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The Hunters have issued wanted posters for bothersome Fugitives, Mutants and any traitors to them. If you see the people below, be sure to hand them in at the Hunter's HQ and recieve your reward.
All Hunters, if you see these people, you job is to bring them in.

((note, please don't comment just yet))

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'The Girl'

Wanted for crimes against the Government and for spreading around the abilities of 'Fugitves' and 'Mutants'. Has used her powers against Hunters.

Reward - $13'000 AUS
Has powers that controll what what you do by speaking to you. No one can resist.
Risk level - High

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Robin Tallyn

Wanted for being caught betraying the Government for The Girl and other Fugitives. Is rumoured to be close to her. Is also rumoured to release a Fugitive from prison.

Reward - $9'000 AUS
Is trained in the Government ways.
Risk level - High
This poster has not been clarified by the head of the Government Hunters or any high ranking Hunter.

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Aala (previously Naomi Morgan)

Wanted for being close to The Girl. Also wanted for raiding a smaller Government prison, freeing a prisoner, and stealing important documents, suspected of giving them to Robin Tallyn and The Girl. Can be used to get to The Girl, Sonnet, and Robin Tallyn.

Reward - $10'000 AUS
Is able to manipulate emotions to force people to do what she wants. Can also heal mental and physical wounds.
Risk Level - High

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Wanted for being the little sister of The Girl. Can be used to get The Girl, Robin Tallyn and Aala.

Reward - $8'000 AUS
Is able to create and manipulate natural disasters
Risk level - medium

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Wanted for destroying a Research And Development outpost and the murder of several veteran Government Hunters.

Reward - $10 000 AUS
Is able to move faster than the brain can comprehend, super strength, super sight and fast regeneration.
Risk level - high

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