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Stacy-Deanne Stacy-Deanne (wwwgoodreadscomstacydeanne) | 18 comments Mod
Authors, please post about your cozy mystery releases here.

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Peter Prasad (goodreadscompeter_prasad) | 19 comments SONOMA KNIGHT: A Case of Poisoned Wine

By Peter Prasad

Baa, baa, dairy sheep, Have you any cheese?
Yes, Jake, yes, Jake, Three wheels full;
One for my master Marco, One for your sweet Tanya,
And one for the governor Who lives down the lane.

Fast-paced crime thriller, an investigation into wine and cheese and murder. Can Afghan war hero Jake Knight heal, fall in love, save his farm, and stop a puffed-up wine adulterer? His report of fraud is shut down by a corrupt politician. With proof of murder, Jake races to catch another bullet hole. Not yet a licensed PI, he uses his wits to save the governor. Set on a Sonoma dairy for artisan cheese, Jake Knight begins as a private investigator.

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Peter Prasad (goodreadscompeter_prasad) | 19 comments Three chapters to go. yesterday I celebrated with a glass of water buffalo milk. Inspirational.

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Lynda Wilcox (lyndawrites) | 5 comments STRICTLY MURDER - a very British whodunnit/cozy mystery.

The award winning first book in the Verity Long series, Strictly Murder is a fast-paced,funny whodunnit. Reduced in price to £1.99 on Amazon UK for one week only.

The estate agent's details listed two reception rooms, kitchen and bath. What they failed to mention was the dead celebrity in the master bedroom. Personal assistant Verity Long's house hunt is about to turn into a hunt for a killer. It will take some fancy footwork to navigate the bitchy world of dance shows, television studios, and dangerously gorgeous male co-stars. When Verity looks like the killer's next tango partner, she discovers that this dance is ... Strictly Murder.


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Lynda Wilcox (lyndawrites) | 5 comments Forgot to say that Strictly Murder is reduced until 2nd April when it will go back to the normal UK price of £2.99. Thanks.

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Lynda Wilcox (lyndawrites) | 5 comments I've recently published A Novel Way to Die, a novella in my Verity Long series of comedy cozy mysteries.

“Fancy a weekend in the country? I can offer you murder, mayhem, poison, and possibly a little sex.”
Clearly not an opportunity to be missed. So, when Verity Long's boss invites her to attend a crime writers' workshop, she looks forward to a relaxing stay at a country house hotel, doing nothing more challenging than exploring the Elizabethan manor and changing the slides of a PowerPoint presentation.
But the body in the library is no fiction. And there are plenty of clever writers around, all with motive, all capable of plotting the perfect murder. Soon Verity must call on all her sleuthing skills to solve the case before the police step in and arrest the wrong person.

Hope this link will work for all Amazon sites:

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Jenn Brink (jenn_brink) 'Black Roses' released on Amazon May 13, 2013. It will be the first in a stand-alone series. The next is scheduled for release in November.

It is currently available for .99 on Kindle & 14.20 in paper.

Jessica Hart is new to Seattle, days away from the big three-o, and just months away from marrying the perfect man when her fiancé, Jim Carozza, gets into a car with a creepy stranger who looks like a Vegas pit boss. Suddenly, her seemingly perfect life takes a bizarre turn.

Her big brother, Greg, tells her to go home. The police tell her to go home. Her inner voice even tells her to go home. Unfortunately, Jessica has never been the kind of girl to do as she’s told. Instead, she dives head first into trouble looking for answers but soon finds out that every answer leads to more trouble.

Before she knows it, her world has turned upside down. Jim is missing and he’s got secrets. Greg has moved in and he’s got secrets. Her new friend, smoking hot and mysteriously irresistible Eric Wolf, even has secrets.

Now, a crazed killer stalking Jessica wants something she doesn’t have. Wolf wants something she knows she shouldn’t give. And, the police, the FBI, the mob, and a bunch of intimidating mercenaries are watching her every move.

Greg thinks she needs to let the police handle things. Wolf thinks she needs to lay low. Her best friend thinks she needs to let Wolf seduce her. Jessica thinks she needs some retail therapy, a manicure, and a margarita.

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Peter Prasad (goodreadscompeter_prasad) | 19 comments GOAT-RIPPER is done and at formatting. I've begun on GIRL POSSE, a case of kidnap.

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Bev (Beveditions) | 1 comments Attention Armchair Travel Mystery Enthusiasts!

Bev Editions, an independent eBook publisher, has recently taken to re-publishing the Lyn Hamilton archaeological mystery series -- we've got the first four up so far, with more to come, we promise!

Lyn Hamilton's series is comprised of 11 novels that perfectly encompass what it is to be a 'cozy mystery'. Lara McClintoch is an expert in antiquities and always finds herself in exotic locations, rich with history. It's in these picturesque places that things often go awry, and it's up to the witty, flawed, but loveable Lara to solve her way out of trouble!

The first four of the series, The Xibalba Murders, The Maltese Goddess, The Moche Warrior, and The Celtic Riddle are available from the eBook retailers Smashwords ( and Amazon. The prices vary between $1.99 and $3.99 BUT if you act fast, Smashwords is having a sale til the end of July and you may be able to get your hands on a few FREE copies!

We hope you enjoy!

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Lynda Wilcox (lyndawrites) | 5 comments Hello everyone,

I've just released Scouting For Murder, the third full length novel in my Verity Long series of comedy whodunits/cozy mysteries.

Be Prepared...for murder!

When Verity Long agrees to take a friend's daughter to Brownies, she expects to drop the child off and spend a quiet evening in her favourite wine bar. Instead she finds a hysterical Brown Owl and a corpse in the Scout hut.

But Verity, researcher for a best-selling crime novelist, has made a career out of being curious. Determined to investigate, she seizes the chance to cook for the Brownies' imminent holiday at a nearby Scout campsite in her search for the truth.

Sacrificing her customary gourmet diet to serve up sausages and pizzas might be tough for the amateur sleuth with a fondness for murder, men, and Merlot; it is child's play compared to unravelling the dark secrets of the Scout group.

With dead Scout leaders piling up around her and a killer keen to earn their Murder badge, Verity is about to become the next victim of a madman Scouting For Murder.

Scouting For Murder (The Verity Long Mysteries 3) by Lynda Wilcox

Available from Amazon:

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Peter Prasad (goodreadscompeter_prasad) | 19 comments Sonoma Knight: The Goat-Ripper Case is racing up to #14 on the Amazon private investigator/murder charts. Today's the last day at 99-cents. Ready for a taste of wine & cheese & murder?
Sonoma Knight The Goat-Ripper Case by Peter Prasad

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Peter Prasad (goodreadscompeter_prasad) | 19 comments If so, then click here.

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