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Here it is!

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Here's my diesel charries.

Name: Diesel 10.
Age: Unknown, but he has been known to say he's been around for ages, so he is quite old.
Gender: Male.
Personality: Evil, conniving, bullying, nasty, diabolical, psychotic, murderous, twisted, and creepy. He has a caring side that he rarely shows. But at the same time, he can be very comical accidentally, and he can get very clumsy and mess up. Then he is a total klutz. He can act cowardly when frightened. But if you really want to get Diesel 10 on his good side, have him be around children. That is his huge weakness.

Likes: Being evil, cackling wickedly, destroying steam engines, and children.
Dislikes: Anyone who gets in his way and steam engines.
Other: Anything else about him shall be roleplayed.

Name: Arry.
Age: Unknown, but old.
Gender: Male.
Personality: Scheming, mischievous, evil, twisted, devious, wicked. But he can be caring, kind, gentle, and a total klutz. He loves to pick on and bully steam engines mercilessly, but at the same time, he can act cowardly when frightened. He usually shows his soft side when around children, for that is his main weakness.

Likes: Scraping steam engines, teasing and playing awful pranks, doing his devious deeds in the smelter, and children.
Dislikes: Steam engines and anyone who gets in his way.
Other: Bert is his twin brother. The two of them have the grim job of melting down engines in the smelter and turning them into scrap.

Name: Bert.
Age: Unknown, but old.
Gender: Male.
Personality: Exactly like Arry.

Likes: Same as Arry.
Dislikes: Same as Arry.
Other: Arry is his twin brother. The two of them are best friends with Diesel 10, who is their boss and the king of the diesels.

Name: Salty.
Age: Unknown, but old.
Gender: Male.
Personality: Salty is a good diesel. He loves the company of steam engines and sides with them against the evil diesels. He is a diesel who loves the docks and the sea, and he has a sailor's accent. He is often heard telling stories of the sea and his adventures. He would be like a pirate, only he's too nice and kind to be a pirate. He is brave and loyal to all his friends. All in all, he's just a fun diesel to be around. Even the troublesome trucks love him.
Likes: Steam engines, any diesels that are good, people, and anything that has to do with the sea.
Dislikes: Evil diesels, and anyone who tries to hurt his friends.
Other: Salty has a great sense of humor.

Name: Diesel.
Age: Unknown, but old.
Gender: Male.
Personality: Diesel is one of the bad diesels. He is wickedly evil and utterly despises steam engines and loves it when he gets away with playing horrible and vicious pranks on them. When he first meets a steam engine, he pretends to be friendly, acting all nice and cool, but he is always obviously sly, for his voice is a purring voice when he talks. A smart person would easily be able to tell when he's faking friendliness. No one can trust him. He is always looking for trouble. Diesel is the same way with people. He could care less about them. Trying to befriend Diesel is like trying to befriend a tiger. If you want him as your friend, good luck! But you never know, though. Not all hope will be lost if you try to befriend Diesel. There are ways to get him on your side for good. All you need to have is patience, perseverance, and kindness. In the end, you may be greatly rewarded. Once Diesel genuinely considers you his friend, it will be obvious. You will be able to tell because he will never try to hurt you or play vicious tricks on you. However, he does have a great sense of humor, so if he ever plays pranks on you, they will be good, gentle, friendly, good-natured ones. His friendship with you would be obvious in other ways as well. Instead of his snotty, rude, sly, proud demeanor, he will go in the opposite direction and be loving and gentle. Not to mention, he can be quite fun as well.

Likes: The companionship of other evil diesels, playing vicious pranks, and aiding in turning engines into scrap. And believe it or not, he likes children. But he keeps that secret to himself.
Dislikes: Steam engines and most people.
Other: Anything else about him shall be roleplayed.

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You can do more than one if you want to.

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It's okay. Sure, you can use anime.

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Looks awesome! :D

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Would you like to start or me?

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Salty was at the docks, staring out at the sea happily.

Diesel was resting on a siding by the beach, dozing lightly.

Arry and Bert were in the smelter, doing their grievous work of melting down scrap, which used to be engines.

Diesel 10 was in the area that was considered haunted. He was taking a nap in a large shed.

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Diesel continued to take his nap by the beach. He was the diesel who was closest to the three girls. The other three diesels were a good couple of miles away.

