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♪♫Gloria♫♪ Hallie walks in, keeping her wounded wing tucked to her side. She inspects a lightly golden tank top, knowing it'll match her wings. She snatches up some blue jean shoes, and light pink pants.

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Hallie hesitates before picking up a dark black belt. She also takes a blue bracelet off the rack with matching earings.

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Lena walks in with rocky road ice cream and one of the store managers tell Lena she can not have food in there and Lena say "oh just blow it out you ass"

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Hallie rolls her eyes as she hears the ever-so-familiar voice of Lena. The reminder of her wound sends a little sting to it, and she flinches. She walks to the storefront. She sets down her outfit, she picks up a bottle of metallic nail polish and a metallic headband.

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Lena sees Hallie "How is your wing and im so mad at what i did so it is ok if you hate me" Lena sighs

♪♫Gloria♫♪ "I don't think i hate you completely," Hallie glares at her. "Now if you excuse me, I have to get back to work." She turns to Meldy. "Hello, welcome to Maurices, how may i help you?"

♪♫Gloria♫♪ ((*Melody, sorry!))

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"ok" Lena says and keeps eating her ice cream

♪♫Gloria♫♪ "By the way," Hallie says to Lena. "No eating in the store."

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"ugh" Lena says and quickly finishes her ice cream

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Hallie nods. "Okaaaaayyy then. If you guys don't need my help, I'm gonna try on this outfit." Hallie walks over to the dressing room.

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Lena tosses the cup away and walks around

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Hallie walks out of the dressing room, looking awesome in her oufit. "Yo

♪♫Gloria♫♪ ((stupid thing i wasnt done yet)) "You guys like it?"

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"Ya i like it" Lena says

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Hallie brushes off Nonexistent dust off her clothes and goes back behind the cash register.

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Hallie looked at Melody. "Sexy," She stepped out and picked out a shiny silver belt. "Try this on your waist."

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Hallie steps up to her and tilts it sideways. She steps back, clasping her hands. "Perfect."

♪♫Gloria♫♪ "You could buy it now, or every week pay off some of it." Hallie tells her.

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Hallie smiles. "Thanks. Make sure to iron that after you wear it!"

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Hallie shrugs. "I'll ask, but i think you need an application."

♪♫Gloria♫♪ Hallie hands her a slip of paper with the store number on it. "Call this number after you hand in a resume."

♪♫Gloria♫♪ ((Thanks. It took about 5 minutes thanks to Google Images and my Tumblr account.))

♪♫Gloria♫♪ ((Yeah. I have like 5 million outfits for Hallie on there))

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Lena pulls out a trench coat only a trench coat

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((oops wrong photo))

♪♫Gloria♫♪ ((That's not a coat.))
Hallie wrinkles her nose. "You sure you don't want this?"

♪♫Gloria♫♪ ((Wrong thread))

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"No that is not the coat i was thinking of." Lena says

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