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Arctic | 82 comments Mod
too many topics
too much clutter; one topic
for all seems better.

message 2: by Arctic (last edited Jan 27, 2008 11:49AM) (new)

Arctic | 82 comments Mod
remembrance of things past

fond words from a friend
whose laughing eyes belie a
quiet countenance.


carpe diem
seize the day, they say.
O Weekend! My Weekend! Your
days are far too few.

patron saint of rat races
refuge for weary
travellers, a brief respite
from perilous storms.


Don't Hold Your Breath
i was turning blue
when the sun finally broke
through the clouds and smiled.


The Ghosts of Christmases Yet To Come
O dolphins of the
apocalypse! Assure me
that things may yet change!


The Helicopter Ride
a bird without wings
soars in the sky, high above
the blue river ice.

jagged mountain peaks,
still covered with snow, rise from
the foggy abyss.

98 reindeer,
200 musk oxen, and
6 small little moose.

an astonishing
backdrop for sentimental
sighs and foolish dreams.


message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

O, my misery.
O, my depression.
O, the bats in the belfry!

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