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Rob Seablue and the Eye of Tantalus
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message 1: by Russell (new)

Russell Hasan (russellhasan) | 1 comments Hello! I am giving away free e-book digital copies of my YA urban fantasy novel "Rob Seablue and the Eye of Tantalus" during March 2013. To get your free copy, please visit and use coupon code LZ59X at checkout. I think you'll enjoy it! Also, the novel has a page on Goodreads with more info. Rob Seablue And The Eye Of Tantalus

message 2: by Tim (new) - rated it 3 stars

Tim (timboni) | 46 comments Hi Russell,

Thanks for providing this book free of charge. I do promise I shall get to it in the vague future, and will write a review for both Goodreads and Smashwords. I always appreciate authors putting themselves "out there" for their art. Thanks again.


message 3: by Eyeses (new)

Eyeses | 1 comments I'm reading it now so I'll tell you what I think of it when I finish, although it may take a while becuase reading at school can be quite the task sometimes!

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