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Members can use this topic to let each other know about special short-term sales and bargains on science fiction and fantasy books, printed or e-book for any platform/vendor.

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Mark McLaughlin (markgmclaughlin) | 17 comments G33z3r wrote: "Members can use this topic to let each other know about special short-term sales and bargains on science fiction and fantasy books, printed or e-book for any platform/vendor."

How do i post a notice on the Advertisments and Promotions folder? i have found the folder (obviously) and i can reply to postings (again, stating the obvious) but where do i clik to start so i can post a notice of my own? any help would be most appreciated

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Mark wrote: "How do i post a notice on the Advertisements and Promotions folder?."

Sure thing. If you're on the group's main landing page (the one with the graphic at the top, followed by the three "Currently Reading" book thumbnails followed by each folder name and the most recently active view topics in each, scroll on down and click on the heading of the "Advertisements & Promotions" folder (right on the words.) That will take you to a new page listing all the topics in the folder. Right by the heading above that listing, (right above the "last activity" header item, I think) you should see a "new topic" button (it doesn't look so much like a button as an ordinary link.) Click on that and it should start you off with a new topic that you can enter a topic title and the first post.

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Mark McLaughlin (markgmclaughlin) | 17 comments Thank you! That had to be the teeniest tiniest hardest to see "new topic" I have ever seen on a forum!

Much obliged, Happy Almost St. Patrick's Day!

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just found The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick for 1.99 in the amazon kindle store...normaly 40 bucks. you will want to get Valis to go with it

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I noticed Amazon has a lot of old titles by Andre Norton available for free on the Kindle. A number of these are out of copyright and also available from Project Gutenberg, but a few are unique to Amazon:

Star Born
Sargasso of Space
The Jargoon Pard
Lore of Witch World
Merlin's Mirror
Spell of the Witch World
Storm Over Warlock
Trey of Swords
Star Soldiers
Plague Ship
Voodoo Planet
Time Traders
All Cats Are Gray
Key Out of Time
Star Hunter
The Defiant Agents
Gryphon in Glory
The Gifts of Asti
The Gate of the Cat
Horn Crown

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Jim (jimmaclachlan) | 2227 comments Not the typical bargain listed here, but I'm drooling over Centipede Press' new offering, a limited edition of Ambrose Bierce's works. I think I have most of the stories plus a copy of The Devil's Dictionary. Normally $195, this week only for $150. I really can't justify the expense, although I'd love to.

Here's the page, just in case anyone else wants to.

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amazon has several collections of H. P. Lovecraft's complete works for cool prices in the kindle store. I recomend the mobileRefrence edition. also of note are mobileRefrence's H. G. Wells collection...the Jules Vern collection and their Classic Science Fiction Collection. tons to read for cheap :)

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Rudy Rucker has his "Complete Stories" in the kindle store for $6..... looks to be a good value for you RR fans :)

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philip k. dick's Dr. Bloodmoney is now 2.99 in amazon's kindle is The Zap Gun. get them before the price goes back up

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folks, spring is here. many public libraries have book sales to raise money. i just got back from my local "friends of the library" book sale with a ton of good SF hardbacks, all in lovely condition, i paid peanuts for them, and the cash goes to help the local library. you might want to check your local library to see what they have comeing up.

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in the kindle store i just found philip jose farmer's 'Secrets of the Nine' Nine' trigoly on sale...the first two books are 50% off and the third is up for pre-order at 15% off. this is Farmer's poke at Tarzan and Doc Savage,kinda weird stuff

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on closer look, i have also found PJFs Flesh for pre-order, only 10% off, but it is a little-seen classic

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for all you fans of the stuff from around the 1940s and 1950s Amazon has in the Kindle store over 40 stories by Randell Garret for free

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Spooky1947 wrote: "for all you fans of the stuff from around the 1940s and 1950s Amazon has in the Kindle store over 40 stories by Randell Garret for free"

I do love his Lord Darcy mysteries.

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WOOT! WOOT! Now in the Amazon Kindle store Theodore Sturgeon's compleate short work. This is going to be a 13 volume set. 8 volumes have hit the Kindle store so far. These are like $10 each, not really a 'sale' for a eBook, but the paper copies are like $40 a pop, makeing the set $500. I felt this was worth a mention. I hope more sets like this will put out in digital. I understand there are multi-volume sets of Williamson and Hamilton out there, each about 10 volumes, $40 each in paper...out of my price range, but I am dreaming of some cheap e-copies. :)

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Angie Thanks for the info about amazon giving away thon Andre Nortn books. I managed to get 2 novels and a book of short stories. I only had to pay for the short stories, and was only 50 pence. I'm looking forward to reading them now

