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message 1: by Feliks (last edited Mar 09, 2013 09:56AM) (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) This was a hardcover book published in the 60s or 70s by any publisher such as Scholastic Book Service, McGraw-Hill, Glencoe, or American Heritage.

Could have had any number of titles such as this: Greek Gods & Goddesses, Greek Mythology, Greek Myths, Myths and Stories of Ancient Greece, etc

The book was unusual because it was not 'thin' --many illustrated children's books are thin, under 50 pps. This was not--it was upwards of 150-200 pages and was crammed with probably 20-30 of the Greek myths. It had really obscure ones like Damon & Pythias, Echo & Narcissus, Proserpine & Pluto, the sword of Damocles, the Gordian knot, Vertumnus and Pomona.

Print was large, serif; pages were creamy and a little ragged-edged. Cover was maroon, brick color.

The most distinctive thing about the book were the super illustrations. They were ALL in black & white and all hand-drawn by a gifted illustrator. The style of illustration was like this:

Thanks in advance!

message 2: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 38282 comments Mod
Was it part of the Childcraft series published by the Quarrie Corporation and then Field Enterprises? Sample cover, of vol. 4 "Tales and Legends":

message 3: by Eric (new)

Eric | 35 comments how about The junior Classisc vol 3 myths and legends? by collier printer
printed 1961. Blue book 360 pages

message 4: by Feliks (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) hi, thanks for the suggestions. They're in the right ballpark. But I would say the book was not part of any series or collection.

The illustrations were really the best I've ever seen--to date--for greek myths. I'm a big fan of b&w hand drawn art and I can't even find anything remotely of the same caliber on-line. Like, using Google Image Search. These drawings were very emotional: every drawing focused on a character's face, as the focal point. Such as the lad's expression when he looks upwards to see the sword dangling overhead. It wasn't just line-drawn either; there was shading--tones--greys.

The stories were each a few pages to relate the myth and they were told very simply; economically, but expressively and not childish.

I can't figure out why this one book of myths is so obscure when it had so much going for it...

message 5: by Lucinda (new)

Lucinda | 14 comments okay, When I read this discussion I thought imediatily of a book I own - titled The Magic And The Sword. The many short stories in the book retells Greek Myths. It is hardback, and has right around 210 pages. It has illustrations of black and white (and shaded). Its written by Miriam Cox. Illustrated by Harold Price

The Magic and The Sword The Greek Myths Retold by Miriam Cox
Here is the book on goodreads, and my book looks the same. If I knew how, I would take a picture of a illustration and post it.. but, I am a newbie.

message 6: by Feliks (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) That's a very strong candidate! I am going to investigate further!

message 7: by Feliks (last edited Mar 09, 2013 08:23PM) (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) ulp! Can't find any confirmation yet..internet's not cooperating..found a cool site though:


Could you possibly rattle off some of the chapter headings?

message 8: by Sheila (new)

Sheila  | 24 comments Could it be D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths. The copy I have has 192 pages, great drawings, was published in 1962,

message 9: by Feliks (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) Hi there

Already went down that road, had to dismiss it on the grounds that the drawing style (and the colors) were not similar to what I remember.

This would be a much-less famous work; something really hum-drum. Not quite a textbook but very boring-looking..

Its just when you open it up and the b&w drawings start appearing..well, its highly readable. Never saw a better match between myth and accompanying sketch. The sketches --in most cases--were 'half-page'; so the story flow never flagged! The crisis of the story was right there below or above the artwork. Superb.

message 10: by Lucinda (new)

Lucinda | 14 comments lets see, The Magic and the Sword book. Even though each story is about 2 to 3 pages each, the next story continues the same adventure. and, and, ALL the pictures is always half the page!
It has 3 parts. Part One, When the World was New.
Part 2. Gods and Heroes. Part 3. Troy and the long voyage. Each of those parts then have the little "chapters". such as..:Back of the Beginning; The Creation of Man; Why the seasons change; The Big And Little Bear; Arion and the Dolphins; Pegasus and the Chimera; The Quarrel; The Fight for the Ships; The Wooden Horse; and The Sirens.
Those are just a few of the many little "chapters".

