The Raw Cure: Healing Beyond Medicine: How Self-Empowerment, a Raw Vegan Diet, and Change of Lifestyle Can Free Us from Sickness and Disease. The Raw Cure question

topic about raw foods after reading raw cure
Michelle Lavigne Michelle Mar 10, 2013 05:26AM
I am really interested in hearing views from people regarding this book and its beliefs. I agree with most of it but then I don't know how to address the fact that we are living longer. That there are people that don't follow a vegetarian our vegan diet, and live long healthy lives.
I am a vegetarian. But if a meat based diet that had toxins riddled throughout, was T HAT bad, then wouldn't every person that lived that way end up with cancer?

Hi Michelle-
I just bought this book and haven't read it yet, BUT I have read multiple books like it. I can understand your thought process, but I think survival rates somewhat depend on genetics as well. I think there is A LOT we can do to increase our lifespan and nutrition is high up on that list. I feel our longer life spans is in part to better medical care, etc. But, I believe that the overwhelming increase in adult and childhood cancers, diabetes, hypertension, skin and behavior issues, etc. is in part due to toxins in our food and environment.

Michelle, I think that even though we live longer (thanks to medical approaches, surgeries, etc), the quality of life of the aging population is horrible. They are fat, have diabetes, heart disease, can't move or exercise, etc. What is the meaning to live long if you cannot feel great? The chemotherapy may (or often may not) prolong life, but what kind of life is it being all sick from chemo and dying slowly? I am vegan myself, and I just became raw, because I believe that it really will add some quality years into our lives. And you are right, there are some thriving old people who eat meat, but if you look at the percentage of them, the number is very low. If I look around and observe "regular" people 65+ years old, they don't look and feel very good.

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