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The Crystal Mask (The Echorium Sequence, #2)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > Girl that Kicks like a horse [s]

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Cory Rodriguez | 9 comments Okay. I don't remember much of the book. It was about 4, 5 years ago when I read it. But I remember that it was fiction, set in a different world entirely, Young adult. This evil couple were kidnapping children, and they kidnapped a boy and a girl, who escape. The girl was raised by horses and kicks like one too. Each kick has a specific name, and a style to it.

The couple are always wearing masks. And I believe on the cover there is even a picture of the woman wearing the mask, and it's a black one, and she has blue/green eyes.

One of the scenes that stands out in my memory is when they're fighting against the woman, trying to escape, and the girl kicks the woman in the belly, and the boy says something like,"Good thinking, she'll be too worried about her baby" and the girl saying (either exact or pretty close) ,"She is with foal?!"

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Cory Rodriguez | 9 comments Close, but no; my book is set in a different world, and she grew up with a pack of wild horses. And there's a boy, not another woman. They don't meet the horses until they've escaped from their kidnappers.

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Lou Rocama | 435 comments Sounds like Crystal Mask The Crystal Mask (The Echorium Sequence, #2) by Katherine Roberts

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Cory Rodriguez | 9 comments You are a miracle worker. Thank you!

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Lou Rocama | 435 comments cheers

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