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Eastern Promises

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message 1: by Beth (new)

Beth Watched this last night and LOVED it. Great performances from all: Viggo Mortensen, Naomi Watts, Vincent Cassel, and Armin Mueller-Stahl. The fight scene in the steam bath with a naked Viggo is one for the ages. Also, the descriptions of how Russian gangsters use tattoos was fascinating. Viggo and Vincent both have tremendous physicality. Wonderful job by Viggo in creating such a menacing character, but showing hints of gentleness when necessary. This character compares nicely to his character in A History of Violence. A guy who approaches violence with resignation, sort of a grim acceptance of its necessity in his world.

message 2: by Arctic (new)

Arctic I really enjoyed this one as well, much more so than A History of Violence actually. I think it was Viggo's best role since the LOTR movies.

oh and no kidding about the fight in the steam room. Can you imagine? that's some serious job dedication.

message 3: by Ed (new)

Ed | 218 comments Mod
I saw this featured on the Golden Globes...the scene they showed looked great..pretty tense...they showed the steam bath scene briefly.

message 4: by Barb (new)

Barb | 6 comments I wasn't sure what to expect when I started watching this movie, and was pleasently surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Viggo is very realistic as this hardened mobster, with a glimpse of sensitivity.

message 5: by Meg (new)

Meg (megvt) | 362 comments A very well done movie. I wish they read more from the diary, that made me so mad. I have been to Russia many years ago, and you can't imagine life there and what would make someone leave. They could have developed that a bit more. Viggo? omg!!!!

message 6: by melbourne (new)

melbourne (cocho) | 80 comments I saw this several months back and it still resonates. Mortensen was astonishing as the hardened mobster and the plot itself is compelling. I'm not much of an ardent fan of the Academy Awards but from what it seems this year the running for actor nominations seems tough. I would surely place Mortensen up there with Lewis as a strong contender, though.

message 7: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 3 comments I just watched this a couple nights ago. I really loved the fight scene in the bath house - and not for the obvious reasons - and I liked the premise a lot, but I was let down by the ending. The writer threw in a couple last minutes twists at the very end and then didn't tie them up. And the scene with Vincent Cassel and the baby was a little unbelievable, but I do love him as well as Armin Muehler Stahl, and neither of them is used enough in cinema these days.

message 8: by Tracy (new)

Tracy | 14 comments that director (who also did history of violence) seems to have a bit of the stephen king problem when it comes to storytelling: both are great movies but he just doesn't know how to end them properly. now, i don't know if it's the writer or the director (i'm assuming they either work together a lot or the director has a lot of influence, since history of violence and eastern promises had so much in common, and i'm not talking about viggo mortensen). eastern promises was a MUCH more satisfying ending though, i have to say. i just wasn't really feeling naomi watts very much (i think she played the character a little thin, like her heart wasn't really in it. becuase normally, she's amazing), so i think that might have had a touch to do with it.

i'm still waiting anxiously for the next movie though. if he keeps up his trend of improvement, i think the next one will be spectacular.

message 9: by Alison (last edited Feb 09, 2008 07:11PM) (new)

Alison I didn't know what to expect from this one. I try to avoid spoilers when I'm interested in a movie. I, too, was pleasantly surprised. It started out a little formulamatic (to me), but turned really smart and engaging. I know Daniel Day Lewis is a great actor and seems to be a great person, but I would LOVE to see Viggo upset him for an Oscar. He was intense, yet understated. And can you imagine how difficult that accent would have been? O.K., the shower scene caught me totally off guard.......I haven't seen such a man on man match since Borat. But I preferred this one. :)

The director in question is David Chronenberg. I just looked him up to see he also did The Fly (back in the day). He has lots of interesting films to his credit.

message 10: by lilias (new)

lilias I thought this was a really fun movie, and I may have enjoyed it even more than History of Violence. While the themes of the two movies were similar, I thought the subject of this one was more interesting. I also appreciated Viggo's acting even more as Nikolai than Tom Stahl. Plus I love Cassel and have grown to appreciate Naomi Watts.
I know I have liked a movie when I'm eager to watch the Bonus Features. After watching the segment titled "Marked for Life," I really want to find the documentary Mark of Cain.

message 11: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Moran (authorkellymoran) I feel dumb. I've never heard of it. (In defense, I don't get to see many movies with young twins at home.)
But I will check this out. Thanks!

message 12: by Pat (new)

Pat | 24 comments I also thought Eastern Promises was good; and Viggo Mortenson's brave, intense performance is definitely worthy of his Oscar nomination. I had watched this on On-Demand on cable so missed the opportunity to check out the Bonus Features available on a DVD. I, for one, am an "Extras" junkie! Same for the commentary tracks. It just adds to the experience for me to learn the creative process behind the film, problems overcome, choices made, etc.

message 13: by Steve (new)

Steve | 957 comments IMO It's worth watching for three things. 1. Viggo's performance. 2. Depiction of Russian mafia subculture. 3. The bathhouse fight scene.

The plot is dreadful and the peripheral characters uninteresting.

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