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Other/anything I'm forgeting:

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Name: Lynn
Side: Yankee
Age: 23
Location: PA
Personality: outgoing, brave
Sex: F
Appearance: tall, thin, cute
Other: a woemen in disgiuse as a men

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Name: Annie Catherine (Katie Anne) Marshall
Side: Yankee
Age: 12
Sex: F
Location: Indiana
Personality: Quiet, keeps to herself
Appearance: Straight blonde hair, pale green eyes, pale skin, a few freckles, short.
Other: Father and 2 brothers (Green and Richard) at war, lives with mother, older sister Florie, younger brother George, baby sister Susan, aunt Julia, and cousin Lily.

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Cyrus | 20 comments Name: Josiah Chamberlian
Side: Union
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Location: Lafayette, Indiana
Personality: Easy-going, wise beyond years, forgiving
Appearance: short black curly hair, ragged clothing, barefoot
Other: Josiah is an escaped slave from Arkansas from a tobacco crop. He made his way with five other slaves including his wife, Olivia. The six people had to split up to avoid capture. He is slowly making his way through the Underground Railroad while trying to find his wife.

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Name: Jasper Hale
Side: union
Age: 17
Sex: male
Location: El Paso, Texas
Personality: Serious, but nice, kinda mean if u get him mad
Just without the glasses and has the union uniform
Other/anything I'm forgeting:

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is he picking his noes???

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he is pushing his glasses up..

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nobodies on the confederate side come on ppls

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its 2 and 2

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Is union confedorate or Yankees I forget

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