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Michael (michaeljsullivan) | 87 comments Orbit has a number of books for sale right now:

* Full Blooded by Amnda Carlson - $2.99
* Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks - $3.49
* The Black Prism by Brent Weeks - $3.49
* Souless by Gail Carriger - $3.49
* Cold Magic by Kate Elliot - $3.49
* Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan - $4.99
* Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey - $4.99

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been on the road hitting book some good stuff, good bargins...if you want in on the party, google "book sale finder" There you will be able to find book sale info in your area. Most listings are "Friends of the Library" fund raisers, or other non-profit things. If you are unsure how to get there, use google maps....rember, if in doubt, take cash, take tote-bags for the spoils of war, and HAVE FUN!! at all sales of this type earily bird gets the books!!!

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In the amazon Kindle store, Dangerous Visions and Again Dangerous Visions, Harlan Ellison ed. are both on sale, each 20% off regular digital price. that's $10 and $8 each, grab them before they go off sale.

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in the 'WTF is this' dept. check out Jeffrey Brown's Foundation and Second Empire in the Kindle store for $2, being billed as the first book in the final Foundation trilogy...have not read it yet, but i hope it does Isaac proud.....

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now in the Amazon Kindle store, Bug-Eyed Monsters and Bimbos is on sale for $6...a top pick for all hard-core SF fans, others will miss the inside jokes.

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Spooky1947 wrote: "In the amazon Kindle store, Dangerous Visions and Again Dangerous Visions, Harlan Ellison ed. are both on sale, each 20% off regular digital price. that's $10 and $8 each...."

"Dangerous Visions" (1967) is one of the seminal collections of the "New Wave" science-fiction. Ellison, Dick, Zelazny, Silverberg, Pohl, Farmer, Niven, Spinrad, Delaney...

Boy, the price has gone up. The price printed on the cover of my copy is $1.50 :)

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Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury on sale in kindle store today, $6.85. That's a dollar off...

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robert r. mccammron has some stuff on sale in the kindle store...just got Blue World for $3.50...his stuff is more horror tho

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The High Crusade by Poul Anderson $7 in the kindle store 40% off

for pre-order Bradbury Stories by ray bradbury...100 stories by a master...40% off in pre-Order

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in the kindle store...enter into the search bar, you will find some free stuff, as well as some stories for 99 cents

message 28: by [deleted user] (last edited May 07, 2013 03:49PM) (new)

Spooky1947 wrote: "in the kindle store...enter into the search bar, you will find some free stuff, as well as some stories for 99 cents"

Note for the truly penurious: almost all those 99-cent stories from on Amazon are free on the website. E.g. "Sing" by Karin Tidbeck, "The Shadow War of the Night Dragons by John Scalzi" and "We Have Always Lived on Mars" by Cecil Castellucci. The latter is, in fact, this week's featured short story on Tor's homepage (they add one story a week from the Tor authors, new ones go up on Wednesday.)

Looks like "The Button Man and the Murder Tree" by Cherie Priest will be next weeks' story.

You can search for any specific story on with its own search, or use Google on the title with a added to the search terms. Spending the dollar on Amazon saves you from having to cross-load or eMail your Kindle. :)

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Thanks for the tip G33. free is alot better than 99 cent :)

i have another tip for you all...go buy yourself a thumb drive (i think WalMart has 4gig for $5 now)...the books you don't keep in Amazon's cloud keep on you computer's hard drive along with a back-ups on the thumb drive. put the thumb drive on your key chain. if anything bad happens, you won't have a hard time finding your 3ed party eBooks....also, your amazon acount comes with 5gig of free Cloud storage...use it people! :)

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History of the Movement: Science Fiction from 1854 to 1890 by Sam Moskowitz is on sale now in the Amazon store (paper copy, NOT digital store) for $11...what's more there is only one copy left. Moskowitz is a SF historian, a member of First Fandom, and wrote a fan-history The Immortal Storm that detailed his part in earily fandom, the fued between himself and The Futurians over the earily direction of fandom. This guy generaly knows what he's talking about. keep in mind this is a history, NOT fiction.

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Woot! Just discovered the same author as Wool has a sequel, The Shift Omnibus in the kindle store, $6, thats 70% off list

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Spooky1947 wrote: "The Wool Omnibus ed. (1-5) is on sale in the kindle store... $6, that's 60% off list. Been alot of buzz about this i look foward to reading it"

It's also our group Contemporary SF/F Novel discussion for this month, so please join in after your read it! (That's the usual retail price, though - it's what I paid for it months ago.)

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Tor/Forge Author Voices v1, v2, and v3 are free in the kindle store...yes, it is primarly just a sampler BUT there are some "extras" such as the authors talking about their craft and SF. Likely on the tor/forge web site as well for you non-kindle owners. :)

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The Tank Lords by David Drake...yep fols Hammer's Slammers!!! FREE in the kindle store.

