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The Ghosts of Mercy Manor
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA fiction ghost murder mystery, leaves roses [s]

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Emily | 29 comments Hi, This is a book I read as a kid and I've searched and searched for the title with no success. I remember it being in the children's section at the library, but I think it was considered YA fiction. I think the main character is a girl and I THINK she just moved to a new house (mansion?) or she's staying with someone. There is a ghost and I'm pretty sure it leaves roses in her room for some reason. Eventually she sees other ghosts and learns of a murder that occurred there. She solves the mystery of the death and discovers the body. I think a brick wall is involved. Thanks for your help!

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CLM | 302 comments Not sure this is it as the main character is a boy but I think there was a girl companion... A Pattern of Roses by my beloved K.M. Peyton: worth a look.

Emily | 29 comments I guess it's a possibility... I'll have to read a better synopsis. Thanks for your help. Any other thoughts are appreciated.

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6980 comments Mod
Let us know if that is it or not. From your description, I definately want to add this to my "childen's mysteries" collection.

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Rachel Piper (rachelpiper) | 19 comments Sounds like The Ghost Next Door by Wylie Folk St. John--a favorite of mine as a kid.

Emily | 29 comments I'll get back to you both ASAP. Thanks!

Emily | 29 comments I ordered A Pattern of Roses from someone on Amazon but I'm still waiting for it to arrive. That may be the right book from the descriptions I've read. I'm also looking into The Ghost Next Door. I will definitely update once I know if either one is the book I was searching for.

Emily | 29 comments I've flipped through both books (I still have to take a closer look) and I didn't see the scene I was looking for. I don't want to give anything away but like I said there's a wall involved and I believe it gets knocked down towards the end. Any other thoughts?

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Kris | 32291 comments Mod
Perhaps The Ghosts of Mercy Manor by Betty Ren Wright? The Ghosts of Mercy Manor by Betty Ren Wright A reviewer on Amazon mentions "The main character is Gwen. Her parents just died in a car accident and her aunt Mary just died. Gwen's brother just married a girl named Liz. Liz doesn't want Gwen to live with them so Gwen goes to a foster home called Mercy Manor. At Mercy Manor she sees a ghost girl. The ghost girl leaves roses in Gwen's bedroom."

Emily | 29 comments Kris wrote: "Perhaps The Ghosts of Mercy Manor by Betty Ren Wright? The Ghosts of Mercy Manor by Betty Ren Wright A reviewer on Amazon mentions "The main character is Gwen. Her parents just died in a car acciden..."

I will check that out! Thank you!!

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Emily, if it isn'tthe Betty Wright book, then you can list spoilers in your post and have them hidden by typing < $ poiler > then the body of the spoiler and to end it type < / $ poiler > where you leave no spaces and the $ is an S. It will (view spoiler)

Emily | 29 comments Good to know! Thank you! I will update ASAP.

Emily | 29 comments I'm thinking that it is Ghosts of Mercy Manor because when I was in 3rd grade my teacher read another books of hers (Dollhouse Murders) to my class. I was probably about that age when I was reading this book. I'm halfway through and it seems familiar but I'll update as soon as I've finished. There's always a chance I combined more than one book in my memory.

Emily | 29 comments Thank you, that was definitely the right book (Ghosts of Mercy Manor)! I think I got some details mixed up but I'm sure that is the one I was thinking of!

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Kris | 32291 comments Mod
Hey Emily. Glad you found your book. It's tricky to remember details about books we read as kids. I think you did pretty good.

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