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Does Iron Man even make sense?

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C.C. With all of Tony Stark's technological know-how, does it make any sense at this point that he would actually go out in the suit, instead of controlling it remotely? I know that there's always the chance of a breakdown in communications, but there's also a chance of the suit breaking down with him in it, which is a much more dangerous risk. Moreover, if Tony Stark were to operate the suit remotely, Iron Man could go international, like Batman Inc. Stark wouldn't even have to be Iron Man himself. He could turn responsibility over to someone else and oversee projects requiring his resources. And as I write this, I realize that some other Avengers might be better off controlling remote versions of themselves, like Captain America for one. Maybe they've addressed this in the comics. I know I haven't read any Iron Man in a couple years. But still, it's something to think about.

Adam Graham Tony Stark has remote controlled suits and he used them in the 1990s when he was bed-ridden. I'm guessing fans didn't care for it too much. The problem with making remote controls a crutch is that once the underworld gets wind of the remote control aspect as a consistent thing, there are probably about a dozen villains in Marveldom who could cause havoc with the system easily.

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Brett Tony's a bit of a thrill seeker as well and would get driven crazy if he wasn't in the midst of the action.

Deeptanshu Plus most comics don't make much sense if you look at them too closely. I try to just enjoy the ride.
Because if you do look closely at the kind of technology that Iron man and the Fantastic Four command and yet the ordinary people seem to have access to none of it and are still driving around in fossil fuel powered cars.

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Jin The idea of Tony Stark as a character can easily be explained why he isn't a couch potato, he is simply a hero. A hero is personalized when it comes to being a hero. He may be a cyberpath, a high tech wonder and a weapons master. But he is also an adventurer and a brawler.

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