These links are a couple of pictures that I took of the pages inside the book. I don't really know how to post a picture, so hopefully these links work.



Excited if this is the book!

message 11: by Lucinda (last edited Mar 10, 2013 02:01PM) (new)

Lucinda | 14 comments Feel free to ask any more questions or for more pictures.

message 12: by Feliks (last edited Mar 10, 2013 03:07PM) (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) So close! So close! But no cee-gar! :(

The book would be totally laid out just like that..but the artwork is definitely off.

Thank you so much for trying to help, just the same! Very nice person!


message 13: by Julia (new)

Julia Ce (juliace) | 69 comments Lobstergirl wrote: "Was it part of the Childcraft series published by the Quarrie Corporation and then Field Enterprises? Sample cover, of vol. 4 "Tales and Legends":


OMGoodness!! I had this collection!! I loved it! I was so mad at my mother for getting rid of it.

message 14: by Ann aka Iftcan (new)

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6967 comments Mod
Julia--you want to talk about Mother's getting rid of books. . . Don't even get me started, altho to be accurate, what she got rid of was my comic collection. ALL of my comic collection. I had All the first Marvels--Iron Man, Spiderman, Fantastic 4, Thor, X-men. . . the entire run of Wonder Woman when she lost her powers because Paradise Island left Earth. Sigh, the stack was almost as tall as I was. But my Mum thought that comics were "a waste of time and paper." So the day AFTER I got married, she put them all into trash bags and out on the kerb. Until the day she died (the week before her 85th birthday) I would occassionally point to an article in the paper or on the news about one of "my" comics selling for a ton of money and tell her, "You thought my comics were worthless. Well, I had THAT ONE too." Lol, and she'd shake her head and mumble under her breathe about not understanding "young people today."

message 15: by Feliks (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) See what happens when you get married!

message 16: by Lucinda (new)

Lucinda | 14 comments Well, tried! your welcome! Anyway, that is the best book on my bookshelf I can help you with. :) I hope you find the book you are wanting! If you do come across the book that I was talking about, it is a pretty interesting book to read. :D

message 17: by Mir (new)

Mir | 704 comments Could it be D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths? Some illustrations have additional colors.

message 18: by Feliks (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) Thanks Miriam. Nope, it can't be D'Aulaires. All the illustrations were pure black and white drawings; probably ink wash and pen for the linework. They were marvelously expressive. Faithful depiction of outfits and drapery and hairstyles; yet the human forms stood out clearly and the faces were totally as readable as our own.

message 19: by SparksofEmber (new)

SparksofEmber | 945 comments Feliks, are you still looking for this?

Cheryl is busier irl atm. (cherylllr) Well, he's still part of the group... Feliks, here's a bump for summer - come back in a couple of months to give it another one, ok?

message 21: by Feliks (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) Hi all

I just popped back into this group to update a few of my old searches. I found one, and want to settle the old thread (if I can find the old thread)

As for this search: no, I have still to locate this wonderful Greek myths children's book. Thanks for keepin the home fires burning!


message 22: by Adele (new)

Adele | 1213 comments Here is a possibility: http://www.worldcat.org/title/tales-t... (Does not seem to be on Goodreads)

This book was published in 1965 and illustrated by Don Bolognese.

You can look inside a different book on amazon to see some of his other illustrations: http://www.amazon.com/The-Warhorse-Do...

Or you can look at another book on a more similar topic illustrated by Bolognese on Open Library: https://openlibrary.org/books/OL52995....

message 23: by Christine (new)

Christine Giglio | 1 comments Slight necropost, but spent the last 30 minutes signing up to toss in my suggestion: Children's Treasury of Mythology by Margaret Even Price

message 24: by Kris (new)

Kris | 34474 comments Mod
Children's Treasury of Mythology by Margaret Evans Price for Christine's suggestion.

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