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((please start here >.<))

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Amy woke up. "Crap it!" She yelled. It was 7:30 and the bus came at 7:45. With a wave of her finger she set the clock back two hours. Enough time to do whatever she wanted. Even sleep for an half an hour and have a good bountiful breackfast.

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Ella groaned when the car wouldnt start.

"Hurry up!" Her brother Blake yelled.

"Parental eyes?" She called back.

"Nope," Blake grinned.

"Perfect." Ella giggled and snapped her finger, a bolt snapped at her finger tip she shot it to the engine and ducked imediatly the car started.

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When Amy woke up she realized that she could of just paused time, "I am such an idiot." Once you wind back time you cannot pause it.

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Jaccy noticed that something was different, but she couldn't really tell what. She looked around the room, it looked the same, but something didn't feel right. "Mom? Dad?"

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Jack stepped out of the shadows, and Jaccy stiffened, knowing this time she couldn't fight him. "What do you want?" He smiled, "Where are my parents?!!" "Dead."

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La Viva heard a scream. Not a loud ear piercing scream, but a faint low scream from the other side of the niehborhood.
"AMYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!" She cried.
"WHAT?!?!?!?!" Amy replied.
"I heard a scream!" La Viva yelled back.
"I didn't hear one. Besides, it could of been a group of teenagers, or someone just won a brand new car? I don't know, just... don't worrie about it."
"Maybe someones parents died. Maybe somebody killede them and now the murdderer want to kill the girl that screamed!"
Amy shuddered at the thought.

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Ella and Blake arrived at school.

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((that was very descriptive Jarhead))

Jaccy put up her arms in defense as he took a step toward her; a fire ball shot out from it, and moved toward him fastly. Jack swung his arm and wind put the fire out, then a chair smacked into her; shattering. Jaccy screamed, and put her arms up in defense.

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ Aqua melted herself wihin the water's waves. Making herself go with the current.
"Aqua!" Her mom, Jenise yelled from the borch.
"Huh!" Aqua popped out of the water, making her mom jump.
"UHh! Aqua I told you, no more going out for a swim before school! I know we live near a beach and all but you sometimes get too addicted to the water, I swear!"
"Sorry mom!" Aqua wrapped a towel ober her hair.
"Don't say sorry to me, say sorry to you homeroom teacher when you go to school late!"
"What time it is?" Her mom looked at her watch.
"About 9 so..." Aqua didn't let her mom fini she the sentense. She quickly headed to the bathroom. Making a quick rinse to have all the salt go out of her hair. Putting a simple tank and jeans with slip flops.Heading out the door when her mom was just making breakfast.
"Aqua, so you want..."
"Hi mom, Bye mom!" Slamming the door when she got out.
Her best friend,Lora was waiting for her. "You're going to make both of us late if you keep this up!"
"I know!" She yelled while both of them ran to catch up with the bus.

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Cyrus | 20 comments "Connie, I told you. First filter, then coffee then water."
"Oh. Sorry about that."
Kai was up and as always, trying to make a cup of coffee without screwing up.
"It's all right." Kai said and he went into othe other room. When he saw that Connie didn't notice him, he sparked a flame and brewed the tough, gritty coffee grounds. Then, stiring the perked coffee, he took a sip. Ooh, that's good joe.

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ ((Wanna meat at school?))

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Jack picked Jaccy up with wind, and held her against the wall; Jaccy tried to move, but couldn't, tried to conjure fire to swing at him, but couldn't. She was defenseless, and all seemed against her at the moment.

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"Amy, I keep hearing the scream I'm going to go outside and follow it" "NO!!" Said Amy but La Viva was already out the door.

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Jack moved to Jaccey, with a smug look on his face, he thrust Jaccey across the apartment. Jaccey hit hard against the wall, and fell to the ground weak, she tried to stand but couldn't find the strength.

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ Aqua and Lora made it to school barely and were breathing heavily when they sat down in their seats.

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"La Viva, please come back!" Amy followed her sooooo grounded little sis to the appartment. She could now here a fait sound. Sometimes it's good to have a sister with ultra hear, sometimes... it's not.

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Jack was about to kill Jaccey when he heard two children coming their way at a fast pace. ((he just says that)) Jaccey moaned and groaned in pain on the floor, and tried to conjure up the strength to attack in her defense just once more.

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La Viva bounded throught the appartment door. The hearing was still fain, but not to La Viva. She ran up to the room. The screaming stopped and now Amy couldn't hear anything. "It's moaning!" La Viva said. "I think she was stabbed!" "La Viva, No!"

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ It was just 1 o'clock when Aqua was done with Math.

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((you got it!))
Jaccey grabbed the knife and carefully removed it while Jack moved to the apartment door to ttack whomever was coming upon them entering the room.

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La Viva frozein her tracks."Uhhh, A-a-amy!"

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Jack listened carefully, he knew there were two of them, one only a young child while the other was older. ((once again, just the way he sees it))

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"What is the meaning of this?" said La Viva trying to sound brave, "Let this girl go or I'll call 911! And Amy will beat you up!"

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Jaccey shouted, "No, he's too strong, please..." She slowly rose to her feet, the knife clattered to the floor along with blood. Jack was too distracted to notice that Jaccey had conjured a fire ball and threw it at him. It just barely grazed him, but with a force to make him fall to the ground.

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La Viva let out an ear piercing scream, super lous=d considering so had the element of sound. The lady across the hall came out. "Oh my" She looked like she was about to faint but cried out, "ROB!!!!!!!" Her husband came out and called the cops.

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Jack put his hands to his ears, and groaned; Jaccey passed out.

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Cyrus | 20 comments Connie enter the room. "Remember, you have that interv- how did you get that coffee?"
"If you know how it was screwed up, you can always fix it." Kai smirked
"That's your excuse for everything. Just try to remember the job interview."
Right! Today was the big day. Kai ran upstairs to get changed

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((Is Kai gonna work at a coffe shop? LOL))

La Viva's legs were shaking, Amy got nervous. She was breathing heavily and passed out. Now La Viva was screaming for help.

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Jack decided that this wasn't worth it, but knew he'd be back, he turned to wind and escaped out the window. ((I wish I could do that!))

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"HELP,HELP,HELP,HELP!!!!" Shouted La Viva.

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Jaccey slowly came back around, her eyes fluttered open, and she heard someone shouting, but couldn't hear what they were saying.

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Cyrus | 20 comments ((Srry for the wait. Finishing school and having ADD does that to ya))

Kai ran upstairs and got ready for the day. The shower was cold...again. A flick of his wrist and his favorite temperature of boiling came scalding down his back. Drying off, he slipped into something comfortable and ran downstairs, the iron steps clattering beneath his feet. Connie shot past him. Connie: "Sorry!"
Kai: "Where are you off to?"
Connie: ""
Kai:Thanks again short term memory loss.

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Jack turned back to his human form in the middle of the street, nearly being hit by a car.

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