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1st Doctor - Probably Bunker Soldiers, although there's a couple of highly rated 1st Doc tales I've yet to read.

2nd Doctor - Haven't read it in a long time, but I recall The Dark Path being really good, especially for those of us who always enjoy a bit of Doctor/Master fanwank.

3rd Doctor - Seems to have got the short end of the stick with a number of middling MA's and PDA's. I'm tempted to say his appearance in Interference is the best story the 3rd Doctor is involved in, but I'll go with Catastrophea, a fun little run-around by Uncle Terry.

4th Doctor - Festival of Death, without a doubt. Would've been a great television story.

5th Doctor - Another Doctor who's had a number of just 'so-so' books. Even though it's multi-Doctor, I think Cold Fusion was probably my favorite 5th Doctor book. Wish they would've kept the originally planned ending with the 5th Doctor shooting the 7th though (not that I dislike 7, but it would've made good drama).

6th Doctor - Well, I named this group after a setting from Spiral Scratch, so I must've liked that one quite a bit! It was nice to read a heroic regeneration story for the 6th Doctor, instead of just thinking he regenerated after a mundane knock on the head (or, as some of the NA's seemed to imply, the 7th Doctor forcing himself to regenerate so he could become 'Time's Champion').

7th Doctor - Love and War. I thought it was a wonderfully written novel, and was probably the true start of the 'darker, more manipulative' 7th Doctor, although he's clearly haunted at the end.

8th Doctor - The City of the Dead. Very atmospheric, and I somehow enjoyed seeing the Doctor quite flustered at the prospect of being used as a nude model.

9th Doctor - Have yet to read one, unfortunately.

10th Doctor - I've only read two thus far, so it has to be Wishing Well. Wasn't too bad - the 10th Doctor was fairly accurate, and the prose jogged along like an old Target novel.

message 2: by Mary JL (new)

Mary JL (maryjl) | 64 comments Here Goes:

1st Doctor---The Witchunters---Boston, 1619. The Salem Witch trials. Godd portrayal of the Doctr and nice parts written for Ian and Barbara.

2bd Doctor--Agree on the choice of "The Dark Path". Dreams of Empire a close second.

3rd Doctor---Amorality Tale; with Catrastophea a close second.

4th Doctor--Corpse Marker by Chris Boucher. Set in the same setting as Robots of Death.

Must dahs off now--bakc later with the remaining Doctor's.

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Yeah, I reckon you probably are alone in your love for the Bulis. ;P

That said, I do think Imperial Moon is a cracking good yarn once you get into it.

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Leela4 | 98 comments Ah, so just "original novels"? Taking the title to mean "favorite book" as opposed to "favorite depiction":

1st Doctor: Haven't read any yet.

2nd Doctor (I've read 3): Heart of TARDIS

3rd Doctor: I've only read one, The Ghosts of N-Space.

4th Doctor (I've read 3): Heart of TARDIS

5th Doctor (I've read 4): Warmonger

6th Doctor (I've read 4): Players

7th Doctor (I've read 15): Sanctuary

8th Doctor (I've read 14): War of the Daleks. There are three others I like enough to make this a hard decision (doubly hard considering the quality of the prose!)).

9th Doctor: Haven't read any, as I think I'd hate them.

10th Doctor (I've read 5): Forever Autumn

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