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Rose walked in with Bryce.

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Rose sat down in the chair. "Thank you." She said with pink cheeks to Bryce.

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Rose smiled back. "Yep, I'm hungry too." She looked over the menu.

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Rose nodded. "Yep."

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"Can I please have the sweet chicken soup with a rasberry fanta." Rose smiled at Bryce.

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Knockout a girl dressed in pure black ninja suit and pure white hair walked silently in with her pure white fox close behind her she sat down at one of the tables

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Rose glanced at the girl, and tilted her head slightly. Who was she?

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Rose smiled at Bryce. Do you know who the girl is over there? She sent to him.

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Yeah. Do you want me to try to find out? Rose took a sip of her drink.

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Who she is. Fallen angels can see who people are, we can get into heads and browse. She took another sip.

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Rose nodded and closed her eyes, looking into her mind.

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Knockout the girls thought were of her old home up in the mountains and her master and of her parents death

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Rose opened her eyes. Orphan, use to live in mountains, had a master.

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She seems like she won't kill us... you... if we go to her. You couldn't kill a fallen angel.

message 15: by Knockout (new)

Knockout the girls fox nussles her and she pets the fox and she smiles which can't be seen through her mask

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Rose turned around in her seat then walked after Bryce.

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Knockout "uh, no" she says her voice very quiet

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Hello, I'm Rose, she sent to the girl. What's your name?

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Knockout 'my name?' she thinks 'im Shadow and my fox snow' she reaches over and strokes Snow

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"Hello, Shadow." Rose said in her soft voice.

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Knockout "hi" she mutters

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"Snow is a beautiful fox." Rose said again, her voice soft.

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Knockout Shadow nodded and stroked snow "i found her traped" her thoughts wonderd to when she found snow "and yes i go here to" her voice very quiet
((im really sorry but i have to go so sorry :( ))

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((naw, bye!))

"Snow must have had a hard time." Rose said.

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Rose nodded, walking with him.

((where in the academy?))

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Knockout Shadow stood and quick left tears in her eyes of all the memorys flooding back to her

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Savannah walked in with Gwyn. She put her hands into her jean pockets and glanced around the room.

Chelsey (A.K.A. Sely/Sley and Chesney)) (delihliana) ((im gonna temp rp a waiter, kay?))

A waiter spoats two girls who just walked in so he walks over."Table for two, ladies?" he says witha dazzling smile

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Savannah nodded, flashing him a smile.

Chelsey (A.K.A. Sely/Sley and Chesney)) (delihliana) "Right this way, ladies." He says winkin at Savannah, then leading them to a table.
"I'm Sebastian, and I'll be your waiter, what would you like to drink?" he asks

Chelsey (A.K.A. Sely/Sley and Chesney)) (delihliana) "Dr. Pepper." Gwyn replies looking at the menu

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Savannah blushed lightly, picking up a menu. "I water would be fine, thank you. "She looked over the menu carefully.

Chelsey (A.K.A. Sely/Sley and Chesney)) (delihliana) Gwyn holds back giggles until Sebastian has walked away. She stopps giggling long enought to ask "So, see anthing you like?" then burst into another fit of giggles

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"I think I'm liking Sebastian." She giggles too, fanning her face dramatically.

Chelsey (A.K.A. Sely/Sley and Chesney)) (delihliana) ((I think I'm gonna make a Sebastian charrie, just for you))

Gwyn manages to stop giggling long enough to choke out a "Thank you" for their drinks then smiles at Savannah mischeiviously

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((Haha, you don't have too.. But I wouldn't complain. (; ))

Savannah bit her lip, managing a nod. She took a small sip of her water, sneaking a glance at Sebastian, oblivious to Gwyns mischievous look.

Chelsey (A.K.A. Sely/Sley and Chesney)) (delihliana) when Sebastian is heading towards the table Gwyn throws a little burst of wind into him and he falls right on top of Savannah. Gwyn giggles.

"oh, I'm sorry!" Sebatian exclaims, picking himself up off of Savannah. Then he offers her a hand to help her up.

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Savannah gasps as Sebastian hits her. She lets out a small laugh, shrugging. "Don't worry about it." She graciously took his hand, sitting upright again. "Thank you. " She smiled, fixing her jacket. Turning sideways, she shot Gwyn a what-are-you-doing look.

Chelsey (A.K.A. Sely/Sley and Chesney)) (delihliana) Gwyn shoots her an 'innocent' look and shrugs.

Sebastian hold her hand a little longer than neccesary, smiling apologeticaly. "Well, I suppose I shouldmtake your orders, ladies." he says, but he is looking straight at Savannah

Chelsey (A.K.A. Sely/Sley and Chesney)) (delihliana) smiling Gwyn says "I'll take the lunch special, what about you Savannah?"

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Savannah meets his gaze, but quickly looks at her menu. She bits her lip again, attempting to get rid of the pink in her cheeks. "I think I'll have yo- uh, I mean the steak." She mentally head palmed. Nice going idiot. She smiled shyly at him, setting the menu down.

Chelsey (A.K.A. Sely/Sley and Chesney)) (delihliana) ((I am definintly making Sebastian!))

Sebastian doesn't notice her slip and takes down the orders "I'll get tgese right to you ladies." he says and walks off, constantly looking at Savannah and asking if she is good.

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Savannah sighed loudly as soon as he was out of the room. "Why'd you do that?" She turned and leaned towards Gwyn, trying to look mad. She let a small giggle slip. "I made such a fool of myself...."

Chelsey (A.K.A. Sely/Sley and Chesney)) (delihliana) (( what do you want him to look like, tall dark and muscled, surfer-boy.....?))

Chelsey (A.K.A. Sely/Sley and Chesney)) (delihliana) ((alrigh, im gonna go amke him then i gotta get in bed cause of school tomorrow, so bye in advance))

Chelsey (A.K.A. Sely/Sley and Chesney)) (delihliana) ((He's gonna be my twin!))

Chelsey (A.K.A. Sely/Sley and Chesney)) (delihliana) ((lol, we don't know we are twins at first becausem we were adopted to dif ppl when we were born.... We'll probly figure this out when I stop pushing u together and he stops staring at you long enough to look at me ;) ))

Chelsey (A.K.A. Sely/Sley and Chesney)) (delihliana) ((11:55 pm, whats your time?))

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