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Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 17 comments In one of the cells, Max sat down on the ground, waking up. "Ahh, this again. I'm betting the cage is locked as well." He went over to the cage door and tried it. "Yep. Locked like a Kaernk in a puddle."

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 17 comments Max looked around the cage. "Well, there should be another way out of here, yes? There always is." Max said looking around. "Hmm..." He saw the cage had a hole in it that he could crawl through, but it was too high up for him to just crawl through it then. "Hmm... Now how to get up there is the question..."

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Cole woke up in a different cell, maybe one two or three cells down from Max. How he got here? Now that, is a good question. He was propped up against the wall. Without the wall, he'd probably be face-down on the ground...and the ground didn't look too appealing...being covered in blood and all that. He let out a groan and looked around, groggy as hell.

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Skye woke up in a cell next to Cole. she groaned and propped herself up on here elbows looking around where am I? she thought and glanced at Cole at least I'm not alone she thought

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Cole blinked until his vision was clear again and looked around. He managed to stand up, his back still touching and leaning into the wall. He could just make out another figure in the cell beside his. The light in the cells weren't particularly good so he couldn't see anything other than the outline of Skye's figure, It would help if I had some form of light. Maybe a lantern perhaps?

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Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 17 comments Max looked around the cage, seeing if there was anything he could stand on to bring him up to the hole. He saw a big crate in here. He rolled his eyes. "These puzzles are sometimes way too easy..." He mumbled before going over to the crate and pushing it to the spot below the hole in the cage. He climbed onto the crate before managing to get out of the cage and onto the ground, hurting himself on the way to it. "Gah... Freaking... Ugh, whatever." He looked around himself, then over to a few cages where he saw people. Strange... In my whole time here I haven't seen another person. Very strange, but I better get them out. I would just leave them there for the grunts, but that would be a little heartless in my opinion. Now question is how to get them out... He saw a lantern unlit next to him. They may need light... He looked around. Doesn't look like the grunts are around right now, or the brutes, so I should be good to use the lantern, but just in case I should wait until after I get them out...

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Cole looked at his leg. Aah, so that's why he hurt so much. There was a angry red gash on his leg. He tried to move it, to be able to see it better, and pain shot up his leg. Cole bit back another groan and placed a hand on the wall behind him to steady himself. There has to be a way out of here. Back to my life. He staggered over to the cell's door and, of course, it was locked. Now how was he supposed to get out with a bad leg, a locked door and not a pint of light around anywhere. Kill me now.

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Skye stood up and walked over to her cell door and fiddled with the lock, while she did that she looked around, though all she could see was darkness and a dim light coming from a lantern. she pulled out a Bobby pin from her hair and tried to unlock the door, she only wanted to get out. she didn't remember anything but her name

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 17 comments Max looked around the room. He found a glass jar and not far away he saw a container of acid. He picked up the glass jar and filled it with the acid. He looked back at the cages. He saw one of the people picking the lock, and then he saw one who looked like they were injured. He went over to that guys cage. He looked at the lock. No special properties... This can be easily melted. he made sure the person was away from the lock before poring the acid on the lock. The lock melted off and Max slightly knocked on the cage door. "Get out of here quick." Max looked at the other cage where the person trying to unlock their cage was in. He was going to wait a little and if she couldn't unlock it, he'd use the acid.

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Cole nodded, not bothering to question who or what just helped him. The creak from the cell door was horrible. Long and loud. His leg hurt but he still limped out of the cell, trying to put the least amount of weight on his injured leg. He looked around, Uh...its dark and...dark. After that...observation, Cole looked around for a lantern or something that could light his path so he didn't run into a wall. I mean, he couldn't continue ambling around in the dark without knowing where he was going and he, most likely, wasn't going to be ambling. By the looks of it, being locked in a bloody cell and all, he was going to be scrambling for his life. But seriously? That's what video games are made of. This is real life. Surely no-one would be cruel enough to do that.

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 17 comments Max picked up the lantern and lit it. He looked at the two people more clearly. "Are you all right?" He asked the two in a whisper.

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Skye looked at Max "who are you? " she hissed. she finally -unlocked the door and pushed it open. the door creaked as it opened and Skye stepped out

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 17 comments "My name is Max Wingston... I'm not one of them..." He explained.

