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Zosister This is a lake in the woods, werewolves come here to swim and have a good time in general. Most werewolves don't know about this place, until they find it.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 400 comments Mod
mary-margret walked to the lake she had been on the move for weeks to get away from the nights death she looked up from her feet and saw a beautiful lake, she took a drink from the lake and moved to a tree, climbed it and fell asleep.

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Zosister Erica wondered through the woods in her wolf form when she came to the lake.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 400 comments Mod
Mary-Margaret woke up when she heard some near the lake and her tree she sat very still the nights death was always able to find her but not see her.

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Zosister Erica sniffed the air, smelling another new scent. A scent she knew too well. Rogue. She looked around trying to find where the scent was coming from.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 400 comments Mod
Mary-Margaret heard the person/wolf below her sniffing the air she was found, if she had any luck left the tree would hide her location until they gave up or fell asleep.

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Zosister ((she is a wolf at the moment, and wolves can't climb trees))

Erica tried to forget about the scent and lay down at the edge of the lake. Her mind wondered to her brother and Renee, if that was her real name. She knew most of the girls in her pack but didn't know her, which was strange.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 400 comments Mod
((i know that))

Mary-Margaret looked down and saw a wolf it was not the nights death she shifted her weight wrong and her foot slipped the branch she was on shook under her weight.

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Zosister A rustle of leaves,and pricked her ears up. She sat up and turned and looked into the trees. She saw a girl up in the branches. Her fur bristled, so that is who she smelled.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 400 comments Mod
when the wolf looked at her, her heart stopped she looked around for another tree and started to hop between trees as fast as she could.

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Zosister "Damn it!" she muttered, as the girl jumped from tree to tree, going away from her. She decided to shift and go looking for her, which she did. She got dressed and sniffed the air for the scent. Then ran after her on the ground.

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Mary-Margaret had reached the end of the road she quickly climbed down the tree to run on foot she winded between trees hoping that the wolf would not get her until something hit her in the back.

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Zosister ((what hit her in the back?...me?))

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((why not sure))

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Zosister Erica had kept up with her the whole time, now she was a human. Erica saw her winding through the trees on foot and laughed. She just ran straight ahead, keeping an eye on her. Then finally she caught up and pounced onto her back, and they both landed with a thud on the ground. "Finally." she breathed, "Your quick. Don't run away when i get off you, i just wanted to talk. I am not going to hurt you in anyway." she said and she slowly rolled off her.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 400 comments Mod
"who the heck are you, and i can't stay night will be soon and the night's death is after me." Mary-Margaret rolled over and sat up against the tree behind her.

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Zosister "Well who the hell are you to speak to an Alpha female like that? Who the hell is night's death? and who the hell are you?" asked Erica confused and angry, but tried to stay polite. She sat up straight, ready at any moment to get her, if she runs again.

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"I am Mary-Margaret of the guérisseur pack of a beta's family. it's the night's death he killed my pack and is still after me and how the hell am i suppose to know i lost my pack when i was 8 not exactly long enough to know a alpha when i see one." she stood up and looked at the tree behind her, she was a quick climber and hopper between trees.

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Zosister "Don't leave, i didn't mean to scare you." she stood up and took a step closer. "I won't hurt you, i want to help you. i am Erica of the Soul Wood pack, the next alpha female." she saw her look at the tree, "Please i just want to help." truth ringing through her words.

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 400 comments Mod
"You didn't i just sleep in trees the night's death can't get me there. my pack taught all of the youngsters to climb trees after the night's death marked our pack." she started to climb the tree she bent down on the first branch and held out her hand for Erica.

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Zosister She took her hand and climbed up, not really believing her. "Ok" she said unsure sitting in the tree, swinging her legs.

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"My pack were peaceful people, I don't know why the night's death marked us." She said as she climbed further into the tree, she would always sleep in a tree the night's death could not get her up there.

((You like to make it hard to respond don't you))

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Zosister "I know a better place, than in a tree." Erica said smiling at her, "There is a academy for werewolves, just outside the forest." She looked up her and smiled, "What we go to my dorm and talk, about this 'Night's Death' there?"

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"For the 50 millionth time it's the nights death the. And sure why not, am I allowed to use a bed it's been so long since I've sleep in one." Mary-Margaret climbed down the tree and waited for Erica who was still climbing down.

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Zosister When Erica got down to the ground, she laughed at what she said, "Of course, you can sleep in a bed. I have bunk beds in my room." She grabbed her hand, "Come on."

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Pandabaking (pbear16) | 400 comments Mod
"Ok" She said as Erica pulled on her arm they walked all the way to the dorm.

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Zosister ((You post first at Dorm A))

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yael Ailani walked through the natural avenue of trees in a purposeful stride. There was no need to bow her head or slouch her shoulders in shame; for she was destined to be the Alpha in her pack. But sadly that opportunity flew away from her grasp in only such a short time. Even though she did not have a pack, she felt strong enough to take care of herself on her own. The mass of trees was her Ailani's favorite - they were dark, moist and shady. For an unknown reason, she seemed to stumble upon a new find, a lake, thatw as not far off from the woods. The air is warmer, and the dark void glistened under large insects hovering above. A 'plopping' sound breaks open the surface, causing ripples to widen as the fish jumped, then disappeared back into the body of water.

