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Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments What kind of RP do you want to do?

Barely Breathing Banana Dunno, any really

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Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments Um...supernatural?

Barely Breathing Banana awesome, like super powers and such? cool, so should we make one character each or two?

message 5: by Amber (new)

Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments Yeah like you can be any kind of supernatural being and just make up whatever powers you want....We can start off with one character a piece and then if we need to during the RP then we can alway add another one..That sound alright?

Barely Breathing Banana yeah that sounds great...can we continuethis tomorrow though? sorry but my laptops low on charge and its gonna shut down any minute (my sisters using the charger)

message 7: by Amber (new)

Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments Yeah that's fine, it's getting late for me anyway...

Barely Breathing Banana back...when do you wanna start?

message 9: by Amber (new)

Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments We can start in a bit just give me 15 min?

You can go ahead and make your character...

Barely Breathing Banana K then gimme a minute...also do you care which gender i pick?

message 11: by Amber (new)

Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments no I don't mind

message 12: by Barely Breathing Banana (last edited Mar 10, 2013 08:51PM) (new)

Barely Breathing Banana k

Name: Jennifer (Jenna) Richardson.

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: [image error]

Personality: very sarcastic with an odd sense of humour. Hate's being the center of attention yet she is a very social person. Extremley loyal to her friends, and is often taken for granted.

Ability: She's got wings.


Barely Breathing Banana fail i forgot power...gimme a min

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Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments ok, the pic didn't show up

message 15: by Amber (new)

Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments Name: Damien
Gender: Male
Powers: Increased speed, stength and senses, senses emotions, mind speak.
Personality: sarcastic, has connections but not a lot of true friends, protective of the people he cares about, has an attitude at times, looses control and says things when he shouldn't

Barely Breathing Banana yeah, i know, fixed it (i think...)

Nice char! ok so you start? =P

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Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments yeah it's fixed and thanks :)

Damien left his apartment, walking down the street to the nearest coffee shop.

Barely Breathing Banana Jenna stifled a yawn as she took the order of a young couple at the local coffee shop she worked at. Just two more hours and I'm out of here, she thought, craving her nightly flight now more than anything.

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Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments Damien reacher the coffee shop, going in, he walked up to the counter and smiled at the girl standing there.

Barely Breathing Banana Jenna smiled back at the guy who just walked in. "Can I help you?"

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Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments "Um, yeah." He looked up at the menu. "Can I just have regular coffee, please?"

Barely Breathing Banana She nodded and brewed a fresh pot. While waiting for it, she looked towards the boy. "Sooo, you new here? I haven't seen you around the coffee shop before."

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Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments Damien nodded "Just moved actually. How about you? How long have you been here?"

Barely Breathing Banana "Since I can remember." She replied, pouring the coffee into a cup. "That'll be $1.75 please." She said, tapping the numbers into the register.

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Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments He gave her the money, "So do you like it around here?"

Barely Breathing Banana "I guess so. It's home." She added, handing him the receipt. "Enjoy your day." She chirped.

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Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments He took the receipt "Thanks" and went to go sit down at a table in the shop.

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Barely Breathing Banana Jenna felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Alexis, a fellow employee and her best friend, watching Damien "cute!" She whispered far too loudly, elbowing Jenna in the gut several times. "dibs," she declared, still eyeing him. Jenna rolled her eyes.

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Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments Damien smiled to himself as he heard the other girl talking to the girl at the counter. He glanced over at them and saw the brunette roll her eyes and that made him smile grow bigger. He looked away so she wouldn't know he had overheard them.

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Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments ((I got to go, sry))

Barely Breathing Banana ((k its fine...cya!))

Jenna elbowed Alexis, signalling for her to shut up. "But you just got back together with Nathan."
"That's not fair, you only want him for yourself." Alexis pouted. Jenna felt a blush creep over her cheeks, and glared at Alexis.

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Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments Damien struggled to keep from cracking a smiled at that comment. He liked this Alexis girl, she was making the girl at the counter, Jenna, uncomfortable and he found it humoring that they were talking about him.

Barely Breathing Banana ((sorry, i was busy the whole day))

"Anyway, it's almost closing time," Jenna announced to the few remaining customers at the store, hoping to take Alexis' mind off their topic, though the glint in her eyes told Jenna that this conversation was not over.

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Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments ((It's fine))

Damien stood when Jenna announced that they were about to close. He was finishing of his coffee and smiled at her.

Barely Breathing Banana Jenna smiled back at Damien, and turned to see Alexis behind her mouthing the words 'Call me' while winking. Jenna laughed softly and turned to see Damiens reaction.

message 36: by Amber (new)

Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments Damien laughed lightly and smirked. He walked up to the counter, he couldn't help himself..he wanted to see Jenna's reaction. He looked at Alexis and even though he already knew he asked, "What's your name?"

Barely Breathing Banana Jenna blushed down to her toes when she saw Damien approach and cursed Alexis unde her breath. Meanwhile, her best friend beamed from ear to ear while she scribbled in her illegible handwriting her cell number.

"This is my taken friend, Alexis" Jenna responded for her.

"And this is my kill-joy friend, Jenna" Alexis added, winking. "and you are?"

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Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments Damien smiled when Jenna blushed and laughed at little when she pointed out that Alexis was taken. "Nice to talk to you again Jenna and nice to meet Alexis..My name is Damien."

Barely Breathing Banana "Hello Damien," Alexis practically purred. "Ya wanna catch a movie later on or something?"

"Actually - " Jenna began, but the look Alexis gave her shut her up.

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Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments Damien smiled at them "I actually don't think think I should go out with the girl that's taken. I wouldn't want to get in trouble with your boyfriend."

Barely Breathing Banana Alexis laughed "You kidding? He can join us. It'll be great, like a double date," she winked.

Jenna knew what she was doing, but didn't approve. She had always been on the quiet side, so Alexis tried to bring her out of that by giving her no choice but to go on blind dates that she couldn't really say not to, not that she minded in this case, she just didn't approve.

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Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments Damien glanced at Jenna and then looked back at Alexis. "I'm in...if Jenna doesn't mind."

Barely Breathing Banana "Yeah, it's cool." She said, smiling.

Alexis grinned and pulled out her phone. "Just let me make sure Nathan is free." She said, scrolling through her contacts.

((you wanna play Alexis and I play nathan so that we each have 1 guy+1 girl?))

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Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments Damien nodded and waited for her. He turned to Jenna "Is she always so....outgoing? "

Barely Breathing Banana "Yeah, pretty much. She can be worse though." Jenna said, wincing at a memory.

((gotta go sorry...cya!))

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Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments Damien watched her wince "I can see that."

message 47: by Amber (new)

Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments ((It's okay))

Barely Breathing Banana ((now what? how do we introduce their powers?))

message 49: by Amber (new)

Amber (AmberPatchAttackslol) | 126 comments ((I'll let Damien speak into he mind and she can figure it out from there))

Damien looked right into Jenna's eyes 'She is watching out for you. She's a good friend.'

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Barely Breathing Banana Jenna heard a voice in her head talking to her, and took a half step back, startled. Her Fae side screamed at her to run, that there were other supernaturas here. It was only by the will of her human side could she recompose herself and calmly turn to Alexis.

"We better close up in here, you check the back door." She said, wanting Alexis out of there so she could talk to Damien alone.

"Jeez if ya wanna be alone with Damien, all you gotta do is ask." SHe said, winking. She left the room into the back office and Jenna turned to Damien, not bothering to hide the Fae in her any longer.

"Who are you and what do you really want?" She hissed, her eyes turning a dark black colour, her wings threatening to uncurl.

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