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Cole looked at the two wearily, "Them? Who are they?" He really didn't have any idea who...or what they were.

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Skye looked at Max and Cole "I'm Skye." she said "and who are them? " she asked

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 17 comments "Grunts, Brutes, masters, all the bad guys in this mansion. Its all like a horror game... But if you die... You don't get to try again." Max explained. "I have the feeling that neither of your remember your past lives, correct?"

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"nothing." Skye replied "nothing but my name."

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Cole grimaced, "I remember. Clearly." It should be a good thing but it really wasn't. Remembering everything reminded you how far away that life really was and how cold and cruel this new place was. "What do they look like?"

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"who cares what they look like! " Skye hissed "lets just get out of here."

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"How will you know if you run into one of them, then?" Cole asked, "If you don't know what they look like?" They could look like anything. A dog, a bird, humanoid. He didn't know and certainly wouldn't know if he bumped into one on his way, hopefully, out of here.

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"then just avoid everyone, and everything you run into." Skye said

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 17 comments "The grunts, also called servant grunts, kinda look like a man with rearrange parts, it's jaw stretched down a foot. It's hands and replaced with long black claws. They are common in this mansion. The Brutes are stronger and sometimes faster than the grunts. They have one eye and one of their arms is replaced with a saw; very dangerous, luckily rare to see in this mansion. Then there are the ones I don't like; Kaernks. They are invisible to the naked eyes, and you only 'see' them in flooded places. They give away their position by making loud screeching noises and splashing the water as they walked. The masters I haven't really met, maybe because they let the grunts and brutes do all the dirty work. The one you really need to avoid is the shadow..." Max explained to Cole and Skye, knowing they'd need to know if they wanted to survive this mansion...

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Cole gave a nod, trying to remember everything Max had just explained. Basically what registered in his head was, Avoid anything that is deformed, screeches or just looks generally scary. He looked around for another lantern or something. He had to be able to see the grunts and brutes to know they were monsters before running away. "Have you been here before?" Cole asked Max because he seemed to know all the 'horrors' that this mansion contained, "Did you get out or have you just been dwelling here waiting for company?" His voice wavered and was rough from lack of use. Great, now his leg hurt AND a sore throat. But they were last on his list of priorities. First was survive. It was lame, yes, but it was true.

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Skye found a lantern and some oil. she filled the lantern with the oil and held it up so she could see better "you seem to know a lot about this place. she said to Max "will you come with me and help me get out of here? " she asked

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Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 17 comments Max answered both of their questions. "I've been in this mansion a long time now; I don't fear the darkness of this mansion. I have gone pretty far on trying to escape, but the whimpy side of me showed when I met the Kaernks... Hate those things. But I can try to get you past them if I have to. I can lead the both of you out, or at least until the Kaernks. And yes, I have been here before, as a matter of fact, I've been here for who knows how many years. I ain't really feared of the grunts or the brutes. And darkness is kinda my ally in all of this. But so can light... Less of the time... You two are the first people that are human that I've talked to or have met in this mansion."

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Skye had trouble paying attention to his blabbing, "so is that a yes or a no? "

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Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 17 comments Max nodded. "Of course I will help you guys out. "

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Cole nodded, "Thank you then, Max." It was comforting to know that he would have company in his attempt to escape this mansion.

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"yeah uh, thanks." she said to Max "and who are you? " she asked Cole

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 17 comments "Your welcome." Max said simply.

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"Cole," He responded to Skye, seeing no point in giving a last name or anything. He could remember his last name, just didn't want to give it out.

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"ok so lets get going." Skye said impatiently

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 17 comments "Grunts appear everywhere, so we need to keep caution." Max tipped.

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"yeah I got that part." Skye said holding up her lantern "so the faster we move the better."

Berwald ~I Have Moved Accounts~ | 17 comments Max nodded. "But we do need to keep an eye out; this place if full of puzzles."

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"what kind of puzzles? " Skye asked "never mind that." she said quickly "lets go! " she urged

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Hannah groaned from in her cell "damn whatever put me in here" she mumbled getting out of bed. She looked around and put on her glasses and looked at the book and it was closed "Well that was rude" she muttered picking it up.

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