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message 1: by Robert (new)

Robert | 2 comments Hope this is the right folder...

I added a new book "Richardson's War of 1812" by John Richardson, edited by Alexander Casselman

It should be combined with a previous edition titled "War of 1812. First Series: Containing a Full and Detailed Narrative of the Operations of the Right Division, of the Canadian Army." which is listed under the author "Major Richardson"

The aforementioned John Richardson has become intertwined with another Author of the same name and their works should be separated:

This author's details are:
Name: John Richardson
Author's Full title with honorifics and post nominals: Major John Richardson, K.S.F.
Born: Queenston, Ontario, Canada in 1796
Died: New York, New York, United States on 12 May 1852.

Existent entries in Goodreads that should be attributed to this author (in addition to the above) include:
1. "Wacousta, Or, the Prophecy: a Tale of the Canadas"
2. "Wacousta; A Tale of the Pontiac Conspiracy - Volume 2"
3. "The Canadian Brothers"
4. "Wacousta, V1"
5. "Wacousta"
6. "Matilda Montgomerie, or, The prophecy fulfilled [microform]: a tale of the late American war"...
7. "Tecumseh or the Warrior of the West"
8. "Wacousta: a tale of the Pontiac conspiracy — Volume 3"
9. "Eight Years in Canada: Embracing a Review of the Administrations of Lords Durham and Sydenham,"...
10. "Hardscrabble; Or, the Fall of Chicago"

It should be fairly obvious that all the Wacousta entries are related. Perhaps less obvious is that the work titled "Matilda Montgomerie" is actually a revised edition of "The Canadian Brothers"

Other books by this author that AFAIK do not appear in Goodreads include "Ecarte", and "The Monk Knight of St. John"

message 2: by Katrina (last edited Mar 09, 2013 11:07PM) (new)

Katrina | 73 comments Okay, here's the new John Richardson page that should hopefully have all the right books from the other John Richardson and from Major Richardson. There's 3 spaces between first and last name (that's what you'd put in if you added any more books by him).

message 3: by Robert (new)

Robert | 2 comments Katrina,

Looks great, and accurate... I notice you also picked up a few of the titles I missed, and added a link to a detailed bio.



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