person only. He gave her a charming, lazy grin. "And where might I be helping you to?" he said, the words rolling off of his tongue with a certain -- very 'Issac' -- well-practiced charm.

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sydney "Anywhere honestly." Halcyon laughed shortly, she slipped the map out of her back pocket slowly and unfolded it. She held it carefully as there was a slight breeze whipping up into the balcony. "I haven't been able to find my actual destination through any of my attempts."
She didn't want to sound this hopeless, but the words slipped past her pale strawberry kissed lips with a certain feel to them. They were flirtatious of course, possibly enough to want this boy.

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Gently, he pushed her hands down. "Darling, I've been going here since my sophomore year. I have no need for a map," he drawled, eyes focused on hers. He did realize that eye contact freaked some people out. Did he care, really? Not much. He turned so that he was fully facing her. "No particular destination? Well, I'm sure that I could be the one to... show you around." He spoke more quietly; not near a whisper but lower than a normal speaking voice for most. Did he use it to create a false sense of intimacy with whoever he spoke to? Yes. Did he get his best social skills from the one and only Daisy Buchanan? Absolutely.

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sydney "You definitely seem like the type who would know their way around." Halcyon smiled once again, her lips endlessly full and pink. As she slipped the map back into her pocket she locked her gaze with his. She never backed down, and a staring contest of sorts never bothered her. Her stormy grey blue eyes screamed power, and her demeanor never faltered. "I'm sure you've seen plenty of the corners of this school."
A short raise of her eyebrow was generally enough to send those who she faced running, whether it was into her arms or in the opposite direction with fear. He didn't give the indication to back down either, that was appealing to her. The apparent sexual attraction was evident, but was he one to sleep around as she did? Halcyon's eyes drifted down only for a moment to look at the small elephant on her wrist. It was time for another session to help her forget anyways.

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sydney ((Hey, I saw that you had a sad post.. If you aren't okay to post for a while that's fine..))

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((It's fine now. I'm sorry for being so slow.))

"Know my way around? Yes, that would be true," Issac smirked, the corner of his lips curling up ever-so-slightly. He felt a pain in his chest, but he didn't falter. She could think what she wanted; even though he slept around he would never do something in a public area, especially in a school, which, in his eyes, was almost as sacred as a church. "I'd not be so sure about that," he said, his voice low. His eyes flicked downward to her wrist. "The elephant. Advice needed; good luck; obstacles overcome; remembrance; slow rise to success; strengths; dominance; wisdom. Well, I wish you good luck. Through the doors, down the hall, and to the right, there's the front office. There you will find someone able to show you around." He spun on his heel, leaving briskly.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Hmmm yes, normally juniors didn't sit up on the balcony. Hell if they did they were incredibly popular on the verge of legendary juniors. They certainly weren't shy little nobodies like Marilyn. Well that was a lie. Marilyn wasn't a total nobody. People knew of her. She'd heard the whispers; Isn't that that stuck up dancer girl? It's no wonder she doesn't have any friends....she's so serious. Sometimes I think the whole dancer thing is a cover up and she's really like a slut or something.... she'd heard them all. They didn't really bother her, she always reacted the same. Blushed and ducked her head as she walked faster or shifted uncomfortably in her seat during class.

That was why she always ditched leadership. It was a stupid class, meant to inspire people to take charge and action. All it did for Marilyn was make her feel more awkward than ever. People always got into little groups to start conversation....while Marilyn would doodle music notes in the margins of her notebook and hope someone might talk to her. This far into the year though? She just left and headed to the cafeteria. The balcony was always empty during first period, with the exception of the lunch ladies bustling about to clean up any crumbs from the breakfast eaters.

It was a haven to people like Marilyn. People who just liked to be alone, and since if she hung out in the courtyard or in front of the school she was far more likely to get in trouble she just came in here and took a seat. People always just seemed to look over her then, leave her be. Taking out her ipod she plugged her ear buds into her ears, the comforting sounds of The Fray soon soared around her head and a small smile tugged at her lips as she took out her notebook and started to work on her chemistry homework.