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

i spy a pile of David Drake eBooks for FREE in the kindle store...they may as also be free on his publisher's web site (i think maybe Bean?)

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Subterranean by James Rollins $2 now in kindle store

message 37: by Karen (new)

Karen Azinger | 4 comments Big SALE on The Steel Queen only $2.99 for the e-book on Amazon. If you like Game of Thrones, if you like swords and knights, castles and monasteries, sorcery and seduction, now is a great time to start The Silk & Steel Saga! The Steel Queen

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i am happy to say and pleased to report James Gunn's The Road to Science Fiction vol. 1 is for sale in the Kindle a jaw-dropping $35...still much cheaper than hopeing the rest of the series pops up in the kindle store, it is a important series

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here's a good one..Lightspeed Magazine, plug that into google...a kick-butt Hugo-Winning magazine, but you can only get it in e-Book format. if you goto the web site you can get issue #1 for 99 cents...the mag is 2 years old, some stories you can get as pod-casts. subsriptions can be had, includeing a special lifetime sub.

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also, you CAN get Lightspeed mag from Amazon, BUT amazon has a BAD modle for selling dont own them like you do the other digital books, you only RENT them...once you buy a new kindle, OR 7 months are up, your magazines are gone...BAD AMAZON!!!

so buy Lightspeed from the Lightspeed magazine web site if you want to keep it

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Spooky1947 wrote: "here's a good one..Lightspeed Magazine, ..."

Good magazine. Almost all the stories from LightSpeed are available to read free on The purchased eMagazine contains an exclusive Novella each month (though it's a reprint from some other anthology/magazine, that usually means it's a pretty good story.) Also, for subscribing, you get to see the stories first, a few weeks ahead of the web audience.

Also, is about the same deal: read on the web for free or buy a subscription.

I look at the purchase subscriptions as a way of showing support for their authors. (Not that writing short stories pays terribly well.)
Spooky1947 wrote: "also, you CAN get Lightspeed mag from Amazon, BUT amazon has a BAD modle for selling dont own them like you do the other digital books, you only RENT them..."
There is a way around the 7-issue Cloud storage limitation: See Kindle Korner. :)

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also, Lightspeed has some free story every week. on the website folks.

i am going to get a digital is very cool and good, but if they can't pay the bills, they will go out of biz, then no magazine...we have to buy magazines at some point. :)

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on the topic of free magazines, Fantasy &Science Fiction has a free version on the Amazon news stand, its not the compleat issue, but what IS included, a couple of cartoons, reviews, one story, ect. is compleat, not just a chapter...

OR you can get a digital sub from Amazon for 99 cent a month for the full version of the e-magazine

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Star Trek: The Presistence of Memory is a TNG e-book in the kindle store... on sale for 99 cents, get it while its hot. :)

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plug Space Squid into will find the web site for Space Squid magazine, actualy a SF fanzine...poke around, you will find 4 FREE issues in PDF format...also they have a Best of Space Squid in the kindle store for 2.99, it looks like alot of fun. :)

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found a intresting one...its called Atlas Drugged (and Ayn Rand be damned!) in the kindle store for $2...the writing cant be much worse than Ms. Rand's was....if you love to hate Ayn Rand, give it a try

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Boldly Writing: A Trekker Fan and Zine History is now Free in the kindle store...get it before the price changes

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The End of the World ed. by Martian H. Greenberg is $1 in the kindle store now...Greenberg worked closely with Asimov, who called Greenberg "Marty the Other" :)

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Nicolas Wilson | 11 comments I've released fifteen of my early short stories for free, as an introduction to my writing.

My first short story collection, Ghost Dust, is now available. It's free everywhere but Amazon, at least until they price match it. It's a pretty sci-fi/action heavy collection, though there's other genres as well.

Have a look!

Here's synopses for a few of the stories included:
Hypotenuse: A detective and a witness become acquainted as he investigates the death of one of their neighbors.

Colossus: An arctic scientist explores the habitat of the Colossal Squid, and finds a secret even larger than the cagey mollusk.

Support: An Explosive Ordinance Disposal officer connects with his family as he wrestles with an especially difficult day in Iraq.

Turing's Test: A computer with a personality disorder mulls its own idiosyncratic existence with its human roommate.

Hang Around: A cowboy, a Buddhist monk, and others relive the results of one choice.

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Jim (jimmaclachlan) | 2227 comments Not exactly SF&F, but Centipede Press does very fine, limited editions of fantasy & horror books. There is a scratch & dent page that has some awesome deals. What Jerrod considers damaged often doesn't to me. Here's the page:

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