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Diesel didn't notice the little girl when she ran up to him, but when she bumped into him, he woke up with a start. He had felt that for sure. As his eyes suddenly opened, he scowled and growled, thinking it was probably a steam engine or another diesel playing a trick on him. But when he saw the little girl who had bumped into him, his scowl turned into a surprised look. He was even more surprised to see two other girls running up and comforting the little girl, who was plainly crying as he could see.

Diesel stared down at Breianna, watching her sob and apologize to him. "Uh....." he said awkwardly. "I didn't see you either. I was napping."

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Diesel observed Breianna and Rebecca closely. He didn't know yet that the little girl was deaf.

Then he saw Wind walk up to him. He watched her actions and facial features. He was no dummy. He knew when he was being challenged. He raised an eyebrow before narrowing his eyes at her, daring her to blame him for what happened.

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Diesel watched as the oldest sister told Wind to get back. He smirked to himself, but the smirk disappeared as he saw the little girl approach him again. A slight flash of worry crossed his features as he saw her bruise, but he gave a slight smile as she talked to him again. Diesel secretly had a fondness for little children, but he tended to keep that a secret from others.

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Diesel kept his eyes on the little girl, now completely ignoring the other two girls. She was the only one who was keeping his interest now. He looked down at her as she began to draw shapes in the sand. The more she drew, the more Diesel wondered what she was drawing. When she finished, he assumed that the stick figures were most likely her family. When Breianna told him that they resembled her family, he knew he had been assuming right. His gaze shifted from her creation to her face. A soft smile crossed his features, something that was quite rare to see on Diesel.

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"Unfortunately, no," Diesel replied quietly. "I'm a diesel engine, not a human. I can't draw even if I wanted to." He gave her a sympathetic and slightly sad look.

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Diesel stared at her closely, thinking about her words. She acted a little different from other people that would talk to him. Could she be deaf? he wondered. He was a very smart engine, but he didn't know that he was right.

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Diesel watched what happened as Rebecca left Wind and Breianna alone. Now they were alone with him. Diesel decided to stay right there with them, just because of Breianna. He knew it could be dangerous to leave her alone, so he didn't and chose to look after the girls.

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"Yes," Diesel replied, hiding his pride of being one of the bad ones. "It's true."

Salty was still admiring the glistening sea over at the docks.

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Diesel gave a small grin. "Not with the little children, at least."

Salty's calm thoughts on the sea were suddenly disturbed by a flash of something racing past him. He looked back to see a girl falling into the water and climbing back out onto the docks again.

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Diesel smirked, not a mean, bullying smirk, but more of a gentle, good-natured smirk with a bit of a tease. But then his smirk vanished as he asked her hesitantly, "Do forgive me, but are you deaf?"

"Well, what have we here?" Salty said, glancing down at Wind. "Do keep an eye out when you're on the docks. The water is everywhere."

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Diesel realized he had been right. "Oh..." he murmured sadly. "I'm sorry."

"You were watching? If you were watching, then you must have chosen to do that deliberately," Salty said nicely.

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"I know," Diesel said, pausing for a moment before finally sighing. "I just...well, I pity you for that, I guess."

"So it wasn't deliberate...." Salty was clever and could see that she was trying to hide something, which was most likely fear. But he still talked in a kind voice and smiled. "Who's scared? This is the docks. It's a wonderful place. What's there for a person to be afraid of?"

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Diesel looked down, giving a slight smile. "Good. At least it doesn't bother you."

Salty looked back and forth, from her to the knife in the fisherman's hand and then back to her again. Suddenly, it all made sense in his sharp mind. But Salty said not a word, being polite and not wishing to humiliate her.

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Diesel gave a grin in return. He watched Rebecca come back.

Salty changed the subject. "I am Salty, the pride of the seven seas. Who might you be?"

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Diesel watched the two silently.

Salty raised his eyebrows, but he grinned. "Interesting title there."

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"I can't do that either," Diesel said. "The water would ruin me. I would be going to my death."

Salty took in a breath of the salty air, smiling happily.

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"I'm Diesel. Pleasure knowing you, Breianna."

"Aye," Salty replied. "The seas are like my home."

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Diesel smirked, amused at how that little girl was telling her oldest sister to put on her sunscreen.

"Indeed," Salty smiled. "I'm sure that's why you're here as well."

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Wind影Loss | 1 comments (Don't worry, this is still me. I can't access my account right now.)

Breianna smiled and nodded. "Nice meeting you, too."

She grinned slowly. "Yeah? The water is pretty nice."

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Diesel smiled again.

Salty smiled. "It looks nice."

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