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This was starting to become a rather bad habit for Haydn, ditching classes he knew he wasn't supposed to ditch because if his father were to find, he would be in very big trouble. Though his father wasn't even in town for the week, so Haydn didn't have to worry about him finding out anytime soon. Sure, there was his mother, but his mother was too busy getting drunk on wine while reading some cheesy adult romance novel that Haydn needn't worry about her relaying anything to his father, who was currently in California for some business meeting or something.

Haydn hadn't the slightest clue, and honestly he didn't care. He was cutting class again. That was that. If anyone spotted him, he would simply smile charmingly and act as if he was doing nothing wrong before slipping away again. Though instead of heading to the janitor's closet as he had done the day before, the tall athlete headed for the senior balcony. Well it was just a balcony, but it was for the seniors only, he was sure it was going to be void of any life forms. At least that was what he had hoped.

Walking onto the balcony, Haydn spotted a girl listening to music and working on homework. Of course when he wanted time alone there would be someone there to ruin it. Even though this girl wasn't doing anything, her presence alone was enough to make his mood go foul. Haydn didn't recognize her, and he knew just about every single popular in the school, whether they were seniors or juniors. This girl wasn't a popular, and he didn't recognize her as a senior either. What was she doing there? Approaching her none to subtly, Haydn bent over and plucked one ear bud out and said, "You're not allowed up here." In other words, he wanted her gone.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Absorbed so completely in her music it wasn't much of an understatement to say that she nearly had a heart attack when someone pulled out one of her earbuds and spoke to her. His tone wasn't all that kind either so that just added to things. At the very least she jumped and almost fell right out of her seat. Hand to her chest her chest rose and fell rather rapidly, the sound of her heartbeat being enough to interrupt the music that was cascading through her other earbud. It only took her a moment though before the embarrassment settled in, her skin heating up and her face flushing as she pulled her notebook closer and shut it as if it held the secrets of the world, rather than just chem homework.

Haydn. Haydn was scolding her. The king of popularity himself. Of course he would know who was supposed to be up here or not. Still.....she couldn't quite stop herself. "I've never seen a school handbook issued rule against it." she muttered, the words weren't even directed at him more like a comment under her breath and she doubted he even heard them. Instead of voicing her opinion though she let her eyes drop to the ground as she picked up her bag. Guys like Haydn reminded her of why she liked Mason.

At least Mason was always nice. Haydn strutted through the hallways like he was entitled to everything the world had to offer. The guy already had the popularity throne, good grades, money, looks, supportive parents, free time to do what he wanted. What more could he ask for and be so uptight about? Ooooh it made her blood boil. Of course no one would ever realize that looking at how she slipped off the seat, and knelt on the ground as she put her notebook in her bag getting ready to leave. She was sure she could find somewhere else to enjoy the peace and quiet.

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Haydn was jerk, and he did nothing to hide the fact that he was one. The popularity went to his head, no point in denying it. But underneath it all, he knew he should have been nicer to this girl, even if she wasn't supposed to be there. Well, she wasn't allowed there seeing how it was the senior balcony, or at least the seniors that ruled Salem High dubbed it so. And he felt a little guilty when she almost fell out of her seat. Haydn was taught to treat all girls as respectfully as possible, though he did for the most part whether people were around or not, but in that moment he wanted to be alone.
Technically though, she hadn't been a bother in the slightest. If he just sat as far from her as possible on that balcony, the two would never have to interact. This girl would have been doing her homework and listening to some music, so it shouldn't have bothered him at all. Haydn was simply being an ass because, well, he could.

Nonetheless, he sighed, "Sorry, didn't mean to startle you." Looking around, he noticed that there really was no one around as far as he could see. So he looked back at the girl and added, "You don't leave...if you don't want to..." He didn't really sound like he wanted her to stay, but he took a couple steps back and shrugged, looking away from her. He turned his dark eyes out to the courtyard below, which was empty since everyone should be in some class or wherever. "I guess there isn't a rule against it." Oh yeah, he heard her alright. Haydn might be a little slow, but his hearing was still pretty darn good.

