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Revival House
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Read-a-long Revival House

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Kate Jonez (katejonez) | 37 comments Mod
Join us as we read Revival House by S.S. Michaels. Make sure to leave a comment to let us know you've got your copy.

Mark Kirkbride | 13 comments Yep, I've got my copy and I'll be starting it soon.

Kate Jonez (katejonez) | 37 comments Mod
I'm excited to get started. And I've already read it. :)

Mark Kirkbride | 13 comments Starting it now. :)

Shannon (shannongiglio) I've got a couple of copies. ;-)

Mark Kirkbride | 13 comments Wow, what an opening! Really does the job of making you want to find out how things got to that state.

Kate Jonez (katejonez) | 37 comments Mod
Yes, Shannon really knows how to grab readers. :-)

Shannon (shannongiglio) Thank you, Mark. :-) And Kate! :-D

Mark Kirkbride | 13 comments You're very welcome, Shannon. I've got a bit further and the characters seem really well drawn and I like how we get a glimpse of each of them through the other’s eyes. Also love the black humour and one-liners (favourite so far, Caleb's professionally motivated 'networking').

Please excuse my Brit spellings, Kate. :)

Jennifer (rawdogjen) | 1 comments Mark, I think the characters might be the best thing about this book. They're really unique.

message 11: by Mark (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mark Kirkbride | 13 comments Absolutely, Jennifer. I also admire the way Shannon found many, and varied, ways to convey Caleb's (barely) suppressed rage, from reciting chemical elements to italics for imagined sequences. It must have been tricky to pull off that rising note of tension and keep it constantly surprising.

message 12: by S.P. (new) - rated it 4 stars

S.P. | 3 comments Shannon, I'd like to jump back a bit and ask you a question about structure, because Revival House has one of the most arresting and compelling opening scenes I've read in a while. It's impossible to put the story aside after that.

Writers are always trying to find ways to pull readers into a story. Most would give their right pinky for a scene like the one you begin with. Was it the first thing you wrote when you started the book, or did it develop later? What was the first thing you thought of, when you imagined Revival House, and at what point did you know exactly what the first scene would be?

Shannon (shannongiglio) Thanks, S.P. The opening scene was the first thing I wrote, yes. I had just read an article about self-trepanation and wanted to do something with that. I thought I'd write a short story, but it turned into something more.

message 14: by Mark (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mark Kirkbride | 13 comments I don’t want to give the ending away for anyone who’s not read it yet but I found the explanation for Caleb’s rage unexpectedly moving.

Brent Kelley | 20 comments So I've got this admittedly awful impression of True Blood's former Vampire King Russell Edgington... I discovered that when I read Revival House out loud in my (terrible and probably offensive) Southern, it feels so RIGHT!

message 16: by Johnny (new)

Johnny Worthen | 2 comments What's all this then?

message 17: by Kate (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kate Jonez (katejonez) | 37 comments Mod
This is the place to ask the author S.S. (Shannon) Michaels questions about Revival House. Or to discuss the book with other readers.

Brent Kelley | 20 comments Boom. Just finished it. Well, yesterday I finished it. Boom. The ending! I thought the ending was the most twistedest part of the story. I loved it!

Shannon (shannongiglio) Why, thank you kindly, Brent. :-)

Shannon (shannongiglio) And, thank you, Mark. :-) I believe that's the first time anyone's used the word "moving" when describing my writing.

message 21: by Mark (last edited May 17, 2013 03:11AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mark Kirkbride | 13 comments You're very welcome. :)

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