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Daniel Cassidy
cpa hong kong reviews, haney group project
15 Ways To Invite An IRS Audit
There’s no reason to pay more tax than is legally required, but there’s also no reason to make yourself a target for an Internal Revenue Service audit or to get your return flagged by the IRS’ computers, which match billions of documents each year. So consider what situations might make you more likely to invite government scrutiny at tax time.
Be super wealthy.
This may seem like a “duh” moment. But the IRS finally is increasing the percentage of really rich people it audits, on the reasonable theory there’s a lot more potential to uncover big dollars owed. It even has special “wealth squads” looking at all their holdings.
Hide offshore accounts.
It’s not illegal for U.S. taxpayers to have accounts in Switzerland or Hong Kong or some Caribbean island. It’s only illegal not to declare them or their income. Ask the ex-clients (some now convicts) of Swiss banking giant UBS.
Be a tax protestor.
Let’s be blunt. The IRS simply does not like it when you claim you owe no taxes because the income tax is illegal or only applies to weird income categories that don’t apply to you. Such wacky theories landed actor Wesley Snipes in jail.
Claim huge charitable contributions.
Rules require complete before-you-file documentation of your gifts to nonprofits. The IRS’ use of correspondence audits, in which it demands you mail in the documents backing various deductions, makes claims of substantial contributions a tempting target.
cpa hong kong reviews, haney group project

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Daniel Cassidy Can you give us some tips on how you did to make your blog so popular like this? thanks a lot

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