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So guys

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Post | 51 comments Mod
How much do you tip your librarian? As a man that appreciates the written word I at least slip her a ten. A few more bucks if she helped me find something or look something up.

message 2: by Air (new)

Air (airgains) | 14 comments Interesting idea. Never done it before, will definitely do it when I have extra money/disposable income

(poor collegefag here, undergrad)

message 3: by Shiggydiggy (new)

Shiggydiggy | 7 comments Wait is that customary? I thought government jobs were one of the things where tipping isn't necessary.

message 4: by Kadech (new)

Kadech | 24 comments Mod
I just mumble a "Thank you"

message 5: by Miron Gains (new)

Miron Gains (mirongains) | 19 comments This is new to me as well. I need to talk to my lit bros and see what the consensus is.

message 6: by Post (new)

Post | 51 comments Mod
lol I seriously hope you guys aren't taking me seriously.

message 7: by Roy (new)

Roy Blackstone | 14 comments Kadech wrote: "I just mumble a "Thank you""

y-you too

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