Lani's eyes shifted, wavering whether she should approach or not. There was no trace of breath around her, so it seemed inviolable. Removing her red Converse, Ailani walked towards the bank of the lake, snaking her toes in the cool pebbles before sitting down with her feet dangling the water. Ailani's attention succumbed into her thoughts, her glasz eyes observing the depths. It seems as if she was not paying attention to her surroundings, albeit Ailani was always analyzing. It was how she was raised. She immediately missed the dark haven of the woods, for it was possessed more moisture than the bank of the lake. Without any hesitation, Ailani dunked herself into the lake, her frame barely making any noise. If any one was around, she wanted to avoid less attention as possible. Vulcanite colored locks flowed in the current, as she sank lower into the refreshing water. A loud noise came from the other end, as if someone tripped into something. Startled, Lani plunged into the water, her oxygen sustaining the condition of her lungs.

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yael (( I was going to add a nother paragraph in between....but I got lazy :P ))

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((Well thank you for sharing xD))

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yael (( It was a pleasure *bows* ))

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Caiden appears silently out of the dense covering of the trees. He flicks his thick furry ears back towards the sound of his sister coming up next to him. She licks his muzzle once in affection before raising her head, nostrils flaring she pricks her eyes her tail lazily hanging down whilst her body gives off a feeling of utmost contemplation. Caiden watches the lake for a moment curious in it's surroundings before lowering his nose to the ground and moves away from his sister heading around the perimeter in an efficient but relaxed manner. He neither minded nor looked back to see if Marik would follow him for he wasn't going far.
Marik curls her lip back slightly in annoyance before following behind him in a slower more attentive pace. She stopped by a tree and her nostrils flare slightly before raising her head to trot up next to her brother who had in turned, stopped watching the lake with inquisitive eyes.

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yael (( Dang, your writing style is wonderful <3 ))

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) ((I'll bring Eric here later, I have to get off for a while. Bye lovelies!))

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Angel♥ Now I Feel The Effects Of October Again~ wrote: "((I'll bring Eric here later, I have to get off for a while. Bye lovelies!))"

((Byee byee!))

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ʜʏᴘɴᴀɢᴏɢɪᴄ ʜᴀʟʟᴜᴄɪɴᴀᴛɪᴏɴ (Karkat Vantas) wrote: "(( Dang, your writing style is wonderful <3 ))"

((Aweee thanks but your is exquisite!))

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yael (( #i don't know what to do so I'm assuming I shold just keep going... ))

Ailani felt the oxygen emanate from her system. With a powerful kick, her body jerked towards the surface, shattering the calm currents of the pool. Rubbing her eyes, Ailani blinked them twice efore glancing at the small population that had grown in such a short period of time. Her cheeks that once flamed crimson, began to fade into its natural olive pigmentation. Although, the surface was calm, her heat practically skipped a beat. She sworn there would not be any soul miles from the lake she found. As if nothing happened at all, Lani stepped out from the lake cautiously, averting her gaze from the wolves.

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Watching Caiden and Marik both still, neither moving except a miniscule amount to simply cock their heads to the side. The amount of resemblance in the small movement would be shocking to anyone had they not in fact been brother and sister. Caiden raises his head slightly, not enough to portray a threat seeing as how they weren't trying to and licks his lips curious as to how she would act. Marik moves up a step, coming shoulder to shoulder with her brother before wagging her tail slightly. Wariness flashes through her eyes whilst not actually tensing her posture. Controlled but curious she takes a step forwards her face lightening to show the tints in her coat as the sun dances across half her face. Caiden barks a low warning before quieting and sits promptly deciding to just let the events play out.

♠▐ Cᴏʟᴅ Aɪʀ (somethingtoruminate) | 242 comments Cara twirled around ecstasy. How wonderful! A pack of my own, such a wonderful leader! A melodic sound erupted from her vocal chords, matching the robins which inhabited the elderly trees that dotted the crystalline water. Cara let her auburn locks cascade down her shoulders, framing her face and complimenting the emerald oculars which watched the world with wonders. Cara realized her bare pale feet were meeting the sharp water.

A cheerful laugh escaped her reddish lips, the corners of her eyes crinkledand and dimples erupting in a joyful smile. Cara waded farther into the cold water, enjoying the jolting sensation of burning ice water. She started spinning around again, her red curls blurring together like flames, licking her figure in a hungry fashion.

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yael A snort of disinterest escaped from her knows and studied them more boldly. The two stranger imposed no threat, therefore there was no need for sudden attacks. Ailani picked up her shoes from the edge of the river and slipped them on. She was familiar with the process. When members of a pack comes across the path of a rogue there motives were either to attack, escape, or make it a member. Currently, a strange feeling in her gut told her it might not be time yet. fists embedded there way ino her sides, a thin eyebrow raised with a minimal agitation. "I'm not going to attack you two or anything, so there isn't any reason to hide like that," she stated firmly.

