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message 1: by Duntay (last edited Mar 29, 2009 03:23PM) (new)

Duntay | 6 comments

Another "selchie" book for you! The People of the Sea A Journey in Search of the Seal Legend by David Thomson

message 2: by Lilla (last edited Mar 30, 2009 10:47AM) (new)

Lilla (readallover) | 3 comments I wanted to add Folklore of the Scottish Highlands and A Handbook of the Scottish Gaelic World. I haven't read them but they have been recommended to me a gazillion times lol.

message 3: by Lilla (new)

Lilla (readallover) | 3 comments Yeah that's my trouble too. I use the ILL now for non-fiction as I've found it hard to get fiction on it. Not sure if it has something to do with the fact that our library is small and in a rural farming town or what lol.

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll add that to the list :)

message 4: by Duntay (last edited Apr 06, 2009 10:54AM) (new)

Duntay | 6 comments I went to a lovely storytelling session over the weekend given by a 'traveler' lady (she said she prefers 'tinker', which I found surprising). Even though we were in a museum filled with Pictish stones, she didn't tell any local stories while I was there, but stories she had collected from around the world.

There were a few children there and some sulky teenagers, and they were absolutely transfixed. It was great to see that the oral tradition still holds power in this digital age!

To keep on topic, here is her book, but I haven't read it ..
Pilgrims in the Mist The Stories of Scotland's Travelling People

message 5: by Old-Barbarossa (new)

The Corries sing of silkies...
Loads of versions of this haunting song on youtube.

message 6: by Travis (new)

Travis (travishiltz) Wow! So many titles. I was hoping you guys would list a couple good books, as I'm interested in Scots folklore, but the few books I found were pretty dry and analytical.

my 'to be read' list grows out of control every time I visit this site.

message 7: by Travis (new)

Travis (travishiltz) Nope, my grandfather's interest in geneology got me interested in Scots History, and I then wanted to try some fairy tales and myths etc.
I figure I'd just try a couple titles from here that grab my attention and then once I've had a sampling could look for specific stuff.

I'm sure I'll be picking the groups collective brains down the road.

message 8: by Manybooks (last edited May 26, 2010 09:42AM) (new)

Manybooks | 65 comments I want to read the following picture book sometime soon, it looks simply lovely (and from the description, it reminds me a bit of the Brigadoon story), Glen Robbie: A Scottish Fairy Tale.

message 9: by Travis (new)

Travis (travishiltz) Learn something new every day. Thanks for the info.

Bit bummed to hear about Brigadoon though.

message 10: by Phair (new)

Phair (sphair) I remember reading Germelshausen (auf Deutsch) in my high school German class.

[and now I have numerous Brigadoon ear worms rattling around in my head: 'Come to me, bend to me...', 'Heather on the hill...' -stop! stop!]

message 11: by Old-Barbarossa (new)

Check this link, good wee taster to Scots tales with storytellers and background to some of the more well known ones.

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