(sorry for taking so long Dx lost the post last night)

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay [haha it's all good :)]

"if you hadn't meant to startle me, you wouldn't have walked up and yanked out my earbud before harshly scolding me like I'm some little kid." Marilyn commented without really thinking about it. Oh was too late to take it back now. So she just wrapped up her earbuds around her ipod and then stuffed it into her bag as well. Standing she smoothed out her skirt before picking up her bag and putting it on her shoulder.

Looking up at him she shrugged, "Not to be mean or spiteful or anything, trust me, I get it. You're popular. You're the king. You're a senior. You want everything to be yours. Hell you did your time as a lowly freshman and a sophomore and a junior. You deserve it. I can see why you wouldn't want me sitting up here." She paused and then looked him up and down as if taking a moment to confirm just who he was. "Although, I wouldn't expect the infamous King Haydyn to ditch."

She would've walked away, but now her curiosity was peaked. So naturally she wanted an answer. So even with her cheeks a light shade of pink from socializing with a popular, not just any popular either. The King Popular. She voiced her question. "But, uhh.....what class is it that is so terrible you have to ditch?" She asked, wanting to know so she would be sure not to take that class next year.

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Infamous King Haydn. Haydn liked the sound of that, though he was far from king. A king, in his mind, was a great man with people who loved him and supported him, but that wasn't what Haydn's life was like at all. He was King simply because he was on top of the social ladder, which didn't hold very much meaning to him. The girl was wrong though, he never spent time as some lowly subject in any of the four years he was in school. The moment he stepped foot in the school back on his first day in freshman year, everyone knew who Haydn was. He may have been a freshman, but he never struggled with bullies or the past top dogs of the school. Why? Because his father was top dog of the town. It was impossible to not know Haydn since he has always been seen at his father's side like the dutiful son he was known to be.

More like pretended to be.

"I deserve it?" He shook his head in disagreement, but shrugged a shoulder in the end. "If you insist... Though it's not why I don't want you up here." Instead of being irritated by this girl, Haydn found himself rather amused. Amused enough that a crooked grin took place of the scowl that used to be there. Perhaps he needed a good laugh to calm his nerves instead of running around a field until he was covered in dirt and bruises. This girl looked like she could provide him with a laugh, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Turning his attention back to the girl, he chuckled, "You don't know everything about me, I probably do a lot of things you wouldn't expect me to do." Resting his elbows on the railing, he leaned forward a little and took in a deep breath of air. It was a rather nice day, surprisingly, and all Haydn wanted to do was go for a walk in the woods. He just wanted to be anywhere that was in the school. "Aren't all classes terrible? Maybe I just want to ditch because I feel like it. Does the class itself have to be the cause behind me being here instead of in a room filled with kids who don't even want to be there?"

What was he saying? He really should stop talking, but without having anyone but just this girl around, he couldn't really stop himself. Haydn's been under so much stress and pressure, all he wanted to do was have some time to himself without having to remind himself to keep up appearances.

"So, you know my name, what's yours?" he asked, arching a brow at this girl.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay "What's so bad about being in a classroom of people who either adore you, or only dislike you because they wish they could be more like you? That doesn't seem like a bad thing to me." She shrugged and watched Haydn curiously, finding herself quite confused by him. He was the king. The top dog. Why would he ever want to give that up to spend time alone and be a nobody? "I guess it's like girls with their hair." She muttered under her breath, referring to the fact that girls with straight hair always wanted it curly and those with curls always wanted straight.

It was a conundrum. As for him wanting to know her name? Well......"My name isn't important. You won't remember it, and chances are this is the only time you'll ever speak to me. I've gone to this school 3 years, lived in this town all my life and you don't yet know my name so there's no reason for that to change now. Not when you'll be graduating and moving on to some ivy league college." It may have been a bit harsh to some people, but it Marilyn's eyes it was just the truth. She didn't mean it to sound harsh or anything.

Readjusting her bag she looked away from Haydn and over the railing out towards the tables at the bottom. It was funny. Sitting down there everyone only wanted to be up on the balcony. Only wanted to be where they thought it was better. Only once you were up all seemed rather lonely. Maybe the only reason the balcony looked so grand was because people always faked how it really was. How it wasn't all that wonderful after all.

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