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Book Buzz (book_buzz) | 208 comments Mod
What is your favourite non-fiction book?

message 2: by Rare (new)

Rare (rarecat2) | 14 comments Annie Dillard's "For the time being". I love her exquisite language and her thoughtful meditation on the human predicament - life, death, religion. In fact, I was even considering it for the one book to take with me.

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M | 57 comments Mod
Probably my favourite is a book called There Are Two Errors in the the Title of This Book by Robert M. Martin There are Two Errors in the the Title of This Book by Robert M. Martin.

I quite often give it as gifts because it's a book that really makes you think. It's all about logic and paradox and is a lot of fun to read.

message 4: by Lex (new)

Lex | 2 comments I love autobiographies and I would have to say that my favorite one is "My Life in Television" by Betty White. It's a well written book and with her sense of humour and charm you can see why people relate and adore her!

message 5: by Kelli (new)

Kelli (kelli413) | 17 comments It really enjoyed The Ghost Map: the story of London's most terrifying epidemic-- and how it changed science, cities, and the modern world by Steven Johnson. This is about the cholera epidemic of 1854 and how Reverend Henry Whitehead and Dr. John Snow solved the mystery of how cholera spreads. I know it sounds gruesome, but it was fascinating.

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