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Caiden growls in annoyance before flattening his ears slightly. He walks forward, his complete pelt shining softly by the warmth of the sun and sits cocking his head once again in curiosity. Caiden then digs his claws lightly into the soft dirt surrounding the lake before stretching in an almost lazy fashion, he abruptly straightened before trotting over to the edge-and hoping up with the grace and agile of a well developed hunter- perched on a large boulder overlooking the lake. Marik stays where she was for a split second before trotting closer. Amusement flashes through her amber eyes filled with an intense look of mischief. She speeds up slightly until reaching the edge of the lake before wading in the cool water making the hair on the back of her neck stand up. Caiden barks sharply before growling a warning the sound growing deep in his throat before Marik looks over at him effectively cutting him off.

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yael (( I must say, I can imagine that xD Okay, give me a second ))

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((Haha the brother sister relationship?))

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yael (( Yeah o u o
Those are always so humorous ))

A tint of orange quickly dancing across her ocular hue, leaving as fast as it arrived. Her eyes narrowed at the male, but brushed him off with equal tolerance. I need to avoid him she thought noticing how he triggered an issue she had since attending the Academy - her shifting. Whatever triggered her angered emotions caused the feminine build to alter in a half state between the creautre she really was, and a human.

"It's as if her body is preventing her to."

"Her mind is telling her to follow instinct as well as taking a caution. As if blocking something."

Those were explanantions she has heard from her mentors in the Academy countless of times.

A nimble finger the the bottom of her plump lip, pondering over the two wolves. The multicoloration of her eyes deepened with calculations. What rank could the two possibly be? Has she ever seen them before? This first question remained blank in her thoughts as well as the second. There were endless possibilities what rank the two could possibly be, and she never seen much interaction to draw an educational conclusion. Shaking her head as if dismissing it, her mind still puzzled over the two. Walking over to a shaded area, she lied on her back, hands behind her head, and eyes escaping to the sky.

(( Okay this paragraph sucked. I feel so out of it xD ))

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((Wait...humorous is a good thing right? Lol O.O))

Caiden flicked his ears in indignation to Marik before flattening them. He tensed before suddenly standing. In a blur of almost seamless motion he pounced on Marik pulling back his lip at her, his eyes flash both out of amusement and that of which one has when they share a close bond. Whilst not definable his posture became obvious in his intent as he growls before clamping down easily on Mariks' neck.

Rolling over easily, she collapses onto the soft dirt of which she was still standing creating a slick and messy mud as the water intermixes with the soft earth. Growling back she nips his shoulder eyes turning hard and defiant before kicking his stomach, her consequence? A sharp bite to the neck, she ignores the razor sharp canines digging into her windpipe and instead focuses her energy into digging her claws into his stomach. He gives slightly, causing her to push up and roll him off her before shaking. Splatters of mud contacted with both the surrounding area as well as Caiden.

((haha no problem. Sorry for the late response! Had to help with dinner))

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Zosister ((Damn.. Whoops. Sorry Sydney))

Chet came running in his wolf, panting. He stopped when he saw the others.

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((Tis ok my friend! We shall incorporate you into our wonderful division of different situations!))

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yael (( @Sydney: Yep :33 ))

Muttering a swear under her breath, Ailani sat up. Her nose wrinkled with disgust at the moist feeling of the mud, though it unwrinkled as she glanced down at herself. Ever so slightly, the corner of her mouth upturned into a tiny smile - though one barely noticeable. It was as if a being like herself forgot how to do something so natural, so simple. It was a small thing she lacked that provided soemthing special to every individual. That was the repercussion of what happened what seemed like yesterday, albeit a long period ago. Standing up, Lani wipes off the mixture from the areas is made contact with. Her clothes were messy anyway, so it was the least of her problems.
The feminine glanced at the two wolves, her face passive and unreadable. "Are you two always like this?"

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Marik lowers to the ground pouncing on him thus leaving him with the option to either collapse or make a run for it. Giving into the ladder he rolls and nips her leg before bolting up and running, his claws digging into the dirt, he lets his muscles tighten before scaling the boulder next to Ailani and stopping on the other side. Spotting Chet, Caiden slows before watching him his tongue rolling out the side of his mouth and his body humming with energy that couldn't help but be infectious. Marik follows closely behind before hearing Ailani. She skids to a stop whilst almost slipping the the process and raises her head a fraction of an inch, thus, leveling her gaze with the girl she neither knew nor minded not knowing. Marik wags her tail slightly as if in confirmation before turning her attention back to where she could now smell Chet. Her nostrils flare, before she bounds the boulder and stops next to him.

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yael Ailani nodded retreating away from the growing population. The mass of the dark leaves absorbed her body, disintegrating into the darkness and away from the lake. Today is not my day, she thought bitterly, bracing herself for whatever she might come across in her path. She released a silent grunt of displeasure her legs driven by their own purpose. Where ever she ended up next, is where she might reside temporarily for as long as possible. Her time at the lake was a short one, but if she learned anything at all during the times alone, it was to stay clear and follow her gut.

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