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message 1: by [deleted user] (new) not really you?

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uh mostly fantasy. but I don't really mind.

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yeah:)that sounds fun.

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I don't really care:)

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okay:)could you make yours first?

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Full name: Juliet Marina Summers
Called: Jewely
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: she has long black hair and dark green eyes
Wolf appearance: dark brown fur coat
Personality: will be RPed

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give me a second to make another

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Full Name: John Mckandrews
Called: Johnny
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: he has shaggy brown hair and blue eyes
Wolf Appearance:
Personality: will be RP'ed

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yes, but were are they right now?

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Juliet walked around slowly it was her first day at the school and she was nervous.

John walked to his locker and opened it

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Juliet bumped into Cole while reading a card that told her were everything is,"sorry."

John was looking through his locker

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Juliet continued walking around a bit confused.

John went through his locker pulling out random things.

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Juliet finally found her locker.

John was looking for a book.

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John looked at Belle,"hey." he siad before looking in his locker again

Juliet opened the empty locker.

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John nodded to her and pulled out his books.

Juliet looked at the list.

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"fine,yours?" he asked Belle

Juliet walked around

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"nice." he smiled

Juliet walked towards the classroom.

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John smiled.

Juliet went into class as well

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(Its cool)

John smiled too.

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"sure." John smiled at Belle

Juliet sat down not really sure were she was supposed to be at.

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Juliet was a bit nervous but ignored it.

John walked in the classroom with Belle

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John smiled as they walked in.

Juliet looked at him,"uh i think i am alright right now...thanks though." she smiled

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John smiled back at Belle.

Juliet smiled slightly

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Juliet smiled back.

John sat down next to Belle

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Juliet smiled back at Cole.

John got his books out.

((sos, i did not get the note:))

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Juliet looked around slowly.

John smiled

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Juliet watched the teacher bored.

John looked at the teacher again.

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Juliet watched the teacher.

John sighed quietly

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Juliet listened to the teacher.

John smiled back

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Juliet glanced at Cole.

John looked back at the teacher.

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Juliet smiled back.

John watched the teacher

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