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message 1: by Court (new)

Court (courtyoung) | 3 comments Hi All... There are several book clubs in the golden triangle area that I have found on goodreads. Wouldn't it be nice to have all of those members in one group? Maybe we can start a real book club and start meeting. Vote on books to read for the month and go for it? What do you think?

message 2: by Court (new)

Court (courtyoung) | 3 comments .... and if no one wants to meet. Then lets start here!

message 3: by Sunshine (new)

Sunshine | 1 comments I would love to!

message 4: by Terrill (new)

Terrill L. Davis (terrilll) | 10 comments That would be a good thing to get all the groups to form a large group. That way having meetings would be reasonable.

message 5: by Sabrina (new)

Sabrina (grey_girl) Is this group still active? :)

message 6: by Terrill (new)

Terrill L. Davis (terrilll) | 10 comments Not 100% on that. It can be active. I just found out about it a few months ago and decided I would follow in case anyone decides to post here.

So about me: I have one book out (short story) titled Mile Marker, crime fiction/horror. I plan to have a print version this summer with 3 other shorts with it and doing a novel this fall.

So how about you? Writer or Reader?

message 7: by Sabrina (new)

Sabrina (grey_girl) Just a voracious reader :) Congrats on your book!

message 8: by Terrill (new)

Terrill L. Davis (terrilll) | 10 comments Thank you. Off hand, what do you like to read?

message 9: by Cody (new)

Cody | 2 comments Mod
Yay! More people. Thanks for joining.

I would love to start this online reading/discussion group.

Are there any books you've been wanting to read and discuss? Would you want this group to do that?

I read mostly everything except YA (for the most part) or Pop Fiction but I'd like to expand.

I especially want this group to promote SETX literature.

message 10: by Sabrina (new)

Sabrina (grey_girl) Terrill, I like to read lots of things - I'm pretty open to books as long as they're well-written. My favorite type of novels are probably dystopian fiction, though.

Hi Cody! I'm up for reading and discussing books in here :) I have a positively enormous list of books I'm wanting to read, but I'm sure I could narrow it down with some thought.

message 11: by Holly (new)

Holly Corley (hcorley) Sabrina wrote: "Is this group still active? :)"

hey! i was wondering the same thing! would love to get things started!

message 12: by Terrill (new)

Terrill L. Davis (terrilll) | 10 comments There seems to be members active on goodreads but we don't seem to post here. But I do watch to see what is being posted here. Hopefully others do as well.

message 13: by Holly (new)

Holly Corley (hcorley) I do! :)

message 14: by Olivia (new)

Olivia Hardin | 1 comments Hello everyone! I'm a Southeast Texas gal, but I live in East Texas near Tyler now. I have 9 books/stories independently published in the genres of Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Contemporary Romance and then one "urban legend" story rotating around the Sara Jane Road legend in Port Neches.

I'm looking forward to exploring books with you all and I can also make recommendations in different genres (not my own, though if anyone is interested in mine just let me know.)

Olivia Hardin

message 15: by Terrill (new)

Terrill L. Davis (terrilll) | 10 comments Hi Olivia. Looks like the group is growing and getting more interesting. Be sure to share your book marketing strategies. I'd love to share mine however, I don't have any brag about results. I only been at this about a year with just one short story under my belt. Looking forward to your post.

message 16: by L. (new)

L. Shosty Hello, everyone. I'm a SETX writer with a couple of books to my name. Most of my published fiction is science fiction, fantasy, and horror, and I have a mystery novella out in July. My reading tastes cover just about everything except erotica and YA. I'd love to get a discussion going. Let me know which book we're reading, and I'll be happy to offer my two cents.

message 17: by Terrill (new)

Terrill L. Davis (terrilll) | 10 comments Hello L. Currently I am reading Flash Bang by Kellen Burden. I like to support Indie authors since I am one but a lot of Indie authors don't honor their craft by putting in equal study a long with the writing they are doing. I understand their is a budget for their projects but editing is something that can't be cut.

Flash Bang has a decent story line so far but the improper dialogue tags can be a turn off. Reading the reviews on some Indie books can be misleading since most people don't want to be cruel. This book so far is 3 stars at best. It may even inch up to a 4. Anyone want to chime in on this book?

message 18: by Cody (new)

Cody | 2 comments Mod
This is great, knowing of other authors from the area. I'm happy to meet y'all and wish you best of luck with your works.

I have a couple of plays published and am always writing, revising, and dreaming. I keep a busy schedule but would love to keep in contact with you guys and assist in promotions and such.

So what would you guys like to make out of this group, primarily?

message 19: by Terrill (new)

Terrill L. Davis (terrilll) | 10 comments We could talk about books. What we are reading, what we are writing, what we liked or disliked about a book. Or basically, what are each of us as Indie authors(if we are Indie) what we are doing to promote our works. I use twitter but that is not promising. The last time I sold a book was April 15th. But the good part is I at least sold a book a month for 8 months straight. Anyone else want to share?

message 20: by L. (new)

L. Shosty Terrill's ideas sound good to me. Perhaps set up individual topics like "What Are You Reading?", "What Are You Writing?", and "Shop Talk", where the writers on here can discuss the business.

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

My pen name is Author C. T. Raye and I was born in Beaumont but have been raised in Vidor all my life. I published my first book 'Spud' in June not knowing what to expect and was really excited with the success. It is a short story that has landed me all over the top spots for free ebooks on my genre) It was my first book and everyone has asked me when is next book going to be released and it is set to be released September 1st and I am awaiting to see if the success is going to be equal. My free days are almost over(I think I have two days left). So, go ahead and download it and tell me what you think.


Tom was just a normal kid who had a dog that was normal.He could chase a bull into a chicken coop and make him bellow. He wasn't scared of anything and had a strong dislike for rabbits. Whoever thought this dog would lead him on a chase across a field running from a scene that was sure to get him in trouble. With Tom crying, because he was laughing so hard. Who never knew that Tom would one day slip and fall. That no-one would be around to catch him, that he would be alone, with no-one around. That he would be drug through the woods, and awake just to find out that it was dark and that he was alone and hurt. Read and find out about Spud.


Why is Tom’s dad left sitting in a fresh pile of manure covered in milk thanks to a crack of thunder? Join Tom and Spud as they wait through a tornado in a small cellar. Follow Spud as he chases a mouse through the cellar that leaves them in the dark and Tom’s dad unconscious on the floor. Find out how they make it out of this tornado alive and the sticky situation that Spud and Tom get into while
they are looking over the damage at the house. It is a story that is sure to leave you wondering how a boy and his dog could get into so much trouble.

Glad to know there is a group to join that are local people.

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