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Kor314  (kor314) | 108 comments Mod
Other ((mortal or caster)):
Witch thing ((light or dark)) ((good or bad)) ((if a caster)):

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Name: Lena
Age: 17
Gender: female
Personality: kind, blames a lot of things on herself, people get hurt when they are by her
Family: none
Other: caster
Witch thing: light caster ((good))

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♪♫Gloria♫♪ Name: Hallie Jones

Age: 15


Appearance: Hallie has bright twinkling violet eyes that compliment her dark red hair. She has freckles across her nose and a little on her cheeks. She has high cheekbones. She is 5' 11", which is unusual for a sprite. Her hair is full of delicate, cascading curls. Her hair is naturally smooth, and almost never gets tangled. She has pianist-like fingers. She looks at bit old for her age. She is very, very pretty. Her wings are a very beautiful golden color. It almost looks like they glow.

Personality: Hallie is the not-so-typical 12-y.o. She has perfect memory, and is wicked smart. She loves to talk, and to hang around with older people. She loves to get her hands on and any book she can. She would rather kill herself than wear any makeup junk, and she expects people to respect that. She hates it when people speak to her like she is 3, and if anyone did that, her temper will flare. She is otherwise very peaceful and kind, but is also very sarcastic and flirty.

Family: Her family was all murdered. Don't ask; she'll get angry and kick your ass.

Other: Hallie has a beautiful laugh, though she rarely does(laugh). Her favorite colors are blue, green, and silver. She always wears a Fedora , and if she doesn't she either keeps her long hair in a high pony, or she pins it back with her feathers . She weighs about 50lbs. !WARNING! She can speak French. She swears in French.

Witch Shit: Hallie is not a light witch, or a dark witch. She's like... I don't know how to say it.

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Aishaisnotonfire........Fours*crazed*Lover (aishaisnotonfirestefansalvatore) | 5 comments name: Ridley
age: 17
gender: Female
Appearance: description
personality: nice but now a total bitch
family:you can be family but you need to make up a surname though!
other: she loves lollipops

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