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THE SECOND WORLD WAR > 15. SECOND WW -- April 27 - May 3 ~~ Book Two – Chapters XXXI - XXXII (494 - 527) - Non Spoiler

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The following is the reading assignment for this week:

April 27 - May 3 ~~ Book Two – Chapters XXXI - XXXII (494 - 527)

Hello Everyone,

The above is the assignment for this week's spotlighted thread for The Second World War - Volume One - The Gathering Storm by Winston S. Churchill.

The Second World War, Volume 1 The Gathering Storm by Winston S. Churchill

As you are aware by now, we will open up a thread for each week's reading. Please make sure to post in the particular thread dedicated to those specific chapters and page numbers to avoid spoilers. We have also opened up supplemental threads as well which are not non spoiler for those folks interested in talking about events or the book as a whole.

We look forward to your participation. Amazon and other noted on line booksellers do have copies of the book and shipment can be expedited. The book can also be obtained easily at your local library, on your Kindle or free on Google.

There is still time remaining to obtain the book and get started.

There is no rush and we are thrilled to have you join us. It is never too late to get started and/or to post. To view all of the weekly spotlighted threads, make sure to click View All and you will easily see ALL of the weekly threads starting with week one. You can add to the discussion on the appropriate weekly thread at any time.

Welcome to the discussion.


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This discussion begins April 27th.

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Response to Message 3: To tell you the truth Oldesq; according to his body guard he was; they had to really hold him back because I think he liked being in danger.

As far as the way Hore-Belisha was treated; it was most unfair; but it seemed to me that anti-semetic remarks were also made behind the scenes at that time by the British politicians and towards Belisha behind his back. I think that England made it up to Belisha in the long run. And it is true from what I have read that the relationship between Churchill and Hore-Belisha deteriorated over a period of time and Churchill really did not want to engage Belisha in any kind of debate.

Oldesq, I was not inclined to respond hoping that someone else might; I am sure that as others catch up they will chime in.


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